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  2. That was a Cassette thread so I never check out that part of the forum. So we only slippin’ a little lol.
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  4. dont forget to bring a towel 

  5. I did post it in the World of Pleasure thread when it dropped 🤷‍♂️ y'all slipping, lol
  6. THANK YOU for the heads up on the World of Pleasure 12"!!!
  7. I never have time to listen to any of the new albums recommended by WherePostRockDwells. However, last night I was on the youtube while doing paperwork, and it rolled into the next queued up piece which was a rec by them: Distance - Everything In Exchange For Nothing (NZ). RIYL: Meniscus, early Keretta, with a hint of Jakob atmosphere in some tracks. It's only 30 minutes and not as complex as the bands above, but I enjoyed the riffage. The closing track is a curve ball, not bad, just standard fare postrock. Distance - EIEFN
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  9. I actually can't remember what the original due date for some of the splatter pressings was, but i'm sure it was well before now. I'm regretting just not buying a copy closer to home now as i've hammered this album on spotify so i'm not even likely to spin it when it arrives now haha.
  10. I watched Prey on Friday night and wow, that's a heck of a movie! Easily the best Predator movie since the first.
  11. I had no idea some of these were backordered for so long. I’ve had my white indie copy for months. For when you guys do get it - bump the shit out of it - great fuckin record.
  12. Got in my Star Wars Rogue One boxset from Mondo. So much static and popping. I’m really hoping it’s just a matter of giving my records a wash. There was a ton of visible dust and pellet shavings in the sleeve, so that’s my assumption.
  13. It even crazier that Nuclear Blast versions have been in retail stores for months.
  14. I ordered mine directly from the Tool website. Arrived in a nice and sturdy cardboard mailer. Triple gatefold jacket was mint. Record C/D is warped some but played flawlessly.
  15. Speaking of. Men AND Crimes of the Future come out on blu-ray today. Gonna order from Amazon.
  16. Fuck yeah. Was hoping they’d release it: https://shop.a24films.com/products/men-original-motion-picture-soundtrack
  17. So my 3xLP arrived yesterday and the mailer was so thin that the corner of the mailer was bent leaving a sizeable crease across the bottom left side of the jacket. Of course, it would be nice if that didn't happen to a $54 record but I'm past sweating that stuff. I would understand someone wanting blood over it but I can't live that life anymore. Ordered from Pop Market and honestly, this is the first problem I've had with their packaging. I should say that this is really the flimsiest mailer I've ever gotten from them and flimsiest I've gotten from a seller who wasn't from Europe. Also they used NO cardboard pads or anything. Just the record in the thin mailer. I recently got an original copy of Pretty Hate Machine that came from like Sweden or something like that and the mailer was fairly thin but there were no bends or damage at all. Its pretty much always a coin flip when you're getting records shipped but if the vendor takes measures like padding it definitely goes a long way. I also would like to point out that there is no way my copy is anywhere near 180g. The LP's have plenty of wobble to them and I'm happy as hell about it. The third LP with the etched backside is probably the most rigid of the three. And after all that, I still haven't had a chance to listen to it but the vinyl itself looks very clean, shiny and high quality. Pretty much everyone says this thing sounds great so I'm optimistic about that.
  18. So I listened to my copy last night. Sounds fucking incredible! Like whoa. 😲 Such a great record. Happy to have seen most of it performed live too. Glad I passed on the 5LP box.
  19. Lol. My spreadsheet has it at 397 days and they couldn't get the labels right. I have fingers crossed that the red/white + blue/white merge aren't like this. Although, the sleeves probably are messed up, sooo odds are low.
  20. I was actually talking about Korean artist releases, not necessarily imports. The more expensive one I bought was a copy of Vivid by the band Adoy. I've noticed that the $50 mark tends to be around the average price for many notable artists: Justhis, nafla, Oohyoo, Surl, etc. Like you said, it probably does have to do with small runs, limited market, and potentially even pressing outside the country. Because of the smaller market, Korean music on vinyl is in a rough state where alot of the old music is hard to find and out of print so it's expensive, and the new releases are made in such limited quantity that they're also hard to find and import and end up being expensive.
  21. Same here with the mislabeling. Also the tracklist printed on the back of the jacket has still searching first, then LIEY. Probably a mix up on which record comes first lol
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  23. The market for vinyl is just a lot smaller in Korea, that's probably the underlying reason for the prices. I go to Seoul once a year and there are only a handful of small record stores in a city of 20 million and most of the vinyl is imported, which means most (US/ European) new releases go for around $45. Tbh I don't know how much new releases by artists from Korean or other Asian countries typically cost though. I'd be curious to know where the Parannoul vinyl is pressed and whether they are looking into pressing a different run in the US or Europe for those markets to get the cost down.
  24. It was incredible. Cave in only played 5 songs, thanks to a lightning delay that pushed everything back a bit, but they were great, and quicksand was amazing, and avail was insane. Best "return to going to shows" show, can't believe I saw avail in Richmond
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