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  2. This seems to be the EU/UK store with an exclusive variant. https://caspian.tmstor.es/index.php?page=products&section=all
  3. Looking to buy the baby shark 7" from the last RSD for a decent deal as an xmas gift for my niece.
  4. It is. 180 doesn't mean anything it just feels solid to hold.
  5. Haha. Yeah. Honestly though I think its the 180g thing, because the A Thousand Arms and Dunk! pressings are now all 180g and they use colors and they all sound fantastic. But the 180g with black combo... it's the best you can get. Sure, there are always good pressings with splatter and whatnot (ie: every Jesu and Isis splatter I own) but outside of someone with absolutely batshit crazy quality standards (ie: Aaron Turner) it seems safe to say that the odds are always in favor of the 180g black sounding better than a non-180g colored variant. But who the hell knows haha. Could be totally psychological.
  6. I agree. I love each of his albums for different reasons and I didn’t think Absent Sounds could be topped for me but definitely feeling like this one is doing that for me. It’s still got that signature FIL sound but dynamic and experimental enough to push the boundaries of his sound too. Really dig the electronic vibes of the album a lot too.
  7. Very cool they’re doing color wax on these.
  8. it really feels like Underoath's "Disambiguation" at moments, perhaps moreso due to the writing. but it really feels like a smart callback to late 00s/early 10s metalcore.
  9. white too (mockup looks translucent tho) https://ascitiesburn.store/products/sttw-white-vinyl
  10. One of us, one of us, one of us. Our young padawan.
  11. Today
  12. Tour copy only 300 were pressed. https://ascitiesburn.store/products/sttw-red-vinyl-exclusive Hell yeah
  13. I wouldn't call it planned well at all. I've been a huge fan for 20 years and have bought each new release on the day of release or sometimes night before at "midnight sales" and have always gotten my hands on it as soon as I went to the store. Any store. This time I tried to locate a copy of this CD in two different states on the same weekend and was met with Out Of Stock signs and empty shelves and store clerks apologizing that it was gone. That's not well planned. That's dogshit. It took me several weeks to locate a copy and that was while scouring this board fiendishly only to finally see a link come up at fye.com and pull the trigger only to have it go out of stock with 45 minutes of my purchase. I got my copy but after several weeks they couldn't put enough out to keep up with demand online? That's another example of horrible planning. Then they had a one day fire sale of more copies that were promised to be delivered to customers by like end of September and those people still don't have their copies. I know they want to sell these things and if they can sell some enormous percentage more than they manufactured then they fell short. Its a huge major label and a cult followed band. They knew how to do it. They fucked up their planning. And if it was actually their plan to have it go this way, they're assholes. Again, they should have pressed up the normal amount of a standard packaged CD or at least something without a video screen that could have been fancy looking still but at least in the normal CD price range. Then also have the video as a deluxe. This isn't hard. The logistics on releasing CD's has all been figured out long before this album was even recorded. There's an industry build around doing just that. This is either a fuck up or chicanery from assholes. I hate to rehash all that but I don't know how anyone could call that "planned out very well." I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who had these issues getting my hands on the CD. PS Where the fuck is the vinyl?
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  15. I have definitely been hopping on the black 180g bandwagon hard lately. Maybe I'm just tired of splatters and such; I definitely used to be WOW for them when I started, but now i just want the music to sound good even more than I care about a cool variant. See you there
  16. SmartPunk has these available through their website: https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/rehasher-eat-the-one-percent-every-little-war?variant=17042150293547 They had them at Fest as well as some test presses so I picked up both from their booth. Was kind of a brownish yellowish color when I got it from the booth, I assume these are the same.
  17. will def pick up My Everything, I sold my first press
  18. This album is one of Joey's best. Can't get over how good it is. Thought the green vinyl turned out kind of eh compared to the mock-up but at least it's better than any of the other variants. I'm just not a big fan of half and half.
  19. Wow they’re coming to Woodstock. Haven’t seen them live since Minus the Bear’s farewell tour. Gonna have to catch that date.
  20. I love when this happens - more and more every year
  21. Yup! Gallery 5. They're coming to DC too. Gonna go to both.
  22. They are coming to RVA, Matt! Thanks brother!!
  23. Didn't preorder due to finances but damn this album is already killer and I'm only on track 3.
  24. Src have same issue with final goldfinger hangs up pressing Original release date was may, then moved to August, October and then to end of November
  25. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! I'm game for all the color vinylz...
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