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The thread formerly known as 'ty segall'

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The label responsible had it pressed through Pirate Press with no label identification on the record or sleeve, flat-out denied knowing anything about it to some people who asked, and asked others that they DID sell it to not to divulge information about where they got it. That was months ago and I'm pretty sure they've sold out of their copies now, but that's where the ~aura of secrecy~ comes from.

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Well I missed getting it at a Ty concert by one show. Thanks SXSW and Dallas people, especially the ones that purchased multiple copies.

And when I emailed In The Red about buying one, I apparently just missed it. When I asked about a repress, they said there were no plans for one. So that should solve the "What label was it on?" question.

That being said I hope all copies of this release spontaneously combust simultaneously.

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Except it was "randomly inserted" into orders and sold as a UK RSD item right? I lucked out and got a copy from a UK seller for cheap but Drag City haven't given much away besides this: "The white is mixed in with the black at random, don't know until you open it!" 


Of course every other Ty release they've done has been a standard pressing but you never know, I'm just psyched that this album has been announced and will be a double LP! I'd love to catch all 4 shows at the Echo but I may have to dial it back to a couple depending on how my girlfriend feels. 

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