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  2. I first heard Dreamhouse because the guy who runs Dark Descent Records (home of Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation, and other OSDM revival stuff that rules) was posting something about it, and all of the trv3 kvlt kydz were losing their fucking minds over this band not being "real metal" in the comments. I want to say it was a Pitchfork article, I'm not even sure if the whole album had come out yet. But I 1000% remember exactly where i was and what i was doing when I heard that first major chord come in under the blastbeats, and i was like "What the FUCK is this!!!!!" I was hooked instantly. Fuck the trends. Fuck the trv3 kvlt losers. I still love Darkthrone and Emperor and Entombed and I love Deafheaven and Phish and the Grateful Dead too. Fuck all of the boundaries and rules. Music rules.
  3. 3 songs actually, per discord! The clips were great, and there were tapers at the show so we'll get to hear them in a couple days!
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  5. 2 new tracks debuted tonight. Lines up with a Belgian article that recently mentioned a new album in September. The video clips I heard were glorious… but I also say this as someone who’s really happy with their last album, and isn’t even remotely tired of them covering the same ground they do so well. Bits of the percussion and flow at a few parts were giving me major DMST vibes. Which is a good thing.
  6. Yeah, I was shocked how quickly I got mine yesterday. Also, quite hefty.
  7. Yesterday
  8. The Fever Haze (members of Greet Death) have a new song up/album up for preorder. The Fever Haze - Moonbow
  9. New variant went up earlier this week - https://bornlosersrecords.com/products/anthony-green-boom-done-clear-w-yellow-swirl-vinyl-alt-artwork
  10. This came across my feed on socials as being shoegaze/dreampop adjacent and I have been obsessed with it. It's dubbed "left-field pop" and it's all kinds of wonderful. Their whole catalog is just so good so far. Melting Moment – Light in the Attic
  11. 1 Year later bump with lots of new updates! Every US release of Vinyl, CDs, and Tapes put out by Circa Survive and the members' side projects, along with some of the releases from Brendan, Colin, and Nick's first bands Updated Feb '24 - Circa Survive - Juturna & OLG represses & tapes, Two Minutes To Late Night Touche Split, Violent Waves represses, and Blue Sky Noises represses TSOAF - Apeshit Handpainted Tape, Live In Philadelphia VHS & Both vinyl covers, Tiger & Lover represses, L.S. Dunes - Past Lives - Tangerine, Purple Haze, Deluxe variants, and Benadryl Subreddit 7" Taken - Journey towards a Rising Sun CD, and Carry Us Until There Is Nothing Left Tape Thoughts & Prayers - Tape The HIRS Collective - We're Still Here Anthony Green - Boom. Done. Alternate jacket represses, Young Legs represses , and Avalon Remix CD Saosin - Translating The Name represses, Tapes, and 2nd Edition CD
  12. Pulled trigger and bought tickets for the Chicago show at the empty bottle
  13. First show of 2024 last weekend. Caught SUMAC with Scarcity and Forbes Grahm at Arts at the Armory in Boston*. Forbes Grahm was cool; not really my thing, but I can appreciate anyone creating their own thing. Seemed like some free jazz type stuff on the trumpet, but run through some number of filters (I'm presuming ProTools or something, based on the two-Macbook setup on the stage) and effects. Definitely seemed like the kind of unexpected weird that Aaron Turner loves, so it made sense. Scarcity played almost entirely new material from a record that Brendon Randall-Myers confirmed will be releasing sometime later this summer through The Flenser. They're a full band now, and the new songs sound pretty badass. I wish they'd played more from Aveilut, but apparently according to BRM, those songs are insanely hard to translate live. They did close their set with the "III" movement, which was cool. SUMAC was fantastic. Loud as hell, all three of them appeared to be really having a blast playing. They're getting even more improvisational/noisy these days; I'd estimate that at least 50% of their set was unidentifiable from anything they've recorded.
  14. Didn't see anything else in thread about this; GLASSING has a new record coming out in April. Looks like a number of different variants are available through a couple different merch stores. Sounds like this one is going to be a ripper.
  15. You're prolly right about the rights bit. This is Clutch's 3rd in their Collectors series. They're pressed in a limited number on their own label Weathermaker. They usually reimagine the artwork by one of the members. I can only imagine these will eventually be reissued properly from Eastwest records
  16. unrelated but they're selling the Bleed American CD for $5? Just give it away at that point haha
  17. Last week
  18. Besides Infinite Granite, Sunbather is the only album of theirs I 100% get behind. It's so effing good. When they were first gaining notoriety upon it's release, I kind of fell in with the collective opinions of my friends who were "too kvlt to listen to Deafheaven" and how it was "Pitchfork metal", etc, etc. Then one day on my Tumblr feed I saw this meme, and found out it was a quote from Sunbather, so I HAD to give it a listen. Honestly, fuck my friends opinions on that one hahaha.
  19. It’s still a genuinely great track (and album), too. I know Sunbather wasn’t the very first album to merge black metal and shoegaze, but I think it was the first to do so with as much success as it saw. It really put that sound on the map and kicked the door off its hinges for more “blackgaze” bands to enter the scene. Sometimes I think back to this thread and all the VCers being hyped over the album’s teaser trailer, and singles as they dropped. Such a rad time to be a part of the forums and collectively gush about the record, especially when POs went live. I think they included immediately downloads for the entire album ahead of the release date. I remember everyone being pretty stoked on the first listen and [rightfully] circle-jerking the album in this thread. Really good times. Somehow can’t believe it was a whole decade ago… while also, simultaneously, feeling it was even longer. A lifetime ago.
  20. I can remember before the album came out listening to ‘Dream House’ and my jaw dropped. Pretty remarkable at the time.
  21. I bought sunbather without listening to it first just after the initial hype of the album, and I listened to it a dozen times on 33.3 blown away by how heavy and sludgy it was until I realized it was pressed at 45. I ended up taking uncompressed WAVs of the album and making FLACs of it slowed down to match playing it at 33.3.
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