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  3. 13tylse

    WTB Eidola - To Speak, To Listen

    meant to post discogs link... oops https://www.discogs.com/Eidola-To-Speak-To-Listen/release/10916504
  4. Self explanatory, looking for this album, released on Blue Swan Records in a single /300 pressing
  5. Forgot these guys were on Rise.
  6. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/284388/crucial-moments-highlighter-yellow-w-black-splatter
  7. OldKentuckyShark

    PO NOW: Snail Mail - Lush LP

    Are you still waiting on this? I haven’t received it still.
  8. My 90s nostalgia is nearing 100% complete!!! Just need Fiona Apple's second album.
  9. Update on this. I had asked if they had any of the old Chris Z. zines on the note w/ my last order, back in August. They found some and hooked me up! Randomly sent me a couple of 'em w/ a note and an "I can be afraid of anything" balloon. So cool!!
  10. Objects in the rearview mirror was a helluva video
  11. Yes! I want to get my hands on this pressing.
  12. Ishtar

    PO Now: J. Cole - KOD

    Where is this shit? I remember getting an email that it was delayed until January...but I can't find it anywhere.
  13. I will see you there my friend.
  14. youspinmeround

    selling super rare batch of 7"s

    I tried but my idiot decoder is low on batteries no phone so net pics best ican do here
  15. If anyone wants to buy my first press swirl hit me up
  16. Looks like the splatter is going for $40ish. They don't sound amazing by any means, but certainly acceptable. Listened to mine today due to this thread.
  17. I recognize that table, her name is Terri.
  18. Portland tickets don't go on sale until Friday unfortunately (except the bundles).
  19. how much are the splatter and swirl variants going for now? i remember them sounding like garbage.
  20. Nah, I'm with you on this. Though I enjoyed some of the songs on Total Life Forever, the rest of their stuff just hasn't clicked with me. My girlfriend is the complete opposite. She loves everything post-TLF. It's very strange. The new single is decent, but nothing special. At least the video is beautifully shot. Some of those colours and locations were phenomenal.
  21. I actually ordered from Amazon. It’s a few bucks more, but I ordered a Sum 41 repress also that was cheaper so it evened out.
  22. I was able to buy Seattle tickets this morning.
  23. UntitledFinale2

    The Maine - Can't Stop, Won't Stop

    Anyone happen to have an extra of the festival exclusive white with gold that they’re looking to sell? Would pay over list for it.
  24. lethalenforcer

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Hell yeah. Haven’t rewatched it yet. Was gonna do so in the spring but this may accelerate my plans...
  25. Dougie Jones

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Haven't been that excited about a waxwork release for some time. Just finished watching this for a 3rd time last week.
  26. Yesterday
  27. lethalenforcer

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Can’t believe Vice Principals is happening. Sooooo IN.
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