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  3. when it all "went down," there an active Tiny Engines band who said TE was contacting their roster and asking what they wanted to do with their stock/catalog/i dk maybe masters? the only band that said otherwise was Illuminati Hotties who said TE was not releasing control of anything for them. i would like to think there is some good faith and understanding behind the represses
  4. definitely wary about giving TE money unless the band indicates they're on board and getting paid from these... (fwiw awakebutstillinbed is plugging their reissue so hopefully it's all cool, would think the label would wanna get out ahead of speculation given how things went down a few years back...)
  5. Hi Havic, I have a copy, if you’re still interested?
  6. 1. there's a new press of this album and pleasure suck (via tiny engines): https://spiritofthebeehive.bandcamp.com/album/hypnic-jerks 2. tiny engines may be quietly (or slowly) coming back? they have a bunch of represses for pre-order thru bandcamp and there's a new rebranded logo https://tinyengines.bandcamp.com/merch
  7. I actually appreciate that they're taking the self parody to the fullest extent. Oh Maynard, you're brilliant. If people are that dumb, go ahead and rob 'em blind.
  8. $2-3 generic usb stick in shape of a cassette tape + $1 case and print. +$1 for shipping/handling etc. sells for $20 without any music on it. OMEGALUL
  9. Yeah it's kinda weird. I remember buying the Lamb Of God Wrath box with a USB thumb drive with the entire album on it. Which I've never actually used lol. Pretty kitschy. But this is Tool. They'll sell you a kitchen sink with their name on it
  10. It’s automatic. The price it reflects is the 20% off price. Sale items are different which actually show a sale price. This is a site wide LP sale.
  11. is there a code for 20 off? nothing is indicating a sale price
  12. Yesterday
  13. It sounds great. Dynamics are there, soundstage is there, no pops or clicks. Good pressing all around all things considered. And yah, that would be amazing. New material would be rad. What are the odds they do a full box after doing split boxes and single represses? I know the odds of me getting it are insanely high - cause how do I say no to a third copy in a different housing.
  14. Very nice. How’s that sound, all things considered? I feel like we’ll get something “new” from Unwound this year – a new album or a full discography boxset are my biggest guesses.
  15. And the last color repress came in today. That was a fun way of revisiting all their albums. Stoked to see them live soon - never thought I’d say that. Wonder what is in the pipeline next. (Tempted to take a photo of all the color represses all laid out.)
  16. Specifically in search of test pressings, but am finally trying to complete my Brand New collection. I've listed below what I would trade for any test pressing. Comb through, combine, trades + cash whatever you want. Bane - Don't Wait Up (4th press, screen printed edition) Bon Iver - Bon Iver (10th anniversary, hand painted by original artist) The Carrier - No Love Can Save Me (complete set, including test) Foundation - Turncoat (complete set, excluding final show covers) Go It Alone - The Only Blood Between Us (complete set, excluding test) Killing The Dream - In Place Apart (record release #1/132) Mac Miller - Circles (test pressing) Protest the Hero - Kezia (1st press, gold /100) Turnstile - Glow On (cloud /200) Verse - Aggression (complete set) or whatever you want me to pay
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