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  3. Physical copies aren't available in canada as far as I've found so far, I'm hoping it's not an edit once I can get my hands one at some point. This did prompt me to by the FLAC from their bandcamp though, the sample is still in that release at the moment.
  4. Yes, they probably got into legal trouble from the Beach Boys which doesn't surprise me given the size and cultural significance of that band. I'm sure its still on the physical copies since the masters were approved a long time ago. I would assume future pressings will not have it though. It does suck, its one of the best samples I've ever heard. At least our physical copies are probably fine. This is why I dislike streaming in general, though, since things can be changed so suddenly and you don't own your music
  5. they removed the sample? I was surprised it was there and made it to spotify but haven't listened to it in a few weeks. was it on the record\is it removed from future pressings?
  6. Yesterday
  7. I'll keep you posted if I get the Toman I grabbed the last mystery test pressing off bandcamp. I have yet to get one with any record club shipment but im only towards the end of my 2nd sub so far and have been very happy with my experience thus far.
  8. I would go for PSB Alpha 5s they are well designed and sound great at around $450 https://www.psbspeakers.com/product/alpha-p5-bookshelf-speaker/
  9. Absolutely. Patience almost pays off. I like bootlegs in the sense of "this is a live recording that's never going to see the light of day otherwise," or "this album is from an underground band that had 300 fans in 2006 and broke up shortly thereafter," but I wouldn't pay upwards of $50 for a MP3-sourced counterfeit copy of an album that I know hi-fi plates exist for. For the right price, maybe. But I'll happily wait for a legitimate repress.
  10. Lmao 😂 can't argue with that! This was in reference to a Decemberunderground repress. But holy shit there really are so many The Art of Drowning pressings.
  11. That’s cool and all if that’s a principle artists want to apply to their music, but I’ve found that 99% of them eventually go back on that idea, because money. Life happens, expenses happen – I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard an artist or label say that there are zero plans to ever repress a certain album, only to see it as a limited drop or RSD exclusive within 2-5 years. Bootleg markets – especially those priced this excessively – are everything wrong with modern vinyl though. Someone in another thread speculated that the kind of music that gets posted on VC – shit from the last 30 years, colored vinyl, limited editions – are more or less the NFTs of music enthusiasts. That seems exemplified with boots. These are all sourced from MP3s and can sound serviceable at best… but jokes aside, you can legitimately stream the same music at 320 or even 192 kbps, while simultaneously playing a YouTube video of “Vinyl Crackle Sound FX”, and you’re going to get the same result. From a listening perspective, it’s a total meme to willingly pay $70 for this junk. What that leaves is the satisfaction people get from having the spine of this record visible on their shelf. Or the option to have it framed, I suppose. Or the opportunity to snap a photo of it for Instagram (perhaps alongside the more affordable albums in the band’s discography) to larp as a devout fan and flex a complete collection, I guess. “But OG copies are $600. I’m not paying that.” Then don’t, as you shouldn't. Anyone who has been collecting vinyl for more than 6-7 years is probably aware of how everything eventually gets a reissue or repress. There’s been stuff that I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined would get repressed; albums from bands who’ve been defunct for 10+years, with labels no longer in business, and seemingly no demand to have the music pressed again. Patience is a virtue, etc. I would rather have a gap where that album will eventually go, than a garbage copy that “sounds okay” as MP3s on wax. But I’m me and you’re you. Maybe I value shelf space more than you do. Maybe $70 means more to me and the new releases I buy than it does to you and the prospect of saying you can finally own something that resembles a coveted album. People buy pastries with the sole intent of sitting on them and ripping ass so who am I to say what the world should or should not be spending money on at the of the day?
  12. Good lord has anyone else heard this?? RIYL Old Man Gloom, Rorcal, YONL but kicked up to a 12 https://nogoodtoanyone.bandcamp.com/album/bishop
  13. Nitro must've missed that memo. Pretty sure there's like 20+ different pressings of 'The Art of Drowning' lol.
  14. Years ago somebody told me that Davey wants AFI vinyl to stay limited, which is why the band never advocates for represses. I'm unsure of the validity of that statement, but it would explain why the band and labels never push for this with them.
  15. Ahhh fuck it, mine is black. BIN Refused - Freedom
  16. I literally just bought Freedom yesterday, fuck me. lol
  17. That'd be great. The original sounds pretty good, so I could only imagine how great it would be if it were completely remastered for vinyl.
  18. I hope these $50-$70 boots keep selling for the next year and then in 2023 they release a really great, mastered for vinyl, MOV #'d press for the 20th anniversary for $40 that puts them all to shame.
  19. Technically yeah but that would just be another unnecessary cost on top of already unnecessarily high cost of the boot and shipping and import fees. I've got an OG press, but in addition to it being my fave afi album it's also the first vinyl record I ever bough so it's got a special place in my heart and I'm trying to keep it off heavy rotation. I've had at leas 5 or 6 copies of the OG at one point, but gave all of the extras away as presents and such as it was anything but hard to find back then 😩
  20. I know this thread is for Leitmotif, but this popped up on my YT today, which is mostly El Cielo stuff.
  21. holiday bump. get this stuff out of my basement and onto your shelves. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DNEuF0r389iczXgKp_CtNheoC3UVcV_3eqt6kAnXINo/edit#gid=0
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