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  1. 8 hours ago, rawb22 said:

    Dude, you should start your own ISO post rather than hijacking this one.

    Didn’t mean any offense man. Haven’t seen you post on this since b4 christnas, with your last non-“ bump” post being august. 


    Generally things can work out if you are willing to cooperate. I’ve talked to some with the forest hills l’anour as well as the 2006 filllmore. I’d be happy to trade info. Or I can just be gone from your post.

  2.  Hello, I’m currently looking to purchase brand new tour prince to add to my collection.  I am interested in most prints, but here are a few of the most sought prints on my list:


    looney tunes benwfit 2007

    brand new w/Thrice 2007 

           (Burning Tree, San Antonio, house of    

               blues, etc.)

    Mole gets his wings tour

    Invisible Creature 2003 tour

    Brand new/Modest Mouse Portland    

              Seattle 2016 castle

    great salt air 

    rockets are red

    myspace secret show







  3. Since I just signed up yesterday i can’t see discussions yet. It says I need “moderator approval” I guess to make sure that I’m not trolling.


    my apologies, but every other “selling” and “iso” uses exits to the 2st post to either cross out or mark “sold” in original post, take care!