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ARR show in Brooklyn: Skeleton Key, Retisonic, I Hate Our Freedom, States & Kingdoms, A. Rubenstein

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This Wednesday, October 17th, there will be an Arctic Rodeo showcase happening at the St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY.

We are incredibly proud and flew in from Germany to see several of our artists playing this show together. We have also brought CDs and vinyl LPs.

It would be great you Vinyl Collective folks, so if you are in town, please swing by at 8 PM! Thanks!

The line-up looks likes this:



RETISONIC (feat. members of Bluetip, Swiz, Graden Variety, J. Majesty, States & Kingdoms)

I HATE OUR FREEDOM (feat. members of Garrison, God Fires Man, Milhouse, Texas Is The Reason)

STATES & KINGDOMS (feat. members of Rival Schools, Small Brown Bike, Thursday, Atlantic/Pacific, House & Parish, Retisonic, J. Majesty)

ADAM RUBENSTEIN (from Chamberlain)

SKELETON KEY - free download + video: http://www.arcticrod...268,600,0,0,1,0

PILOT TO GUNNER - free download: http://www.arcticrod...281,619,0,0,1,0

PILOT TO GUNNER - "Guilty Guilty" album stream: http://soundcloud.co...r-guilty-guilty

RETISONIC - free download + videos: http://www.arcticrod...261,593,0,0,1,0

I HATE OUR FREEDOM - free download: http://www.arcticrod...213,466,0,0,1,0

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