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  2. Personally, I keep a spreadsheet of all my records and record as much info on each record as I can when I purchase it. Sometimes the details are lost once the item page gets taken down, not everything makes its way onto discogs and then if the info made its way onto a forum there might be 30 pages to comb through. With that said, you literally just wrote a 5+ paragraph essay complaining about a super basic question that gets asked about every record. Not to be condescending, but are you okay?
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  4. Well, I have found some Euro pressings sound better than their US versions. But, yes, they are usually in flimsy covers. So it depends on what you are looking for.
  5. I have considered this so many times in the past ~15 years but simply couldn’t stop. Living in Eastern Europe and having shipping costs almost all the time coming out more than the record itself just makes this whole thing harder. There were times when I had literally 20 usd for food for a week after a pre order drop. But the euphoria by acquiring a personal favorite, a special version or a long sought after gem just fuels the machine.
  6. well, considering they are owned by a company that handles half of the entire worlds vinyl distribution you dont really have a choice but to deal with them. i highly doubt any of this was done on purpose but that doesnt mean they dont need to step it up after the 4th of july sale problems especially. but I still think over dramatic karen is a spot on title for the previous complaints.
  7. We still going to bat for Deep Discount after the July 4th fiasco and fallout?
  8. Yeah, I think there was a lot of hyperbole on this last page or so. We have resident flippers / diddlers who are stuck in their ways, but for the most part I don’t think anyone really cares about inquiries of press numbers. If anything we’re all just annoyed at this point. Quantities are provided upfront when they’re limited, and we have enough people who do a fine job at manipulating the cart quantities to gauge inventory for everyone else. And I don’t want to speak for everyone else, but my peeve with that question really boils down to... who gives a shit? “I just want to know if I should order it soon.” Yes. Yes you should. Always. FOMO is a bitch and it doesn’t take long for newcomers to figure out why. Err on the side of caution and buy the items you desire as soon as you can. That approach has saved my hide way more than I’ve ever felt stung. I can only think of a handful of times I jumped the gun and wanted to cancel an order for a different variant or a better deal, which is almost always amended with a courteous e-mail to the webstore, distro, label, etc. “Not all of us are made out of money. I can’t afford to buy everything I want all the time.” Nor can I. Unless you’re rolling in surplus funds, you learn to establish what takes priority. Be prepared for new pre-orders, cool reissues, and other appealing shit every month. Do your homework on Discogs: anyone who’s been collecting for more than a year is probably sitting on a gem or two that they simply don’t spin all that often, and is now reeling in a surprising amount of money. Use it to offset weeks or months where it feels like you’re just burning through orders to stay afloat. “I’m only asking because I get paid on Friday and I need to know if this will stick around until then.” My favorite. I’m not telling you how to live your life, but if you have to sweat a surprise $30-$100 order that will impact your well-being for the next 1-14 days... realistically, it’s time for a different hobby. With shipping costs on the rise and $30 LPs becoming the norm, sadly, it feels like vinyl has become a luxurious hobby more than ever. I’m not even wealthy, but I consider myself blessed to be able to afford a lot of the stuff this board puts on my radar, in a tight enough window that I seldom miss out. But I would 100% avoid lurking these boards or similar subreddits if I was stuck with a more modest pay or living paycheck to paycheck. Every year it feels like there are more and more orders rolling in. Part of it is attributed to expanding tastes and interests in new bands, but the hobby really is alive and well, and a lot of labels know it. It can be exhausting to keep up with. I know this post probably reads as condescending but it’s coming from a place of honesty and personal experience. tl;dr – buy what you want and buy it now, quantity be damned. But not if it means you’ll have to live off toast and ramen for the next week. I get that it’s nice to know how limited an item is, when possible, especially if you’re a stickler for logging and documenting your collection off of Discogs or whatever. But sometimes you will simply not know how many copies of your latest purchase exist. And I promise you... that is okay. If rarity or resale value is your main drive in owning a physical piece of music – if you have to know you can pencil in a “/200” on your Google Doc, or eventually sell the record for 5x MSRP – then you’re really doing it all wrong.
  9. third album from Young Jesus out August 14th via Saddle Creek - new single is out via all streaming sites. I'm sure a more formal announcement will happen tomorrow. The Whole Is Just There is one of my all time favorite records so I'm very here for this. https://saddle-creek.com/collections/new-releases/products/welcome-to-conceptual-beach Saddle Creek Store Exclusive Purple LP (Limited edition of 100) Purple & white vinyl pressed at GZ Includes lyric insert Includes digital download Indie Store Exclusive Green LP (Limited edition of 150) Available from SC and participating independent stores on 8/14 Green & white marbled vinyl pressed at GZ Includes lyric insert Includes digital download Standard LP: Black vinyl pressed at GZ Includes lyric insert Includes download card
  10. If the post office can easily bend something, it’s getting bent. If it’s hard to bend, still might be getting bent. Shouldn’t be surprising for a Flexi to show up bent, and this format was designed for shit like that so surely it won’t be too hard to flatten out. I’ve gotten plenty of them inside of magazines that wound up bent and stuffed inside my mailbox. Was totally able to play them still and they were just as shitty sounding as every other flexi I received that was shipped in a 7” mailer. how is the song though?
  11. Thanks for this. I ended up preordering once I saw there’s only 36 copies of the “extraterrestrial”’color left.
  12. I just hope Lost in the Sound finally gets a great sounding, problem-free vinyl release. I listened to my sawblade copy the other day and it has its moments of sounding really solid (Emergency Broadcast really benefits from being the cleanest-mixed, too) but the 10" format doesn't do the inside tracks any favors. Haven't listened to my 12" copy in a while, but I remember it being lacking even disregarding the pressing flaws. Honestly, I would love to see LITSOS get re-mixed. It has a unique sound for sure, but it's so muddy so often. There's some fantastic musicianship that gets easily lost in the mix on that album. I finally got around to watching the Twitch stream for that record and the guys/Goldman/Adam were all like "yeah, the mix sounds cool, but, also, it kinda blows" which was both interesting and kind of vindicating to hear after all these years. Edit: Also, webstore has been updated saying that all the streams will be available to rewatch until August 31st. Guess they figured out that not everybody can squeeze a stream into 24 hours.
  13. Mine was shipped out on the 3rd, should have it tomorrow or Friday hopefully!
  14. Adele, Skynyrd, and Billie Eilish $34 shipped! Thanks man!
  15. Dang, very lucky, I reached out on twitter hoping to luck out but no dice haha.
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