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    I like signed prints for the same reason I collect records. I like dumb and useless things.
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    The only day I think he was there was Sunday, it’s a 3 day show (Fri - Sun) and I always hit all 3 days. This was 2 years ago since this year was canceled. He had a banner on the front of the table so it was obvious who he was. I didn’t bother looking through his shit because it was obvious everything would be overpriced knowing who he is. Dude looked like a total out of place goon. I never saw anyone at his table and I walked around quite a bit. I have trouble believing he sold anything, and if he did, there’s no way he sold enough to recoup table costs. That aspect of the situation made me happy.
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    500 - Black/White Swirl 1000 - Blood Red 1000 - Bone White
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    blink-182 - Dogs Eating Dogs

    Going on 34 years..
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    Mmm... that’s a nope. Quoting in case you try to backpedal after a glowing p4k review.
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    Man, have you spent anytime on this board?
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    Its not even the novelty of a new HUM record after 22 years, its the fact that they just dropped an actual MASTERPIECE on us. God damn.
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    I’m 35, and I like all types of music(take a look at all the time and money I’ve wasted over the last 25 years by clicking the link below), and personally, I fuck with NFG and, probably, always will. It’s weird. I can liken it to Blink. I’m from San Diego and one of the first “punk” records I bought in 1995 was Cheshire Cat. From then on, I’ve always loved them, everything they’ve put out. Yeah, fucked, right? NFG, for me, is the epitome of “if it ain’t broke...”. Is that problematic or strange when 40 year old dudes are still making pop punk music 20 years later? I don’t really know, or do I care. They’re doing something they’ve always done, and always done well. For me, “generic pop punk” is all of these bands from the last 10-15 years who start as something, change, go back(or whatever. You know the bands) and never really have or had anything. Nostalgia aside, NFG has been able to be a band that’s able to put out records for 20 years, people are stoked on it, and they still sell out 1k cap rooms, and I really respect and like that. Don’t mind me though, I spent all day drinking, none of this probably made any sense.
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    Been jamming this album like crazy lately. Extremely excited to not have to shell out $100 for this.
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    Blank back but hand numbered. Comes with a certificate of authenticity too that's numbered and foil stamped. Early bird variant is gorgeous too.
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    It's so sad that a certain group in the US has been working so hard to destroy the postal service. This really screws over small businesses and consumers.
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    some free codes if you wanna add it to your collection
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    Holy Shit. https://polyvinylrecords.com/product/inlet Only 2xlp deluxe black vinyl at the moment.
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    Most important post in this thread (to me): My signed print Euro copy came today. Got an immediately recognizable "XO Phoebe" signature Can die now. ❤️
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    WOW, that was a way too much. Learned something though, Incels are basically Karens.
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    Yeah, The Used’s S/T is actually a landmark album for a lot of people. Myself included. By landmark, I mean that it’s a blurry point of reference, way off in the distance. One you can squint at and realize “wow, I used to listen to that shit? Look how far I’ve come!” Progress and developed tastes are worth celebrating and I think it’s very important that we never forget our roots, no matter how poorly they’ve aged and how embarrassing they may be to actively listen to nearly 2 decades later.
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    you basically kissed
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    New Bright Eyes Album 2020

    can you do ANY of your own research?
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    Why the fuck does it even matter to you? This is supposed to be fun and exciting and you're being the septic tank.
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    PO Now: Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 6/19/20

    Just got mine today. It was signed “Eat shit - Conor”
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    And locked.
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    PO Now: Owen - The Avalanche (6/19/2020)

    ...Also line of the album easily goes to: ”Well I cant, have my cake and fuck it too”
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    Everything Underoath released prior to Erase Me is trash...
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    blink-182 - Dogs Eating Dogs

    Looks like the flippers that sold these on ebay will have to sell their own copies and have nothing to keep. Lol
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    It should be semi-transparent judging from the description.
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    blink-182 - Dogs Eating Dogs

    I bought 54 black-and-white copies for a homeless shelter downtown so if they fuck with my order they're fucking with humanity.
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    Hey Dave Grohl, I would really appreciate if you would release that new Sunny Day Real Estate record already.
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    Audio Karate Vinyl Releases

    If you check out their Instagram story, a vinyl remaster has been completed for Lady Melody via The Blasting Room! 🥳 Hopefully we get a chance to buy and spin copy before the end of this year!
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    Part of me is hoping he's got a few reissues lined up to go out with this. Like maybe Year Zero or Quake. Or maybe physical Ghosts 5&6
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    Fowty Dollaz

