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  1. fuck i hate subscriptions. i thought we were done with this shit. "check out the GROOVES on this BABY!!!!"
  2. Was it William Tell from Something Corporate's solo stuff? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Tell_(musician) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Can_Hold_Me_Down This article mentions their tour ending in Allentown, PA: https://www.mcall.com/news/mc-xpm-2006-11-04-3702010-story.html I've never heard of this guy or his band, but I was bored so here we are. Also this guy is married to Lauren Conrad of Laguna Beach/The Hills, wtf. @H.R. Fucknstuff
  3. Yep, got in there the minute they announced it 😅 already fully funded, too!
  4. I did, yeah. UMG does the full Shipped, Out for Delivery, Delivered gamut of emails. Not sure what's up with 002 I behaved myself and didn't double dip.
  5. Agreed, a little frustrating but - if you let delays, non-exclusives, extended 'limited availability', ridiculous prices, etc bother you - collecting any of The Weeknd's vinyl offerings would be impossible 😅 It is what it is at this point.
  6. Yeah, I got the 001 in a week or so ago, clear with red splatter. It looks good and sounds good. Wish someone would re-list the deluxe though, because I'll never stop kicking myself for not having the 3 bonus track on the one I've got.
  7. Yeah, already own the clear splatter but this album is incredible, so if anyone is viewing this thread that doesn't have one - support these guys! can't wait to hear what they put out next.
  8. I caught these guys complaining about shipping quotes @jrodan -- don't worry, I set 'em straight!!
  9. Yep, echoing the sentiment - really cool remake. Definitely glad they priced it at $40, but loving all the little new things and attention to detail. Looks like VV had fun making this, which is great because I'm having fun playing it. Guess I'm not surprised most people on Reddit are blitzing it and just 100%ing the game as fast as possible. To me, this is golden-era gaming that's just perfect for picking up whenever other modern shit requires way too much attention/energy. So good.
  10. None of the conversation was about anything being "too expensive". If anything -- it was wanting to embrace the "absolute privilege" of media mail by being accurately quoted $7 shipping instead of $20+. Sorry you live in a different country with expensive shipping. I buy records from the UK more often than from the US, so I feel your pain in that regard. If anything, the point was about cognitive dissonance: If I'm buying 4 records, and my total cost is $125 dollars - it makes more sense to me for it to be priced: Record 1: $30 Record 2: $30 Record 3: $30 Record 4: $30 Shipping: $5 Instead of: Record 1: $25 Record 2: $25 Record 3: $25 Record 4: $25 Shipping: $25 That's all anyone was ever saying.