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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    mpitts: "PM me, do not comment on this thread" everyone else: "fuck you i'm commenting on this thread"
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    Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated (5/17)

    Never feel guilty about any music you listen to & artists/bands you love. Ain’t no shame.
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    Hello all! Here's our annual RSD thread! RSD is here a week early for some odd reason but the other details are the same as always. Both shops are open 8am to 8pm and we'll have hundreds of RSD exclusive releases on hand as always and a few really cool things to give away. First; we've got a test pressing for the Green Day "Woodstock 1994" LP to raffle off. All you have to do to enter is buy a copy of the regular Woodstock LP from us and we'll pick a winner Monday the 15th! It is currently not autographed by anyone but we're hoping to get that changed before RSD. Secondly; we've got a Mastodon test press for their RSD release! Same rules apply as the Green Day give away and a winner will be contacted Monday the 15th THIRDLY!; The first 100 people in line in at either location will be signed up for a raffle to win a $100 gift certificate. Winners will be contacted Monday the 15th. FOURTHLY!!!; This isn't a giveaway but our next door neighbor Tacos Oscar will be open early for brunch/lunch so bring your appetites. If you haven't been to his place we can't recommend it enough. Check out this MASSIVE spread he got in the SF chronicle! https://www.sfchronicle.com/food/article/Tacos-Oscar-s-unlikely-road-to-success-in-13450091.php Oh and of course the first person in line at either location gets 5 minutes in the shop alone from 7:55am to 8am! IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR OUR LEFTOVERS Leftovers will be up at http://1234gorecords.com at 5am PST on Sunday the 14th. You'll find the RSD pages under the mail order tab right at the top. We are now running this out of a squarespace store instead of our janky old webstore so you can use credit cards or paypal if you like. We tested this out on Black Friday and it worked like a dream. Processing time on the orders was greatly reduced as well so we're faster than ever! Rules of the mail order road, please and thank you. 1. Please try to condense everything you want in to one order. We can try to combine orders if you place two but we may also miss it because we're processing hundreds of orders in a very short amount of time. 2. PLEEEEEEEASE don't place an order, freak out that you might not get something, order from some place else and then cancel with us. That's such a bummer. The inventory in our store should be accurate. If it's still up in the store, we still have stock. If we experience an oversell on something we will be in touch ASAP but that didn't happen more than a handful of times last year out of hundreds of orders. 3. If you have questions about an order, Please email [email protected] We won't be doing customer service stuff in this thread or even checking it that often as we'll be working like crazy to get your orders out in a timely manner. Finally, Know we love you and are working very hard to get your orders out as quickly as possible. Also know that it's two people working on this and we aren't Amazon so while it will go quickly it won't be same day shipping. Last year I think we got everything out withing 5 or 6 days total. You will recieve an email from us when your order ships with your tracking info in it the second it ships. Squarespace and our shipping software are really great about this. Overall we've got a pretty great reputation around these parts for the most part I think so don't be scurred. We're going to take care of you and it's going to be great. Thanks everyone! You guys really make the dream work for us post RSD and it's greatly appreciated!
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    It needs to be asked: are you partially employed by SRC or something? It’s like clockwork. Is there any reason you consistently post their links instead of non-shitty webstores like Bull Moose, for example? I don’t count myself as a TBS fan, but did a cursory look over at BM and found Louder Now for $18 and change. Free shipping over $30. Won’t charge until shipped. Won’t play games or hold your funds hostage if you need to cancel. Issues reward points. Why wouldn’t you support them? Knock off the SRC shilling – you’re making me associate disgust with Workaholics and I don’t need that.
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    Next pressing in queue Blue vinyl http://www.earthanalogrecords.com/dih-vinyl/
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    PO: BARONESS - Is It Foo Fighters?

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    Convinced you all do more extensive writing on these forums than ever done in college/school. It’s a vinyl online record forum. Ain’t that deep.
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    For me it's Self Titled > Self Titled > Self Titled
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    Metal Mike

    PO: BARONESS - Is It Foo Fighters?

