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  2. Safe to say that track is gonna make a lot of us feel much better about this purchase!
  3. I have to agree that this is a stupid pre-order, why not just wait until these are in hand? Doesn’t CCA usually do it that way? Despite my whining, I picked up the DW variant. That End track is top shelf.
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  5. Release date for vinyl is April 2023. Is this a joke? DW already did that with Bloodmoon. I know that the queues for vinyl production are long nowadays and everything but I’m wondering why DW (and CC here) is the only label that put up preorders 10 months ahead of release with all the other labels still 1/2/3 months. This is embarrassing..
  6. Another Newbury Comics press: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/turnover-peripheral_vision_exclusive_lp_mix?variant=41616682778804
  7. Also went with the gold / black. Shipping with Canada was super expensive so I grabbed the 200 Stab Wounds repress at the same time
  8. Was so-so on the first single. This one however, crushes.
  9. $5 per song might be a little steep for me. Maybe I’ll hold out in hopes some variants sit and hit the discount rack and some point.
  10. Why isn’t this a 7”? Cause no one buys them? They literally say one of the Cult Leader tracks is less than 2 minutes. Sounds like it would have fit. Thinking about the white/purple but might wait since it’s /800
  11. Panic purchased the grey whale before I noticed it was a 4 song EP...
  12. https://closedcasketactivities.com/products/end-cult-leader-gather-mourn-preorder
  13. please stop with the lies. you have done this before and not sure why you don't get banned for this. its very dangerous to put out fake news like that.
  14. ✨NEW RELEASES AND PRESSINGS✨ Received some really awesome LP stock over the last couple of days - some is live in the webshop already - the rest will be available starting tomorrow in store only when we open at 11AM 🚨ALWAYS FREE USA SHIPPING OVER $100 🚨UNLIMITED CODE "STACK5" FOR 5% OFF 5 ITEMS 🚨UNLIMITED CODE "STACK10" FOR 10% OFF 10 🚨FIRST-TIME BUYERS USE "RAREMETALS" FOR 10% OFF - ONE TIME CODE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - PICKUP IN CHICAGO - 3082 N ELSTON . . . 💎LATEST ITEMS AVAILABLE HERE💎 Artificial Brain - S/T LP collector variants Egregore - The Word Of His Law LP END - From The Unforgiving Arms Of God 12" restock Executioner's Mask - Winterlong LP distro copies Gravesend - Methods Of Human Disposal LP restock Leviathan - Portrait In Scars / Speed Of Darkness 2xLP Proscription - Conduit LP restock Wode - S/T LP ***IN STORE ONLY*** Norma Jean - Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child 2xLP We also have some brand new shirts from hardcore beaters Sector and Hold My Own
  15. Holy fuck thank you for this suggestion. VC hasn’t looked this clean in years.
  16. Got my /700 copy today, another fat seam split on the top, yay. Matches the seam split on my copy of Full Collapse live I guess.
  17. This may be too late but any chance you still have the moonshake LOZ vinyl?
  18. How valuable is this presumed record? I mean is anyone going to take a flyer on this being the pressing they're looking for when the relevant info is inside the jacket?
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