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  2. lol, we have chatted a bunch on IG. your shirts were some of the few i was referencing in your post. wore my SP shirt this weekend and got multiple compliments. good booter/backed hard.
  3. Agree that they have some absolutely terrible designs lately. Which is sad as I used to think Trent was well ahead of the game as far as design and artwork went. I'd still probably buy a broken 2020 one if the money was going to a charity or something.
  4. I’m in the bootleg shirt game, I did a broken shirt a while ago. My buddy is doing a further down the spiral shirt coming up. Anybody feels like following on stuff we got going on it’s boothammertees on Instagram.
  5. Indeed. I hate that new "Used To Stand For Something" design. The original was way better and simpler. Funny you mention bootleggers. I've been having my mind blown recently at how much better shirt designs some friends have been making. There are a few that no matter what shirt they make, as long as it's a band I like, I get the shirt.
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  7. Love In Shadow is a beast. I can think of 2 moments on it that almost teeter into masturbatory / overly free-form experimentation, but I've really grown accustomed to the whole thing, start to finish. Really tough for me to pick a favorite Sumac record, now. More than ever.
  8. Love in Shadow was more of a miss for me. I keep revisiting it hoping that something will click, but I always feel a bit bored. I'm half way through May You Be Held and I'm enjoying it a lot more.
  9. Yep, this thread just reminded me how dumb this forum is sometimes and why I only check it about once a week these days.
  10. would love to be able to get this without the vinyl since i already have purchased the variant it comes with, but it looks like i'll just be selling off the vinyl when it arrives
  11. Mad Season is very good and More Than You Think You Are has it’s moments - So Sad So Lonely is one of the best things they’ve done IMO. Will be on the lookout for these getting single pressings down the road.
  12. sounds great. I am so in for this.
  13. Any interest in this Aphex Twin Ventolin promo release? https://www.discogs.com/Aphex-Twin-Ventolin/release/47160
  14. Was just coming here to post this. Looks like I'm gonna sell my OG copy of Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest. Gonna wait until I secure a copy first though lol
  15. PO live for the new album from I Love Your Lifestyle I Love Your Lifestyle - No Driver 1st Press: Cream w Purple & Pink Starburst /105 (Counter Intuitive Exclusive) Blue & Yellow Cornetto /105 (Dog Knights Exclusive) Clear w Yellow, Blue, & Black Splatter /300 PO here http://www.counterintuitiverecords.com/products/676873-i-love-your-lifestyle-no-driver-preorder First track stream here: https://www.brooklynvegan.com/i-love-your-lifestyle-prep-new-album-no-driver-stream-shilly-shally/
  16. "matchBOXSET 20." How did they miss that golden opportunity?
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