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  1. I don't usually partake in the 'gaze but the Greet Death really grabbed me, and now I'm enjoying Holy Fawn's Death Spells. Other recommendations appreciated. I like it dark, don't mind it loud, don't mind weird vocals.
  2. Small boxes are way to go but unless the Kallax and Expedit dimensions are way different, the small boxes fit inside the Expedit cubes, so.... I packed about 3/4 of a cube into each box and padded the empty space with crumpled newspaper/bubblewrap - then slid the packed boxes into the cubes until moving day.
  3. How I Saved HUNDREDS of Seconds by Not Watching Some Dumb CoNtEnT cReAtOr Video on YouTube
  4. I like the AT-120/60 as starter tables, but I would upgrade if were you. An Ortofon 2M Red cart will run you around $100 alone - while an upgrade to a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is ~$399, and the DC comes stock with a 2M Red installed.
  5. Yeah, overall whatever - guess they are worth what people will pay for them. But in my opinion they've gone from cool perk for fans to arbitrarily priced gouging 😕 75 for Owen? Forget it.
  6. https://www.wired.com/story/phonocut/ Looking forward to the sequel 80 minute video about ripping those vinyl rips to 10 inch lathes for listening to while at home.
  7. Unnnnggghhh, I'm so close. Now, tell me about how you only listen to sub-180 gram black vinyl.