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  2. My Shining 7 inches arrived with some weird cut marks in the covers, has anyone had the same thing?
  3. i think the digital download is gonna be tied to the release date for the vinyl, which is dumb
  4. Upon looking at the Instagram photos Dog Knights Posted, at least part of this will contain songs from the Collections 1 comp. At the very least I can positively identify track 9 (Sepulcher) and at least one of the songs that was on the Middle-Man Records compilation "Sordid States v2". Unsure as to whether this will be only Collections 1 or will be something more; will remain to be seen. Will buy it regardless.
  5. This is still planned. UMG confirmed it with an announcement of a new deal working with the Bowie estate. Apparently a stand alone release of the unreleased Toy LP is also planned. Apparently reviewers have official copies.
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  7. Preorder for the new Soup album, Visions, are supposedly going up on Friday.
  8. Didn’t realize Bandcamp did pledges, but I love this album and am stoked to maybe own it in vinyl. Kinda Being There Wilco vibes. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing. https://hallelujahthehills.bandcamp.com/campaign/im-you-2019
  9. Ordered from Evil greed (to Canada, but still...) I'm still waiting. I emailed to ask about it last week, here is the response: "thank you for reaching out. We just received our first delivery of 'SHELLSTAR - CLOUDLY BLUE' vinyl variant. As we will ship orders chronological we will do our best to bring your order as soon as possible on its way. We do hope to receive our second delivery of our copies soon and will hopefully be able to send all pending orders soon. Thank you so much for your patience."
  10. Very nice. Where’d you end up seeing Demonic? Didn’t realize it was out anywhere yet. Same with Prisoners of the Ghostland
  11. Does anyone in Europe is still waiting to receive their Shellstar pressing? I ordered mine via Evil Greed. Some friends received their copy already, and they ordered a copy via EG as well, and I still waiting for mine...
  12. New COCONUT PLANTERS album "Upset Hopes" pre-order up https://flamingorecords.bandcamp.com/album/coconut-planters-upset-hopes
  13. I remember I sold my white copy for a bunch of money and then bought the seafoam repress and sold that for a bunch too. Never cared for them much after YFW but they've made me money.
  14. Messaged, have a number of Modest Mouse TPs and always looking for more.
  15. Subways On The Sun - The Honeymoon Stagecoach lathe cut vinyl pre-order. Featuring members of Fair (Tooth & Nail records) FFO: Death Cab For Cutie, Copeland, Mae, Jimmy Eat World Pre-order is only live from 9/13 -9/27. wrcvinyl.bigcartel.com Packages include: clothing, photos, photo book, etc.
  16. iPhone 8 plus, "tough" case, not just a skin or plastic cover. Got it for a Christmas present, and then my daughter's phone died last week, and she got a X to replace it. New, from Redbubble, will heavily discount. Please message me for pictures.
  17. Seems like The Nick is the defacto post-Fest late night hang spot. Looking forward to it!
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  19. Will be trying to get if I don't forget. Really cherish the vinyl copy of Late Night Cinema I have. Love BSBD.
  20. I'd be down for The Hammering Process and Liberate. I'll stand by my original 3 guesses: Norma Jean "Bless the Martyr..." He Is Legend "I Am Hollywood" The Chariot "Wars and Rumors of Wars" Either way, whatever UO Vinyl is teasing I do hope these see a wider release aside from a "fest" edition if that's what these are.
  21. Evan, I would have been totally shocked if you liked the new Tacoma album, that's why I never recommended to you over on IG where we usually share shoegazey stuff. Tool, Meniscus, Maserati, Isis are not bands I remember you liking or talking up .... and the SMW here and there I think Gumbo and I are hearing would not be enough to pull this record into your orbit. Re: Ranges, I have tried tried tried too, and love what they are doing at A1KA, but it's all generic to me. What I really want to do still... is take some tracks like Gathering or Desperdecio Pt 1. and be able to
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