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    VC board member spends so much on records they get into argument with spouse, walk into greeting card shop to buy apology card and instead walk out with three Hallmark cards bundled with shiny 7” singles. That sounds about right...
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    I’ve found you can fit much more music onto a 12” than a 7”. I wonder why that is, since they’re both just as thick?
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    An even easier pass than that time I ate a Big Mac and a bag of prunes.
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    Amazon Bullmoose No indication that it's limited yet, I'll update the OP as more info surfaces.
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    pizza face

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    RSD is hilarious. I remember when Deja Entendu was released there were two people fighting over the last one right in front of me (one of them claimed to have wanted it for his collection and the other was an old dude that obviously wanted to flip it). They kept yanking on it back & forth until it fell and I scooped it up. They were arguing with each other so much that I don't even think they realized it dropped.
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    Wax mage does shit like this all the time. Follow them on social media and you can eventually get a similar looking variant with music that doesn’t suck on it.
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    Lydia - Illuminate

    I’ve already bought my ticket. 5% chance I end up not being able to go cause of work. But if you guys want to grab a vinyl add on in my name I can pick up for you. I believe I can proxy for up to 6 people.
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    I’m holding off for the “Big Mac/Bag of Prunes Bowel Movement” black.
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    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    If Nothing could sing in a live setting or at least press the headphone jack the rest of the way in while mastering their albums, they could maybe get away with being Slow Crush.
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    I don't like music anymore

    Everyone should dig into Talking Heads and REM's discographies. No one should listen to Phish.
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    I don't like music anymore

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    Mogwai now is as good or better than Mogwai 15 years ago. Every Country's Sun is amazing. I get what @holyvacantsholyhell was saying. The last couple Mono records felt rushed and on repeat mode. Bands like Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Caspian have all changed their sound up on recent records, and it's been for the better. You can only listen to so many twinkly crescendo post-rock albums... That said, my buddy was in the studio with Mono when they recorded this and said the record sounds very different and energizing compared to what they've recently done. I think the line-up change has been a key part of that.
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    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    So deepdiscount has these for like $18 and they currently have a 15% off coupon so that makes them under $16...
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    lol sorry I got bored of a band doing the same shit over and over? I had the same problem with explosions in the sky until the wilderness came out, and it seems like they were aware of it themselves given that they took 5 years to record and release it after their last boring ass retread of the same sound they’d been doing for a decade. I have a problem with homogeneous music that is just repeating and retreading old ground, and if Mono’s output since Hymn doesnt exemplify that sentiment to a T, idk what does. Mogwai has been boring as shit for a decade too, same ass problem. Sigur ros’s comeback album valtari was the same deal until they released Kveikur. I’m not bitching for the fun of it, I’m discussing music on a message board about music. Sorry I dont contribute to your echo chamber in an approved manner.
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    But like also...maybe he wasn't in the first 30
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    I think there is a world of difference between Lateralus and 10,000 Days. Like it sounds like the band Tool. They have their own sonic identity. That's ok. I don't want them to put out an album where they suddenly sound like Simon & Garfunkel or Nirvana or anyone else. I want them to sound like them. But the attitude and sonics in general between those albums is very different. To me its different between all the albums. People liked to say that Tool keep putting out the same 7 songs every 5 years (back when that used to be the approximate interval unlike it is today) but I think those people just didn't understand or have the tolerance or sensitivity for the consistency of the Tool sonic identity. They play the way they play and to most people it sounds monotonous from album to album but to me I can hear the very distinct separation between each album's own identity. I have a strong feeling this album will be different in that very same way. Maybe that's a subtlety that is too minute for a lot of people to detect but that's likely how its gong to be. I feel like 10,000 Days may be their weakest effort for me personally so I do hope they come back and kick my ass but who knows. I'd rather they stick to their guns and feel comfortable in their artistry than to put out their own Villains or ....Like Clockwork.
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    New pressing of Newborn Sun http://merchnow.com/products/v2/277945/newborn-sun-transparent-purple
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    What a story!
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    Fuck off....I mean who cares why some one bought a record. Does not make it ok to change what is being sold.
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    So let's see...you guys bought it because you wanted gold right? Noooo..it was because you thought you were sitting on a gold mine by getting one of 500? Not saying what they did was right, but do you guys actually listen to the music or just put the records away because you think you're gonna make money off them one of these days?
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    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

    Had been holding off on this, went ahead and picked up a 2008 Capitol Vaults copy for $17 on discogs instead. If you're in this for the music itself and not "OMG the colorzzzz" I'd suggest voting with your wallet, otherwise people will keep putting out subpar releases/mixes like this.
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    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Ye slaps though. I love it.
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