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  1. Thanks @allenh, Yeah, I picked it up from an old fella for $30 Australian, and there's not a mark on it so I'm pretty happy with it as a starting point. Just thought I'd see if I could find some info on it to see if it would be worth upgrading down the track if I get more serious about it. I got this Phillips off my dads mate for free but he lost the stylus, and i couldn't find any info on it. So when I saw the other one for sale I just grabbed it. Turned out to be way better anyway.
  2. Hey guys, first post here and new to the vinyl world. I picked up this PYE unit a couple of weeks ago and I can't find any info about it online. It's my first record player and I'm just wondering if anyone knows what kind of quality it is, as i have nothing to compare it to. It has a BSR P208 turntable in it, I have read some bad things about BSRs but most of what I read was on the 310, this model looks a bit higher in quality, but I don't really know anything about them. It's in excellent condition, I had to pull the motor out and regrease it as the grease had gone hard ave the shaft wouldn't turn, but I put it back together and it works and sounds great (to me anyway). Any info would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Sean.