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FS, The Early November - TRTC (Philly Release Copy), Dikembe, Pet Symmetry, Dads, TWY, Mewithoutyou

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In need of some money, so it sucks to have to do this, but I'm taking offers on my release show copy of The Room's Too Cold from the Philadelphia show.  It's on black vinyl, and there were only 50 copies sold at the show.


Also taking offers on these.  Feel free to make offers on more than one! Help me out, puhleeeeeez!


Dikembe - Chicago Bowls (Green, /175)

The Get Up Kids/Rocket From the Crypt (Orange, /800)

Pet Symmetry/Dikembe Split (Cream, /343)

Pet Symmetry/Dikembe Split (Black, /102)

Pet Symmetry - Two Songs About Cars, Two Songs With Long Titles (Marbled Purple, /779)

Secret Plot/Kilgore Trout/Girl Scouts/Loud? (Transparent Green, /100)



Pentimento - Inside the Sea (Aqua w/ White Splatter, /300)



Born Without Bones - Say Hello (Test Press, 9/13)

Dads - Brush Your Teeth... Again;) (White, /200)

I Surrender Records - Our Voices (Chris Conley, Vinnie Caruana, Anthony Raneri, Adam Lazzara) (Green, /500)

Mewithoutyou - (Orange Marble, /500)

Underoath - The Changing of Times (Clear 180-gram, /2000)

The Wonder Years - The Upsides (Clear Green, /500)



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