    I was gonna pop in here to say I really enjoyed seeing them Saturday, but...
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    You really can’t get anymore mono than only one side worth of the intended band’s music...
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    Man, I sure hope that one dude was able to call so they could order a copy.
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    Big ups to @impact doing god's work here, by the way.
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    Thank you! I really appreciate the concern and you and your wife looking out for us A definite lessons learned - sound checks 4 LIFE! No matter what! x
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    haven't been on VC in awhile. just read this whole thread and had a wave of emotions. IMMENSELY appreciate all the support y'all have given us over the years. there were certainly hiccups in the transition to Awesome Merch. Overall, they're still a very new, small staff here in the US. But they handle our UK and Europe mail order and customer service EXCELLENTLY over in Leeds, so we're confident that we'll get this right together over time once they bring in more staff. We did pull the plug on the sub for 2019, yes, because it became apparent we'd be doing a huge disservice to everyone who purchased it by not having our mail order in tip top shape. We've been a label for thirteen years now, and done our own mail order out of our own space for the first twelve of those. So this is a HUGE change for us. There's some TLC that we and @MyEnemy used to be able to provide—we'd recognize names, start to know what certain people liked, threw in freebies and extras that we knew would be relevant to YOUR tastes, etc. Eventually though, rent costs to warehouse all of our inventory in San Diego just got really outrageous over the course of the few years since we relocated there. We couldn't justify doing it ourselves anymore when weighing the costs. So a few really difficult decisions were made. With this transition, a lot of the more personalized touches are gone—for now. In the meantime, I'm trying to come up with things we can be doing to replace that experience. If you've ordered from us recently, you've hopefully noticed our free swag game is really good right now (and not just throwaway bullshit—like actual free vinyl and pins and stickers, and CDs, etc.)!! Once the staff at Awesome gets more acquainted with our catalog, our customers, how we do things, etc. I think things will smooth out and we'll maybe revisit the sub idea. But all the same, thanks for riding this little experiment out with us to the end. As a more general update, outsourcing our mail order (and thus de-anchoring Topshelf to any set physical space), allowed us all to pursue different things in our personal lives. I've since moved to Portland, OR, Seth has moved up to LA, Danielle has moved on to work for Marathon Artists in LA and we've hired two new employees: Sofi Padilla in LA and Will Osiecki in Seattle. The little Boston-based label you remember from years ago is now spread out down the whole west coast lol! Combined with the Awesome Merch thing, this is a HUGE shift for us. With a lot of new blood in the fold, there's a lot of new ideas and energy, but also, a lot for Seth and I to teach and instill before I feel like we are off and running again on all cylinders. I think it's an exceptionally volatile time to be running an independent label that relies heavily on selling physical media so, again, thank you for any modicum of support you have given us to this point. It's hugely appreciated!! While there is no sub, I wanted to let you know about some of our upcoming 2019 titles. What I am most excited about is that Topshelf is an extension of Seth and I's music tastes over the years—but also the people who we have worked with as well. Our tastes and interests have evolved just like anyone elses. This year more than any other I think will be reflective of that in what we release. There are no rules!!!!!! Here's some of what you can expect from us: Bellows - "The Rose Gardener" Elephant Gym - "Underwater" Ratboys - LP3 Queen of Jeans - LP2 Another Michael - LP1 Alfred. - "Like You!!" Field Mouse - LP3 No Vacation - EP Us and Us Only - EP Mid-Air Thief - "Crumbling" and everything else is TBA for now ❤️ If any of y'all ever wanna hit me up about anything directly—a mail order problem or anything, really: kevin at topshelfrecords dot com. 🙏
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    Bars of gold

    New BOG record slays. John Gaviglio is in the band now, so it's basically just Bear Vs Shark.
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    I agree and disagree here. Sure they could make more, but isn’t the limited nature what makes it fun for most of people who love RSD? People look forward to camping out, making lists, taking friends and meeting nee people in line and seeing what they get. If everyone knew they could get everything they wanted, would they still care about RSD and these releases? Or say “$40 for a 20 year old soundtrack? Ill wait til its on clearance on Amazon..” At the end of the day, most all of this music can be heard practically free through streaming or buying a used cd for $2(no one listens to ONLY vinyl)..but exclusive limited vinyl is what makes this fun. Its an impulsive, irresponsible, anxious, frustrating, and hopefully really satisfying day for people to share. And its fun to miss something limited and have a new “grail” to seek out or trade for.
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    I've got a mate who is the same, I was talking to him about White Silence and how awesome it was and he said "I loved Cave In" then I played him Serpents and his face was priceless so you're not alone. I mean you're WRONG but you're not alone.
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    You can have personal inquiries, but why not just shoot the dude a DM and ask him directly instead of calling him out? Clearly a lot of people have personal beef with SRC, and them saying so isn't a problem at all. Hell, nobody ever goes to their defense or anything, I just don't like seeing users like @ckraus333 start to get dogpiled for sharing some quick info and a link in a thread that otherwise would've dropped off in a day or so. We all have problems with certain labels/bands/artists/even users, but it doesn't need to be brought up constantly. I don't support Hopeless Records anymore because they work with absolute pieces of shit like Adam Fox, but I don't mention that in every Hopeless release thread lol. Edit: for the record I have no idea if this is the same guy from that charity comp. Heard from a trusted friend who got ripped off by the Adam Fox who used to slum it on these boards that he worked with Hopeless on some stuff. I or he could be mistaken and mixing them up, either way those of you who have been here long enough know exactly who I'm talking about, fuck that dude.
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    Welp, Mondo's gonna do the Marvel soundtracks on vinyl it seems. https://ew.com/music/2019/04/22/marvel-movie-soundtracks-mondo-vinyl-ant-man-and-the-wasp/?fbclid=IwAR3PvC-0oE6VDgcSj4UQOnMX0DQsE3hu0zVyT-sPNxxiLWPIJct3eeSrr1g
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    Sumerian Records - Big Sale & Represses

