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  2. They usually pick up some version of it, I’d imagine they’ll have the us indie
  3. I'll hold off on ordering this until I can hear it first. The album sounds great to me and back in its release I liked it a lot so it'll have to be pretty noticeable for me to plunk down cash for this.
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  5. They really should update the artwork and tracklist. A lot of casual fans are going to see this as a straight repress.
  6. Yes sir. Picked up the banquet a while ago. Just need the indie retail now. Not sure if you know or not but is this going to be on bullmoose like the last album?
  7. Wait till you hear the rest of the EP Also, up on Banquet now https://www.banquetrecords.com/can't-swim/foreign-language/CSforeignlanguage
  8. New update on his Facebook. He is delaying all releases from that project. Says RFC will be contacting everyone regarding their orders in the next couple of days.
  9. Oh that track is great, haven't listened to any of this band since Death Mask (which I liked a lot). The melodic ambient riff around 2:50 stole my soul
  10. Dude, don’t let these shitty keyboard warriors get to you. I think you’re awesome for tirelessly being helpful on these boards. Seriously, thank you. On another note, hopefully, putting more copies up on sale will kick the lazy asses at SRC to ship my copy that I ordered nearly a month ago....
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  12. SRC will have some extra copies of the half baby blue/half aqua blue (US indie exclusive) on sale tomorrow. https://www.srcvinyl.ca/senses-fail-from-the-depths-of-dreams-aqua-baby-blue-12-ep.html I might get called a bot. I could care less. Just trying to help people out.
  13. The red looking one is probably my favorite. Maybe I need to give it another chance but I just can't get into this album at all.
  14. Why would you insult someone defending you? Like my dude I would probably be really bummed to find out I missed it on my tour date but I wouldn't take it out in strangers over the internet. It's a cool looking vinyl record. Chill out.
  15. I'll put together a back tonight and upload a video to my instagram. I'll post when its uploaded.
  16. Great surprise. Love these guys. New track rips.
  17. 100% this. Their reaction was atrocious and they harassed the victim so this band sucks on lots of levels.
  18. Goddamnit, I’m such a moron. Hopefully these show up at retail for on Discogs.
  19. Really not the insult you intended it to be. If it’s traffic, there’s not too much movement, therefore not really a safety issue if I or any other, aware, adult were to play in it. One for trying. Look forward to your next post about a really bad Victory band from 2007.
  20. I’m interested in knowing how the record is held in place and what material the backing is made of. For this to be a realistic option the record has to not get damaged by the case
  21. Their fill-in guitarist was a creep. And that's about it.
  22. Enjoyed this but it looks like only the /1100 splatter is still in stock anywhere. Keeping my eyes peeled for an indie or the like.
  23. Ya, S&M never really hit for me, but love their first LP. This first single has me back in on them!
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