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Seeing Tool Tomorrow, What Should I Expect?

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I have been a fan since jr high and they happen to be in Vegas tomorrow and I happen to have a friend that got me tickets. I am so pumped that I just want to talk about it. Can anyone tell me about their experience at a Tool show? Will they have anything cool for sale or will Maynard sneak around the audience before the show or anything like that?

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Don't expect to see Maynard walking around before the show. Matter of fact, don't expect to see Maynard at all. He's usually slightly isolated and behind Danny Carey for the duration of the show.

As Juan said, it's a treat and the visual experience is amazing. All video imagery is unique and never reused. Laser light show. 4 guys just standing up on stage playing their asses off with absolutely no showboating. All that good stuff

I always found their merch prices fair. Tool tour prints are always great pieces.

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I saw A Perfect Circle once. Maynard hid behind the back drop for awhile, then sat on the edge of the stage eating a bucket of popcorn. His between song stage banter consisted of bad "Michael Jackson is a pedophile" jokes. I almost saw Tool back around the time 10,000 days came out but I hate arenas and am poor.

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