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  2. oh god i think i remember that. I wasn't sure if Derek was serious. But then again, I should have assumed not XD XD XD
  3. Tug joke. He's a troll who pretends to be obsessed with The Used and made multiple threads about finding the perfect inner sleeve.
  4. Yeah, I'd been waiting to get some Mt Eerie stuff, so that's what I did. Got some other stuff I'd held off on because of price too. Ended up with Purity Ring - Another Eternity, Sufjan Stevens - The Greatest Gift, Mt. Eerie - Now Only and Clear Moon/Ocean Roar, and Zola Jesus - Conatus for $64 even with upgraded shipping. No complaints here, except that I missed Boygenius for $8. Sold out before I checked out.
  5. backstory on this? Maybe i'll understand when my copy shows up haha
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  7. That Fat Beats sale is a good invitation to stock up on Waxahatchee and Mount Eerie/Microphones records, if you haven’t already. I almost grabbed the Mount Eerie ‘Ocean Roar/Clear Moon’ LP and the new Preoccupations for $30 shipped but my self control kicked in. I’ve been cutting down on the “here and there” “maybe I should get this?” albums that I used to gobble up because of sales.
  8. I'm just starting out on my collection of Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties records and looking to buy some asap while I have some extra cash. Please PM me if you have any for sale Thank you very much!
  9. Not quite ‘Lies for the Liars’ quality but close.
  10. It’s really hard. I haven’t quite gotten the combat down for the mini-bosses. Got through 3 of them, but not easily.
  11. Gone Girl score on Amazon for $14. Temporarily out of stock, but can lock in that price. In stock April 1. Gone Girl (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O0MBU0I/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_MZKLCbX7DDNJ9
  12. My buddy got the special subscription splatter. It looks pretty sweet.
  13. I enjoy when they say “heavily marked down” and alot of them are like 2 dollars off a 30 dollar record... even with that some decent stuff at an actual discount.
  14. Sekiro is really fun so far. Very different though. It’s weird not having a stamina bar or skill points to distribute over various attributes.
  15. Best I could do was the catch the sun 12”
  16. Unfortunately this was one per customer so your chances of getting a spare copy are slim. I wanted 2 copies for myself but was unable to get an extra. I think your best bet would be to get on the Acoustic Sounds email list and hope that they release another batch closer to the shipping date. I can’t help but think that they will have at least some cancelled orders.
  17. Same. Been hunting a copy of Lost Souls at a decent price ever since I started collecting.
  18. It’s a real treasure for those who love romantic stories. “Melting” is a new music video by Nico Cartosio. A lyrical, warm and harmonious track would definitely be appreciated by those who enjoy finer things in life. See for yourselves: "Melting" by Nico Cartosio
  19. That's what I'm thinking too, and it's on Capital Records. Looks like he's back on the Artists page on Capital Records Website too. I would say they have to know something, or at least think they know. They are probably also sitting on a pile of 20,000 LPs.
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