    New Bright Eyes Album 2020

    FOMO will break me.
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    What a fuckin geek.
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    Please do a red version please do a red version please do a red version
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    What do you really expect? There are several longtime posters that are nothing but abusive to anyone they disagree with. Nothing happens to them because they're buddy-buddy with the mods.
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    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Holy shit guys! So I was just searching for random stuff to see what would come up on this Target deal. It looks like Echo & The Bunnyment are repressing Crocodiles, Porqupine, and Ocean Rain. All three are available for pre-order at Target, part of this deal, and only $13.39 a piece! I got all three for $28.39! I almost just paid $35 for an old pressing of Ocean Rain on ebay. I didn't think these would ever get repressed! They ship September 18!
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    Hey everyone, Youth Conspiracy Records is opening its test press vault on eBay. There are only five test pressings for each of these titles in existence. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter along with other similarly minded activist groups. Bid here: www.ebay.com/sch/stab_it_til_it_breaks/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 Titles included in this test press auction: The Forecast/Into It. Over It./The Swellers/Bomb The Music Industry! - Scott & Aubrey's Wedding 7-inch The Forecast - S/T LP Foreign Tongues - Sweet Empathy Leaving Me 7-inch Ghost Thrower/Foreign Tongues - split 7-inch Heks Orkest - Endless Scroll 7-inch Helen Earth Band - We Fucking Quit LP Meridian - Aging Truths LP Meridian - The Cathedral LP Meridian/Pinch Hitter - split 7-inch Weatherbox - American Art 2xLP Weatherbox - Follow The Rattle Of The Afghan Guitar LP Weatherbox/Person L - split 7-inch Bid here: www.ebay.com/sch/stab_it_til_it_breaks/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 Thanks for supporting independent music.
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    I saw Snoop Dogg live once, and it was going well until he played California Gurls, I have never seen an entire crowd of people stand there with blank faces as Snoop's entire entourage (at least 50 people) left the stage then came back when the song was over.
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    New Death By Stereo LP is releasing in August and pre-orders are going up at 12:00 PST today. Indecision in the US and Concrete Jungle in Europe. Album only Bundle Test Press
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    so uh..who's gonna rip this so I can listen to it?
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    Fun fact a porch pirate got mine. Or the warmth of all that garth incinerated the entire package.
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    Been a huge Lips fan since '93. Embryonic was the moment they collapsed as a band, and chose to become a caricature of themselves. Wayne cheated on his partner of 20+ years with a 19 year old groupie, got her pregnant, started doing drugs again (at 50 years old), fired the drummer, and gave up on the songwriting that made them famous. We'd have a shit ton of amazing Lips songs right now had he not gone through a debilitating and ultra-cringey midlife crisis. "Look at how weird we are" works when you have the tunes to back it up. When you don't... it's just... embarrassing.
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    Cheer Up Charlie

    New Bright Eyes Album 2020

    hey wtf
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    Looks like waxwork will have unbreakable, split and glass soon.
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    Man, what an upbeat album.
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    So I imagine this album would have me excited when being sat at my table. Not quite listening in on the music yet as I'm talking to the waiting staff, they're nice people, a bit robotic and we share a laugh. Maybe a bit flirty? I can't read this guy, but would take him out for a drink. Oh yeah, the album is on now, I think. So I'll have one of those tiny starters that cost $20-40 a piece because it contains some foraged pubes and ants and that pie please. Sounds lovely. Gin and tonic to start with and a bottle of your second cheapest house white please. Hope my partner doesn't mind me flirting with the waiter again but he just has those "Go to bed" eyes that years of staring a 1000 yards does to a man. Did the track change? Can't tell. Anyway, my starter is out and it's just great, wow, taking one for the gram, nice gin? It's cheap Gordon's gin for fuck sake, but I won't fight. Here's comes our main and the waiter is walking like John Wayne and good lord I could go for some of that right now, but I can't make it too obvious as my partner is really starting to notice I'm laughing at everything he says and does HAHAHAH yes please more second cheap wine please HAHAHAHAH. This is NOT A PIE it's a LIDDED STEW FUCK THIS PLACE FUCK THEM but I will eat all of this and not complain one bit but will leave a polarising 1 star review even though we otherwise had a nice time. No dessert, bill please. Fuck was this music on a loop or was that the album? Okay then.
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