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  2. Must've missed that e-mail communication but I went and updated my sheet all the same. 👍 Also just wanted to comment that listen #2 – knowing the pace and vibe I was in for – was indeed significantly better, this evening. Almost like a later-era Whirr headspace, for me. I like that we have such a nice variety of style between their 2 albums thus far.
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  4. Has the vinyl been delayed? I noticed Amazon says it won’t be in stock until November 12th.
  5. That LIEY looks so good but I don't need a third copy.
  6. Yeah the increase in prices the last decade have been astronomical, I’ve decided that my collection is fine as is to free up more monies since everything on earth has been steadily increasing in price
  7. Not gonna lie, didn’t read the article. But still, he agreed to do the video. Also, I don’t know much about cameo, but I didn’t realize you could use the videos for advertising purposes.
  8. It references that it looks like a paid Cameo video in the article if you took the time to read it.
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  10. My original notes said a 10/22 release date. So I was expecting it to ship last week or around this time. The Dec 25 date is what I saw on my locals website which links up to their distributor. It'd be coming through the Canadian distributor, as mentioned above.
  11. Went back to it for a couple listens, much better than I remembered. Though, still not 'top 3' for them I don't think, but def. some bangers.
  12. We’ll I just saw a Facebook ad with Perd hyping up the vinyl release so they were able to get some people on board.
  13. Gave the album a first listen.... going to need another. Not sure it really clicked for me yet.
  14. Quiet Panic sent out an update through Bandcamp on Thursday - "Just to keep everyone in the loop, we've experienced some production delays with both the Tennis System & Slow Crush LPs. We hope to have them out to you soon, but it looks like it will be at least a few more weeks, if not longer. We apologize for the delay and will let you know as soon as we have a firm date for shipping." (and I keep a spreadsheet for pre-orders, too, including a column for street date and a column for notes like this)
  15. Found this old receipt from 2011 and thought it was pretty depressing. A decade's worth of inflation really took a toll on vinyl. This was MSRP too... no sale pricing. What a time to be alive.
  16. We're on the cover of SLAM ALTERNATIVE MUSIC MAGAZINE issue #118! Order your copy and receive an exclusive "Losing My Mind" flexi mjusick.com/collections/magazine
  17. Also available here: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/marilyn-manson-antichrist-superstar/hnum/10752758/?iampartner=8&subid
  18. I’d have to check my receipt folder to see exactly where I ordered from, but my spreadsheet notes 10/29 as a shipment date for US copies. Could’ve changed by now, but yeah… I was not expecting these to be in hand or even ship on release date.
  19. That’s incorrect. everything is pressed and printed but still stuck on Czech Republic. it should be send out to the german and uk and belgian label. the quiet panic/usa one is being distributed by a Canadian company so guess they will arrive a bit later but Dec 25th seems very far fetched
  20. Did the vinyl release get delayed until Dec 25th? That's what is showing on my local record store's website.
  21. Still haven't received anything from Kings Road Merch US about shipping or digital download.
  22. Was just coming to post this after my first listen through of the vinyl. That transition is so ingrained with listening to it so many times leading up to release, it being split up is jarring. They should have just sprung for 45RPM across 4 sides.
  23. This! And a "Stay what you are" reissue soon? It just celebrated 20 years.
  24. Watched The Quiet Place II and The Night House yesterday. Loved both of them a lot. Super happy when a sequel is just as good as the first movie and I thought that was definitely the case here with TQP2. The Night House had an original story so that’s always refreshing. Looked amazing too. I could almost tell where it was going about halfway through or so but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.
  25. I didn't know this until today, and I haven't seen it in this thread, but there's a 2-LP version with just the songs from Part II: https://www.discogs.com/release/20668702-Nick-Cave-The-Bad-Seeds-B-Sides-Rarities-Part-II
  26. I do preorders from them occasionally since their shipping is so reasonable to the states. But I've never got tracking on something until it ships. So I bet they have something. But I've also bought bootlegs from them before too. So I hope this isn't just one of the white copies that has been being sold on ebay.
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