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  2. 100% I was blown away by this package. This record shreds too. I feel like this band is overlooked and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but they are damn good at what they do.
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  4. This new pressing is far better than the first one! Wow! I recommend grabbing the yellow black.
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  6. Kinda surprised they didn't press at least 5000 of these.
  7. I picked up the tour/release variant in Toledo last night. Can’t believe my BV variant still hasn’t shipped, which is kind of ridiculous.
  8. Anyone else remember the controversy that was AFI vs Thursday for the look of the liner notes of Sing the Sorrow and this record? That was a fun time. also was 20 years ago
  9. Finally got a chance to listen to the new track and actually went ahead and bought the album. Decided I like B1 more than the Decibel variant. I agree that this is going to be a good record.
  10. I just want the OG recording of From The Depths of Dreams
  11. The Inevitability of a Strange World pleaseeee
  12. Up. Please buy. Prices negotiable. Quick shipping. Email preferred since I don't check here very often, but shout out to all the folks here who have gripped and had good experiences. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DNEuF0r389iczXgKp_CtNheoC3UVcV_3eqt6kAnXINo/edit#gid=0
  13. I tweeted them about it and they DM’d me telling me to email their manager. I did, waited another two weeks and still nothing. So I DM’d them again and they asked for my name, email and order number and now I’m waiting for a response on that.
  14. Actual update: /2500. These will fly, I'm sure. https://fb.watch/nnlIoVKoMR/?mibextid=2nbtrn Link sucks. Here's FB post text: "Interscope Vinyl Collective presents Dr. Dre's – “The Chronic” 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. Individually numbered. Limited to 2,500 units. Alternate black cover with foil printing featuring Chronic green vinyl."
  15. Ohhh I just did a quick search on discogs and only saw the CD versions until I went down further and saw the box sets under Compilations......lol yeah that price....we need a rerelease.
  16. Not sure I'm in for limp bizkit...yet, but I'm in for some salt n pepa! That hip hop50 list is pretty dope!
  17. Title is what it is. Newbury /500 black & double mint. VG+/VG+, sticker residue on shrink wrap (cut to confirm variant and play a handful of times). Can send pictures on request! Asking $160 shipped (Discogs median $157) OBO. If anyone’s looking for this variant and missed the repress drop, HMU!
  18. No one is saying you support it by liking something in the past. But giving that artist money now would be.
  19. 💎NIGHTMARER EXCLUSIVE💎 We are proud to unveil the Meteor Gem exclusive edition of Nightmarer - "Deformity Adrift" This album is the summation of Total Dissonance Worship sound - oppressive monolithic and highly dissonant death metal which is sure to top many lists in 2023 The MG edition features alternate artwork by Matt Lombard on a hand-numbered slipcase - housed inside is the original jacket with red/purple marbled vinyl exclusive to our shop. Only 100 of these exist The first 50 copies contain a corresponding hand-numbered and signed bonus print from Matt Stock is live now in the WEBSTORE and on the shop floor at 3082 N ELSTON AVE this weekend
  20. All three have been pressed on vinyl in the past? I have the OG Malice press and the Mirrors/Controller double set.
  21. That was the feeling I got from the single. Need to listen, but I’ve liked everything they’ve done up to this point. I know a lot of people were meh on the last one, but I loved it.
  22. Just do I am the avalanche so I can move oooonnnnnnn
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