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  2. Bullmoose also confirmed black. Do we know if any are going to be blue?
  3. My album rank. A+ Alligator High Violet A Boxer Cherry Tree EP Sleep Well Beast Trouble Will Find Me A- I Am Easy To Find Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers C/C- s/t
  4. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity fuck. Got busy at work and missed the two I was watching. Fuuuuuuuck.
  5. I rearranged the tracklist and cut some stuff. I think it makes for a much tighter record. 1. Quiet Light 2. Oblivions 3. You Had Your Soul With You 4. The Pull Of You 5. Hey Rosey 6. I Am Easy To Find 7. Not in Kansas 8. So Far So Fast 9. Hairpin Turns 10. Rylan 11. Light Years I did enjoy this record, but I'm pretty positive they are my favorite band and probably have been for longer than any other band I've loved in my life, so I'm being a bit of a homer here. I guess this is a weaker album from them, but everything but s/t is an 'A' record (either A+, A or A-). So I guess this is A-?
  6. Hope everyone’s staying safe!!! wanted to give IAETF another chance, going in with a positive [email protected] the interludes the best, as superfluous - I would kindly describe them as obnoxious, but potato / Granny Smith apple-o popped on the album at work, didn’t make it past Were Not In Kansas anymore / the lullaby song since I started to fall asleep at my desk I think the album would have garnered more traction with me if the interludes were Matt’s brother Tom eating hotdogs while doing a spoken word rap into his cell phone microphone. The title for the interludes Uncle Beefer #1 and #2 respectively
  7. So tempted to grab Southern Weather by The Almost. If this boooooolsh*t didn't make me lose both my jobs I'd definitely jump on it.
  8. My rankings are going to piss people off. They're my favorite band. They're all good albums but every ladder has a bottom rung. Alligator Boxer I Am Easy To Find High Violet Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers Trouble Will Find Me The National Sleep Well Beast
  9. Work's been dry for months here and anything that was in the pipeline just vanished understandably, so really am out of the job and broke. But I'm not going to let that get me down! I've made a video with comedian/actor Matt Lucas to help raise awareness for the Feed NHS campaign here in the UK. It's a silly song from, like, a 90s TV show and Matt asked me to put some visuals to it and a few sleepless nights later and we just released it a few hours ago. You don't have to donate, just hope it can bring some joy. Stay healthy.
  10. It's weird, definitely vinyl that's not showing up under the Solid State link...Norma Jean, TDWP...
  11. Well. I ordered the super duper bundle with the box set & all the other formats...should be arriving next week now per the tracking.
  12. 25% everything in stock. Might be a good time to pick up some of the recent releases if you've been on the fence: https://solidstate.merchnow.com/ https://toothandnailrecords.merchnow.com/ Quick link to just the vinyl section: https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/bycode?code=LP https://toothandnailrecords.merchnow.com/products/bycode?code=LP
  13. I guess it's that time again for the good ol' ranking of the albums. Here's mine: Trouble Will Find Me Alligator Boxer High Violet Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers Sleep Well Beast The National I Am Easy to Find
  14. Today
  15. Yeah really not smart to throw to throw a good sale while the warehouse is going to be closed for awhile. Not going to see anything for months probably. But honestly that's business as usual with merchnow.
  16. I still think the band that wrote and recorded Sleep Well Beast and IAETF is the best version of this band. SWB is my favorite overall National record, all nostalgia put aside and looking at how well written the songs are and how live and warm the band sounds (despite the music itself being colder), and IAETF is almost to that same level for me but the superfluous interludes knock it down a peg. If we’re talking nostalgia and most impact, Cherry Tree/Alligator/Boxer is my premium National period. Each subsequent release in that stretch took my breath away a little bit and re-defined what they were capable of. Self titled is their only meh album for me.
  17. Have you heard of this program? https://www.usbgfoundation.org/beap My sister-in-law is also a bartender and my wife was helping her apply for that last week. I know Jameson donated a shit ton of money to it. I don't know a ton about it but figured it was worth mentioning to you. Might be worth looking into. Also if you're looking to sell that Chance album for much closer to what you paid for it, I'd gladly take it off you hands!
  18. Ya it's hand-numbered GNV FLA's with screen printed glow in the dark covers. Easy pass. On sale Friday morning at noon EST if anyone is interested tho.
  19. Good. I would have hope they're smarter than releasing something so big during a time like this and I know the band has total control over this stuff.
  20. Wow, this worked two days later. Color me surprised! Thanks
  21. I’d be shocked if any summer tours occur with COVID maybe a fall tour - they should bring back Songs from SSFDL
  22. If a summer tour happens, I really hope they pull out some rarities. B-sides and outtakes need to be played more. Y’all Saint and Driver Surprise Me need to come back.
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