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  1. powerseller isnt something you join. if you meet the requirements you are automatically a powerseller i believe. its all benefits for the powerseller status you get a chance to get between 5% and 15% of your fees back and prioritized customer service from ebay im not sure about the rest of the benefits. there are specific levels of powersellers based on monthly sales and all must maintain good detailed seller ratings and atleast 98% positive feedback. stores are an optional thing that is a fee

    the fee percentage you get back is based on the detailed seller ratings if you get all 4.6 stars or higher you get 5% higher for higher ratings

  2. Know what really chaps my ass? it's that fucking Ebay though they'd be fucking smart and put a $4 cap on shipping. Thanks Ebay, now everyone has to read through all the descrip to find the REAL shipping price (this sucks when you're searching ebay just by looking at prices and shipping to find a good deal, i always read everything before i actually buy it, im just referring to the searching.) "oh and shipping is really 8.50, pay no mind to the $4 posted." are you fucking kidding me? Listen Ebay,you and me are super cool, but you've got to realize that people will always find a way to screw you and your system. I know I know, I wish I had more faith in humanity too. ah well, I know you'll never change. let's go get drunk and get some fine Asian beaver.
    you can report them and they'll get a warning and if they do it more than once they'll be suspended
  3. i was disappointed that they played the exact same set at at lolla that they did at the after show the day before. they dont seem to like playing festivals at all i dont see why they do i guess that jesse got pissed cause people at lolla were chanting for rage against the machine while they were playing. they played an awesome show in columbus a few months later