    Each mailer is painstakingly crafted by hand to the exact measurements of each person’s individual order. Then the mailers are shipped from the North Pole to the warehouse where they are packed up with extra care and lots of love. It really is a heartwarming process. Totally worth $10-$16 dollars.
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    PO Now: Flying Lotus - Flamagra

    1 month should be the norm for 2019. Its silly thats theres still 3-4 month pre-orders anymore. We don't need to know its in production and then wait through it. Just make it, then sell it.
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    sent em an offer for a penny above retail, thought that was a solid enough getup for typing it up on discogs marketplace
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    got my 2 year old daughter fixing the colourless issue https://www.reddit.com/r/dancegavindance/comments/b61up7/a_way_to_get_colour_on_my_colour_pop_vinyl/
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    Pretty unimpressed with all the online retailers trying to sneak their previous RSD titles in at full markup under the 2019 banner. There should be a tightening of the rules that disallows that. Any good store would have blown-out those previous years' titles by now tbh.
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    i just talked to the guys in the band and they said that the Max Payne 3 soundtrack is coming out on vinyl later this year, they’re just waiting on Rockstar to get things finalized.
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    This happens every year. People can’t control themselves and panic buy. Almost all RSD titles will be available for MSRP in a few hours. I’ve never missed out on something I really wanted. Patience is the name of the game.
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    https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/ An early shout for these guys, who are displaying their stock levels although they don't go online until tomorrow at 8am EST. Plenty of copies of The Crow.
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    I got 4 out of 5 wants so I consider myself lucky since I was so far back in line. Just gotta find a Weezer Dusty Gems. Oh and the manager of my shop said he didn’t order any of the 3”s. He said “they require buying the little player. Fuck that.” Kudos to him.
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    PO: BARONESS - Is It Foo Fighters?

    EVERYBODY PILE ON BARONESS!! AKA Nickelback lite hurr durrr! Are people seriously preordering this band's albums and complaining over the new singles 7 YEARS after Yellow & Green came out?? That's rich! Also, suckers! Or maybe flippers... Hah. Haters coming out the woodwork to blast a band that has only gotten more popular with every release. Love it, and I guess that's to be expected. Baroness rules. Comparing them to the Foo Fighters is hilarious btw. Also, I don't think the band has lost anything with regards to complexity ('Seasons' for example). The rhythm section is tight as a mug, and the new female guitarist shreds. Bring on the hate.
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    received our copies and updated the product listing to reflect the actual colour vs. mockup
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    Lol this thread is about Static-X.
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    [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells

    Hi there, this is Isa - Slow Crush's singer. Firstly, I want to apologize for yesterday's show. Lack of sleep had taken it's toll last night and we let it get the better of us. For that, we are truly sorry. We were the only band who didn't have the liberty to sound check, which is crucial for us. Due to this, the balance on stage was far from ideal but we tried our best to battle through. On top of that, Jelle's bridge turned chainsaw on us, gradually ripping his strings throughout each song making them unravel and impossible to keep in tune. Vocal volume is always a challenge, especially without a sound check but that is also part and parcel with our music - vocals as an additional instrument layer rather than sitting way on top of everything. To get things straight, all Jelle said after you informed me about the vocals being too quiet was "çava, Isa?" which translates to "you ok, Isa?" to which I confirmed that I was. That was all that was said. Nothing more, nothing less. Again, we're really sorry to you and everyone at the show in Oakland last night to have caught us on that downer and promise to make it up to you next time. Isa
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    I don't know if you can get more opposite than this 🤣
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    Update... Zao has recieved a test press
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    You guys definitely make the dream work for a lot of us post RSD as well!
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    Okay now this is a legit April Fools joke.
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    PO: Title Fight - Shed

    This band should come back.
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    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    $30 Amoeba Credit for $14.40 w/ Code "SPRING" (Groupon Deal)
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    I've successfully entered my thirties and still listen to complete garbage 😎
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    Here's a picture of the Newbury variant. Haven't seen it shared yet. Edit: finally got the image to embed.
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    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    Sucks that happened but is the printed inner ok?
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    PO: BARONESS - Is It Foo Fighters?

    Don’t worry, I’ll tag you when all of the super important “just got a shipping confirmation!” posts start up.
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    PO for 2xLP & Bundles & More: https://shop.silversunpickups.com/collections/featured?utm_campaign=pre-order%2Fsave+the+new+album+widow's+weeds+here!&utm_medium=socials&utm_source=linktree
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    Any bread bakers?

    The one thread you really want to see rise.
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    Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again
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    Relax dude, he's just sharing a link to a new repress on a record collecting forum. Juan and I moderate this whole goddamn forum and don't get paid for it, you think the dude who's posting links every other month is on their payroll? They could just blast the boards with ads for free instead lol
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