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  2. I am also sticking to this hypothesis so I don't drop $750 to get one of the boxes to Australia.....
  3. I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies, I do...
  4. Agreed. I can see it being much like the Alexisonfire box set. They sell the complete set including b-sides/rarities etc which is what makes is so special, then do regular pressings of the albums themselves after the fact.
  5. I think the odds are pretty good. Just my opinion, no inside info.
  6. God, there's just absolutely no way for me to justify this. Definitely feel like I'm missing out anyway.
  7. Seriously.... if anyone is picking this up, and now wants to sell their *old* copy of Deloused.... at a non insane price DM me. If I could grab that off somone I could steer clear of this box with a clean conscious. And you can soften the blow to your wallet, its a win-win!
  8. Frances is the only one I don't have. Hopefully these come out individually later down the line.
  9. I only have two of these... - In for a box - What have I done.
  10. Jesus christ am I really going to buy this dumb ass thing? I cant right? What are the odds they end up selling these as separate LP's in like 3 months.... that's my real question. Honestly don't need all the rarities and that jazz...
  11. new Zao album PO's tomorrow at 11AM EST "Pre-orders for the new Zao album “The Crimson Corridor” are launching Friday March 5, 11 AM est The new Zao full length album “The Crimson Corridor” (11 tracks and almost 60 minutes of music) is officially hitting the world on April 9, 2021 through our label Observed/Observer Recordings. You can pre-order starting this Friday March 5, at 11 am EST both through our bandcamp store and at Holy Mountain (if you also want to grab shirts/hoodies etc.)"
  12. C’mon, you don’t think some of us have OP’s and didn’t this, too? Get on board this boat. It’s sinking FAST!!!
  13. Today
  14. Damn, if I didn't already have all the OG's I'd be all over this. I'm hoping Landscape Tantrums gets a separate release.
  15. Looks like there's around 500 left. 5000 units at $479 is almost 2.4 mil, just quietly...
  16. I'm content with my MoV represses of Amputechture and Delouses. I just hope they release Frances the Mute individually.
  17. Definitely says remastered. That's killer. - I can't believe how fast these are selling. I completely forgot this band has been broken up for like 7 years so I guess a lot of pent up demand. - I have og deloused and ftm and I love GSL but man those pressings are rough. The silver pic disc for deloused never made sense to me. -Things started to improve around amputechture because that one came with a sturdy gatefold and gratefully matching colored vinyl. So I wonder if the new deloused is going to be a gatefold and the new ftm is going to be a trifold? So many ques
  18. Does my Collective share get me an exclusive color? 🤣
  19. I can’t help but laugh and cringe at the same time. It’s somewhat pathetic you all purchased this at that price. On the other hand, I bought it also, we suck!
  20. Cool if this lasts till midnight I’ll blow a not insignificant chunk of this paycheck on it 😂🤷‍♂️
  21. The only one that has been remixed was tremulant, right? But it’s using the original mix on this. So everything has been remastered. The sad thing is, if it had the song Frances the Mute and had been remastered in a way that would yield better (anything!) SQ, then I think it would be in marketing description, right? also, there were some odds and ends like covers and extra tracks that are not included here. Ugh. Damn, I’m not helping myself here.
  22. B&N exclusive is out. just black vinyl but with 3 “trading cards” https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/daddys-home-st-vincent/36029274
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