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I'm looking to track down a few albums from a  varying range of genres. Some are kind of rare  and I am having a hard time finding them and some a little more common. I'd like to trade if possible but I am open to cash deals as well so definitely throw out anything you may have from this list! I am well aware of anything that is posted on discogs from my list as well, as we all know that isn't always the best source for a reasonable deal.

And the list goes:

Kottonmouth Kings - High Society, Hidden Stash 2, and Royal Highness

Slipknot - Subliminal Verses 3 and Iowa

Gramatik - The Age of Reason

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (Deluxe European edition only!)

Mondo Coraline OST (Purple/Blue)

Anderson .Paak - O.B.E. Vol. 1

The Darkness - Permission to Land

Lettuce - Crush (Stick Green edition)

Atmosphere - Seven's Travels (10 year anniversary edition)

Bag Raiders - S/T

System of a Down - Mezmerize (picture disc or possibly one of the higher quality bootlegs)

The Offspring - Conspiracy of One

Shaggy - Hot Shot

RBL Posse - A Lesson To Be Learned

Bloodhound Gang - Hooray of Boobies (OG press only)

KYLE - Beautiful Loser

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat single

Three 6 Mafia - When the Smoke Clears (dirty version only!)


Like I said my musical taste is all over the place haha. But if anyone has anything at all from my list please hit me up and I'll send over my discogs link if you're interested in trades. If not we can try to work out  a cash deal!

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