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  1. Hi VC: Looking to upgrade from a Crosley I got for the holidays from my girlfriend a few years ago. Haven't played it in about a year, after learning how bad the needle is for the records. As of right now I am considering a U-Turn, just a matter of which Orbit: As of right now I am considering the following: U-Turn Orbit Basic MDF platter and CN5625AL cartridge Built-in preamp (added) Cue lever (added) U-Turn Orbit Plus Acrylic platter and Ortfon OM5E cartridge Built-in preamp (added) Cue lever (added) Going to pair either of these with the Audioengine A2+ Powered Speakers. Looks like the price will be $289 vs. $399 unless I get one of the wood plinths. Any Orbit owners have any input? Thanks!
  2. Saw that Moving Mountains - Waves LP is OOP. Anyone have a nearly mint / mint copy for sale? PM me to discuss price.
  3. Hey VC: Looking for a copy of Park - Building A Better ____. Name your price, willing to negotiate. Thanks in advance!