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  1. MLB Discussion

    Fredi fired!!!!!!!! Thanks for the birthday present Coppy!
  2. MLB Discussion

    I thought Bautista was asking for it... but that's just me. It was a sweet right hook.
  3. MLB Discussion

    I'm not sure if thats a joke, or not, but the guy has been to jail, made his peace and is sober and under voluntary heavy scrutiny about his lifestyle. So if it is a joke, and that's how it comes off, it's not really funny. I'm not a Matt Bush fan or a Rangers fan even, just appreciate a good comeback story.
  4. MLB Discussion

    Matt Bush is making his major league debut right now and breaking MLB GameDay. So far it's reported a 98 mph curveball, a 98 mph slider and a 92 mph change up.
  5. NFL Discussion

    Yes. I like Luck, but he's not even a sure thing anymore. To me it's not even close. The Browns have enough draft capital now in 2017/2018 to take any player (QB) they want and it won't cost them their own picks. This was always a weak QB draft class.
  6. MLB Discussion

    3 losses for my team I'm sure! I can only hope Teheran gets a nasty blister on the plane ride or something.
  7. NFL Discussion

    Teams are way too desperate for QBs... Both of those trades were downright irresponsible..
  8. MLB Discussion

    Oh the Braves defense is terrible (Garcia has like 15 errors this season). That's what makes the story laughable.
  9. MLB Discussion

    Fixed it for you
  10. MLB Discussion

    Dave Roberts just taking pot shots at one of the better ground crews in the league so his rookie doesn't feel bad for multiple poor attempts at feeling ground balls. http://dodgerblue.com/dodgers-news-yasmani-grandal-dave-roberts-address-poor-infield-turner-field/2016/04/22/ No complaint has been filed and no Braves player has even entertained a joking response to the idea.
  11. MLB Discussion

    Fuck the Dodgers. Committed a bunch of fielding errors due to awful positioning and then try and make up some shit about how the infield is "shoddy" and "even Braves players are complaining" except NO ONE has. Pathetic man.
  12. MLB Discussion

    Seager hasn't impressed me so far watching the two Dodgers-Braves games. He has some serious power, but two at-bats he hit a 400 ft shot just foul and then was so visibly upset about just missing the homer that he struck out badly right after. He also seems to be lazy with his positioning on ground balls. Has a bit of a cocky vibe for a rookie.
  13. MLB Discussion

    Did anyone see the crazy overturned challenge on the balk tonight in the PIT-Padres game? Bizarre..
  14. MLB Discussion

    Nope, like always former players continue to love the Braves. Why else would Jim Johnson and Kelly Johnson re sign this season despite knowingly being trade bait at the deadline for a 2nd straight year? Maybe there's something to be said about why Heyward clearly disliked STL so much compared to ATL. Not that saying "I'd prefer to play around a bunch of young talented players rather than an aging team for the next 7 years" is nasty.
  15. MLB Discussion

    Cards fans painted themselves way too entitled last night booing Heyward. You had him for one, free agent season. Braves fans gave him a standing ovation on multiple occasions last year and will again this year when he returns to Atlanta with the Cubs.