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  2. https://www.hellomerch.com/products/story-of-the-year-the-constant-lp-first-time-on-vinyl-ever EU/UK - https://eu.sbam.rocks/products/story-of-the-year-the-constant-pre-order On vinyl for the first time, Story of the Year’s classic 2010 Epitaph album, ‘The Constant’. Representing some of the best music the band ever created, and produced by Elvis Baskette (Chevelle, Cold, Escape The Fate), ‘The Constant’ is Story of the Year’s fourth studio album and the follow-up to 2008’s ‘The Black Swan’. This classic vinyl reissue is being jointly released by Double Helix Records (USA) and SBAM Records (Austria) on June 14, 2024. Four vinyl color variations are available: -Sunset /250 -Purple /250 -Lavender /250 - Olive /250
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  4. My hunch is that BM just jumped the gun a smidge and listed the first pink & blue mock-up that they stumbled across. Whoever created the page probably looked right over the split vs. merge descriptor. I’m pretty confident they just have the wrong photo depicted. No idea how or why 1234G have both pink-blue variants for sale though.
  5. Bullmoose has both? Damn I tried looking and they only “have” the half and half. But when you click on it, it says the item is no longer available. Just trying to get an order in somewhere that doesn’t charge until it ships. L
  6. Finally regret not getting these when they were repressed. Let's make a deal.
  7. Doubt it. Bullmoose used the same image. I think it's them not realizing there's the pink/blue split and the pink/blue merge.
  8. i'd love a repress of Walking on a Dream. The prices for that one are silly. edit - FUCK YEAH IN THEIR WEBSTORE!!!!!!! suck it flippers
  9. looks like the only 2. dont see them anywhere else yet. no indie or retail. so maybe like with heartwork deluxe, its just through the band store.
  10. That half pink half blue smartpunk exclusive is available at 1234go for some reason https://1234gorecords.shop/products/pre-order-the-blood-brothers-crimes-lp-multiple-variants?variant=43683871686856
  11. Last week
  12. A) Hard Chiller rules. B ) UK/EU distro? https://www.banquetrecords.com/from-indian-lakes/head-void/FIL-HV
  13. Excited to see them at Milwaukee Metal Fest today. I picked up the Decibel variant and was pleasantly surprised when it was $24.99.
  14. Thanks for the Deep Discount link. 8 bucks shipping to Canada is a steal these days. While browsing their site I came across this: https://www.deepdiscount.com/death-before-dishonour/827166394121# Had no idea they dealt in NSBM. WTF.
  15. Legendary band and they're getting TWO measly variants? If they don't announce more soon they will see my wrath.
  16. I am not fine with him saying that bullshit, but I did read somewhere his apology. I believe he has grown and moved forward. I just saw them recently and it was beautiful. I still listen to them regularly. Of course, we all have to make up our own minds about apologies we accept or what we can tolerate from an artist even though we disagree. If he was still showing anti-Semitic signs, I'd get rid of all of my records by them.
  17. I have these two pressings that have never even been pulled out of the plastic sleeve. I don't need both. Looking for $42 shipped including PayPal fee. White / Clear Split With Red Splatter Red / White / Clear Spinner Take both for $80 shipped.
  18. What’s the overall consensus after the singer posted all that anti-Semitic stuff a few years ago? I used to love them and if the situation has been rectified I might snag a copy
  19. If you don't have this record, you need to fix that. If you need another copy, here ya go. https://store.decibelmagazine.com/products/agalloch-the-mantle
  20. Several times over, yeah. I held off on the singles (despite the hype) and am glad I did, because the whole thing hits so well.
  21. Damn I thought it came out today so I didn’t bother looking for the leak. Guess I’ll do that today!
  22. I was thinking about that recently as well. I last saw them live in 2008 or so and already the vocals were kind of rough. Johnny’s vocals couldn’t really match the highs from the recorded material. Actually all the times that I saw them they didn’t go up that high. Still would love to go to one of these shows though, they were just so ahead of their time.
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