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    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    Here's an artist's rendering of this set.
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    Someone call theduke and make sure he is ok.
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    PO NOW: Snail Mail - Lush LP

    They don't call it snail mail for no reason, amirite?
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    Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue

    fuuuuck man. come on. we have been over this. it is one guy mailing out hundreds of records. i got mine last week. my buddy who ordered the same day hasnt gotten tracking yet. it will come. be patient and so help me god if you email matt to ask about this i will come and murder your family. HAVE PATIENCE
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    “This is the spot where my favorite rock ’n’ roll found its snot, where the tossed-away found a place to get untossed,” Beach Slang frontman and songwriter James Alex says Why? Every time this shit.
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    PO: Better Oblivion Community Center

    Imagine having a username like lickmydoo125 and assuming anyone would ever take your opinion seriously.
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    I would grade it VG~.
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    I treat it like an eyelash. Make a wish on it...duh
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    just going to leave this here:
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    I'll take a full remastering (other than the Chris Bellman cut of Lateralus) of all the albums pressed on plain boring black vinyl, please.
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    This just made me laugh out loud, which caused my sleeping baby to stir and my wife to shush me.
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    Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue

    i just emailed matt and told him to send me your copy. sorry dude.
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    I'd classify them the same way since both are used to cover things they're ashamed of.
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    Pretty bummed out this isn't a Cowboy Bebop tribute band.
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    I thought it was Saturday. Fuck.
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    PO: Better Oblivion Community Center

    It's January.
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    I want "Simple and Clean".
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    Haha. Fuck right off, dude. One online publication doesn’t get to corner an opinion on music. “Welp Pitchfork loves the record so I guess I gotta’ hate on it otherwise I’m a drone.” Do people really think like this? You are aware that people are allowed to form and adhere to their own perceptions of an album, right? AF is weak af because James’ vocals melodies and delivery are forgettable, lyrics are grossly basic and teeter on cringe, and the entire thing flows in one ear and out the other barring 3 or so highlights. This conclusion was arrived at well before Pitchfork posted any kind of review, as made apparent by the time stamps in this text chat with a friend; I know it’s a big and scary world out there with adults forming their own opinions and interpretations of music, but you should give it a shot sometime. No one single website or source should dictate how you feel about music and you’re a child if you feel otherwise.
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    Probably an unpopular opinion but to this day I still can’t get into anything by Foals outside of Antidotes, which I listened to a week ago and still enjoy immensely. The new single seems like it will continue that trend which is a bit of a bummer. I will go on record as saying that the new album’s art is really sweet, though, and that the boxset variant looks like a classy match to it.
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    Hi police? Yeah I’d like to report a geocities webpage in 2019 please.
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    new Explosions in the Sky lp.
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    The Third Man Records Thread

    I know Sleep fans are probably stoners but Jesus Christ
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    They have finally announced that these albums will get a repress. I'm interested to hear the details. "Individual CAKE catalog titles on vinyl coming soon… ⠀" https://www.instagram.com/p/BtQmhkDg-WJ/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
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    Wow the Flowers Taped to Pens kids are in a signed band now? Life is wild
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    I'm a bit confused by this one. It was one of the Earache On Demand titles and I ordered it like 2 years ago for that. It cost more than this pre-order and I can't find anything about whether I'm getting a copy or not. Either way this has been hard to find for awhile so it's nice they pressed it. https://webstore.earache.com/municipal-waste-the-art-of-partying-2019-vinyl
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