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youspinmeround youspinmeround 09/20/2020 Most excellent transaction. Amazing price for the records with super fast shipping and great packaging. 10/10 would buy from again. lostinspectrum lostinspectrum
tatom tatom 09/18/2020 Hooked it up, thanks ;) curator curator
Fowty Dollaz Fowty Dollaz 09/17/2020 Traded color variants, record arrived quick and in great condition, thanks! thenameisluigi thenameisluigi
SuperBuckeye30 SuperBuckeye30 09/01/2020 Amazing seller! Great communication and packaging! Definitely recommend and would buy from again. desiree desiree
warhenrecords warhenrecords 08/31/2020 Excellent seller! Item arrived in perfect condition, quick shipping, great packaging. Thanks! al-naafiysh al-naafiysh
N8TRU N8TRU 08/30/2020 Excellent seller! Was very quick with communication and shipping! Packaging for the record was well done! FatSheap1 FatSheap1
SuperBuckeye30 SuperBuckeye30 08/29/2020 Great seller! Fair price and packed very well. 5/5. superpeephole superpeephole
FatSheap1 FatSheap1 08/28/2020 Wonderful buyer! Easy to communicate with and work with. N8TRU N8TRU
warhenrecords warhenrecords 08/26/2020 Great deals, great records. Packaged like a pro. MyEnemy MyEnemy
N8TRU N8TRU 08/24/2020 Great communication and immediate payment. Would do business with again any time. armsanddanger armsanddanger
armsanddanger armsanddanger 08/24/2020 Great seller! Shipped quickly and safely with fair pricing. N8TRU N8TRU
warhenrecords warhenrecords 08/21/2020 Purchased a handful of records. Great communication, beautifully packaged as well. Thanks again. Njfotos Njfotos
Njfotos Njfotos 08/16/2020 Quick payment and communication. Would sell to again! Juturna90 Juturna90
Juturna90 Juturna90 08/16/2020 Great seller. Easy transaction all around. Thanks again! Njfotos Njfotos
opivy opivy 08/13/2020 Traded for TLA: "Skeleton Coast" Epitaph - malort vinyl. Awesome communication and shipping! thanks again! drewberinger drewberinger
drewberinger drewberinger 08/12/2020 Traded for TLA: "Skeleton Coast" Epitaph - White vinyl. Awesome communication and shipping! opivy opivy
warhenrecords warhenrecords 08/06/2020 Good deals on records. Thanks a lot! lexicondevil lexicondevil
illkeepyouinmind illkeepyouinmind 07/31/2020 fast payment and great communication. ozfacter ozfacter
MyEnemy MyEnemy 07/31/2020 fast payment and great communication ozfacter ozfacter
ozfacter ozfacter 07/31/2020 Great seller. Thanks for everything! MyEnemy MyEnemy
illkeepyouinmind illkeepyouinmind 07/29/2020 Great buyer! Fast payment and great communication. Jesus Of Suburbia Jesus Of Suburbia
Jesus Of Suburbia Jesus Of Suburbia 07/29/2020 Amazing seller! Great communication and super fast shipping. Would definitely buy from again. Thank you so much! illkeepyouinmind illkeepyouinmind
Amadeusvanrachmaninov Amadeusvanrachmaninov 07/23/2020 Both Run The Jewels and Run The Jewels arrived in pristine condition. I listened to both, and they play quite well on my turntable. So let me say I have a lot of respect for this seller. I haggled with this seller in the thread of his posting, and the seller went back and forth with me until I closed a deal privately. I'm in the U.S., and the seller is in Canada. So I paid in U.S. dollars, and he included shipping in the offer. I would encourage others to buy from this seller. upforthevinyl upforthevinyl
Shumez666 Shumez666 07/22/2020 Great VC'er! Was traded the Pokémon Moonshake record for my Kawadeka Donkey Kong Country 2 record. Great transaction, went smoothly pizza face pizza face
MyEnemy MyEnemy 07/20/2020 Great communication and quick payment, followed through to let me know everything arrived safely. thanks again goodmemory goodmemory
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