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  2. Yeah, picked one of these up too. I missed out on the first pressing because I couldn't swing it and DA's shipping fee was outrageous at the time, but this time there was a $7.00 CanPost option! Absolutely shocked and pleasantly surprised. Excited to finally have some Moneen in the collection.
  3. I wasn't particularly looking but I didn't see it listed anywhere. As for stock coming in next week, I know that Dead Dog said they're expecting stuff like the John Prine box-set to be delivered in a week or so.
  4. Looks to be up at Target also. https://www.target.com/p/coheed-and-cambria-good-apollo-i-m-a-burning-star-iv-v-2-no-world-for-tomorrow-explicit-lyrics-vinyl/-/A-81822686#lnk=sametab
  5. I really shit the bed on this one, I'm glad I may get a shot at redemption.
  6. https://ibb.co/WpgFmkQ https://ibb.co/cvS7ppF https://ibb.co/SN1kPW2 https://ibb.co/Df6B2fv Box is pretty nice, snug fit for all four. Numbering/signature is not on the actual box but on a little slip that goes around it. Will possibly be spinning all four today to hear how they sound.
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  8. Did any Canadian stores receive Chris Cornell Patience? From what I have found no store in Toronto for any? Sunrise Records doesn’t have it in there system which they said if they even received 1 copy it be in there system. Lindsay Store didn’t as well as Newmarket. Also told there’s stock that will show up in a week or 2.
  9. Didn't check the list thoroughly but scored everything I wanted (MCR+KSG) + stuff I wasn't aware was coming out (Sunn+Elliott Smith) Honestly, this has been the easiest of any single RSD I've been to other than like the first two years of it being a thing Even the aftermarket is like really really low for all of these right now which is pretty dope
  10. I kinda feel like trying to find a Grandaddy is pretty futile at this point with only 600 copies in the wild. It's supposed to be an RSD First but is there any indication it's going to be reissued soon? I'd love to have it for when my Sophtware Slump box-set shows up in Jan
  11. If anyone is still looking for the Elliott Smith. https://encorerecords.ca/collections/vinyl/products/elltiot-smith-alternate-versions-lp Record store based out of Kitchener, Ontario
  12. Yep. Use code "THANKS" at checkout. Lots of great stuff to choose from - something for everyone. Orders ship out right away! Extra DL codes, stickers and other knickknacks included in every package. https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/
  13. I'm partial to Shotgun Willie myself, but can't go wrong with RHS or anything from that era. Enjoy
  14. Thanks! Just picked one up there. My favorite Willie album and stoked to get a live version.
  15. https://www.srcvinyl.ca/norma-jean-meridional-rsd-2xlp.html Just leaving this here. I know it's SRC but if anyone still hasn't copped a copy.
  16. I could only imagine what will happen when EVR decides to repress Second Stage Turbine Blade and that goes live. 😅 It might send us to the dark ages.
  17. Now I know SRC is a big ol bag of sticks. But if anyone is still searching for The Chariot or Norma Jean the Canadian site has copies. Just putting it out there! https://www.srcvinyl.ca/the-chariot-long-live-rsd-lp.html https://www.srcvinyl.ca/norma-jean-meridional-rsd-2xlp.html
  18. There seem to be plenty on Discogs for around retail: https://www.discogs.com/Willie-Nelson-Red-Headed-Stranger-Live-From-Austin-City-Limits/release/16279195
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