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  2. Man I need The Wolf. Have an OG of IGW, but that mock up is getting me hot. Probably just in for The Wolf.
  3. Looks like the $500 deluxe has run out of steam with 981 copies left. Theyre really shooting themselves in the foot on this one. The deluxe is also only available to U.S. customers.
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  5. I'm not gonna hit you with my sob story. Everyone is going through something so I'll keep it short. I'm stuck in a bind and I really need to move these records. Please message me here or at [email protected] if you have any questions. All prices are negotiable, but please no lowballs. All prices include shipping. Anyone who can help me out by buying something listed here will get a free record or two or three depending on how much you buy. Please help me pay some of these bills! Nothing-Guilty of Everything Test Press/10 $225 Nothing-Blue Line Baby RSD Test Press/10 $65 Nothing-Downward Years To Come V.1 Test Press/16 $115 Nothing-Downward Years To Come V.2 Test Press/16 *Bundle* comes with all 2nd press variants and the Test housed in a white leather hand made holder. $160 Nothing-Tired of Tomorrow- Vertigo Flowers variant/100. $100 Foundation-Turncoat Red/Blue mix/100. $100 Foundation-Turncoat Last Show press w/drawing printed on the dust sleeve. $100 Modern Life Is War-Witness Posi Press 67/250. $75
  6. I think that I ordered them all, haven’t gotten any notifications yet; but someone on r/taylorswift posted a screenshot saying it was #4 (the one with her arms stretched out as the cover art) Also no poster, I didn’t find out about it until the next morning and they were gone
  7. That site isn't based in the UK unfortunately so would probably have to pay extra to import it.
  8. And the next money I spend on Belindas Backcatalogue
  9. No new update, no shipping confirmation, no package. I assume this will be pushed back again until August at the earliest, since no one has gotten an update since May.
  10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07VB48X5W A great looking boxset limited to 500 signed copies
  11. Surprised the limited color hasn't sold out yet. The latest BBB releases have been going pretty quick.
  12. ETR sucks, but i'll give him this: the colorway teaser for i get wet, to replicate the nosebleed, is dope.
  13. Seems like he’s in on it, which is good. With that being said, I do hate ETR and have an OG copy, but I FUXKING LOVE I Get Wet and could go for a second copy.
  14. I got a shipping notification from MerchNow on Monday. Still nothing from Urban Outfitters.
  15. It looks like there are still copies of the Spotify green variant at MerchNow. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/290690/spotify-exclusive-order-in-decline-spotify-green
  16. How about this? https://www.musicmegastore.com/product/sum-41-order-in-decline-orange-lp/
  17. Looks like itll be both I Get Wet and The Wolf being released separately on Friday
  18. Thanks to @pizza face for the hook up on an extra. Olive green sounds good. My only criticism of this pressing is that it sounds kind of quiet. I'm quite happy the artwork turned out so well.
  19. Pleasantly surprised at what I heard with "Redefined." Might pick up later, cheaply, secondhand.
  20. The band would like to give a full throated apology to all our fans who were ripped off by pledgemusic when trying to order our new album. Just so everybody knows pledgemusic took all the money from the album’s preorders and stole it. The band are owed around $70k that we will never see and many of our fans were ripped off for hundreds of dollars. If you were not able to get a refund from your bank or credit card company, we feel horrible. While we were able to manufacture the Vinyl and CDs, we are currently not in a financial position to ship them out to people who ordered through pledgemusic. Also, there is the problem that many people were refunded. So instead of trying to figure out who is owed what, we thought we would simply offer some unreleased material to anyone who buys the new album from our new Merch store as a way of saying thank you for having to deal with the pledgemusic fiasco. If you already bought the new album from our old Merch store, or bought it from us at a show,just email us a pic of you holding the album and we will reply with a link to download these goodies. Again, we know this whole thing with pledge has been very frustrating, so we hope you’ll enjoy a few these items. Some are things you’ve already heard and seen, and some are new. Enjoy. https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/failure
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