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    We don’t tolerate transphobic racism on this board sir.
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    Cut myself on this post
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    The Autograph Thread

    My wildest dreams came true last night, and I got these fully signed by MBV. I can't think of anything I'd rather have autographed. Even crazier is that afterwards Debbie and Colm had me come down into their green room (except it was black ), got me a beer, and let me hang around with them (the whole band, Kevin and Bilinda too). Being around Kevin especially was surreal. After saying how I loved the show so much I'd drive 7 hours to their Chicago shows this weekend, Debbie put me on the guest list. Headed there tomorrow morning for more mind melting sonic waves this weekend. Someone pinch me.
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    For the love of god delete this thread
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    Haven’t ordered from $RC in years, so I say this with unbiased salt, as far as this release is concerned – What a fucking shithole of a company.
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    Why guilty pleasures? They're stellar albums, especially Parachutes.
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    I noticed posts on this site referring to my store and preorders for the upcoming Misfits Famous Monsters release through MOV and wanted to address any concerns you may have. I have sourced only color vinyl direct from the EU and will received 350 copies of this release. As of this writing I have presold 240 copies in my store and 49 on eBay so I have not oversold my inventory and would never do so. Please do not consider my post a solicitation, I just wanted to address the concerns that I noticed here. Thank you very much for your time and considerations. I appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns on this venue.
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    They are based in my hometown. I should go and knock down some doors.
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    bahaha gotta drop off this spicy meatball quick before everyone just gets a black or clear copy through the boxset
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    I will shut this thread down as retaliation for Rick and Morty being ruined by the very vocal minority of "screaming at McDonald's employees" fans.
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    My alter ego is likely responsible for the deep shame you're feeling. But fear not, for I too am gay for Parachutes and Rush Of Blood.
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    [Whatever the next brain would be] Never listening to the album and flipping your variant for a cool $5 profit
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    Really just raw-doggin' you, eh? Just getting its Alk3 penis all up inside your savings account's unwilling vagina? Really fucking it against it's will? Just jamming it in there despite it's protests? Yup, sounds like rape to me.
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    Here's to $7 copies on amazon again
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    You can’t re-release the same albums in another boxset down the line if you wait for the band to break up. Gotta cash in multiple times on completionist vinyl collectors. Also, hopefully this band stops putting out new albums and this does in fact become the complete studio works boxset.
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    PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    Bugs me every time I pull out that sweet hardcover book to read it front to back.
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    The only album that really matters
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    [PO] Pusha T-Daytona

    If you know you know.
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    [Transcendetal Brain.png] Giving a listen to a leak after 1 decent and 1 mediocre single, to ensure your $30 isn’t locked into a lackluster Relapse pre-order.
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    [Galaxy brain] Waiting to listen to an album until you have the record in hand
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    Haha yeah dude vinyl is no old man’s game it’s like nut up or shut up lol just shell out that $30 for an LP or get the fuck out of here lmao can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen you know what I mean haha fucking casuals dude probably not even down to pay $40 in 2020 what a joke when did everyone get to be so cheap holy shit
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    I’m hoping for some Sharks Keep Moving and State Route 522.
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    This. let's talk about botch and these arms are snakes reunions.
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