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  1. Just some IDIB news I thought was cool -- The Weeknd released a deluxe version of his new album After Hours with 4 remixes and a live version of a song - one of the remixes is by Chromatics. Whole album is very 80s synth inspired, and definitely gave me Chromatics vibes here and there so much so that I threw on the Drive soundtrack after a listen yesterday. Don't know if he was inspired by them or how they got hooked up... but huge exposure for Johnny Jewel and the IDIB crew. Really cool.
  2. pretty cool this is getting pressed. don't know that I need it, but, still.
  3. Yeah, it's UMG. The CDs people got are really signed so I would expect the same for the vinyl if you're into that sorta thing. I think after the Kendrick\J Cole messes most places learned their lesson.
  4. It seems to be how UMG does everything these days. So far the "limited time drops" have been pretty accurate for apparel, but music and the playing cards have come up in repeat 24 or 48 hour limited drops. I think they're actually selling loads of the variants because the 7 inches for Blinding Lights\Heartless came up more than once as people were buying the full set. Wouldn't be surprised if another variant or 2 for the album came up in the next few days and then on release day all previous variants were available again for another drop. Also keep in mind the black After Hours LPs should be available near launch, while the site is saying the splatter variants are 16 weeks out. Considering I still haven't gotten shipping on the singles I ordered months ago, I wouldn't actually expect these in 16 weeks.
  5. Nobody else I'd jump on a 50 dollar PO for.
  6. I thought they were broken up. Still only ever got into the debut album, but that debut is so good.
  7. repress of 300 on the Ulla - Tumbling Towards a Wall https://boomkat.com/products/tumbling-towards-a-wall
  8. Welcome to Pop Up Ad Collective, THE premier place to view pop up advertisements for everything in your browser history - whether you want to or not!

    1. tokimedo


      if you dont have adblock on, i dunno what to tell you. 

  9. What the fuck is going on. Now I'm getting 2 ads on the sides, 1 ad at the top, 1 ad at the bottom, 1 ad IN THE MIDDLE OF POSTS..... We are 1 step away from having 8 different flashing neon >>>Open Thread<<< buttons and 7 of them are just malware installs and 1 opens the thread. This is stupid.
  10. It is horrendous. Covers half the goddamn screen on mobile.
  11. last album wasn't quite up to the caliber of the first in my opinion. still interested.