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  1. I like that peach, but I'm good with the clear
  2. It was like my third Orange in a row :'( Still love you PV, even though you playin'.
  3. The open world was the blandest, least inspired thing about the whole game, imo :\ its fine to disagree and I'm glad people got enjoyment out of it, but, in my experience it was all the same color, with random groupings of the same enemies everywhere. The combat was so boring to me... You can Dodge every attack and I beat 2x playthroughs of the game without ever using the chip upgrade system which was so opaque I just never bothered (and never needed to). I guess it was alright enough to play twice through but, that was mostly me waiting for it to get good
  4. rooks

    [For Sale] a few signed albums & test pressings

    lmao at these prices too funny
  5. I hated Nier Automata. I have no idea what game people that like it are playing
  6. rooks

    What books are you reading?

    Foucault's Pendulum - Umberto Eco
  7. Ahhh I never do magic so I don't know what's ahead for you. I tend to do weird dex builds or pure str so i can dual-wield dumb stuff. The level design is by FAR the worst in any of the games. Also, the main game is hella easy but the DLC is some of the most challenging shit in the expanded series - and the level-design is much better, though still not close to DS1. Dark Souls 2 is wack.
  8. Haha, you're not wrong - 2 feels very different. At least you didn't have to play it at launch, it was even worse then. I actually enjoy DS2 a lot these days (the remastered/remixed version). It's the easiest of the Soulsborne games imo by a good margin. It also shines late game as it has the BEST weapon variation in the entire expanded series. Different weapons in each hand, unique movesets when two handing or power-wielding... 2 has the best nuanced weapon/moveset variation in the series. It's actually a lot of fun especially late game when you can shore up a good collection of wacky weapons and because it's so easy you can play with dumb combos and use the unique movesets. I have had a lot of fun in 2 being a flippy boi or doing whirlwind spins. Especially compared to say, DS3 which had weapon arts... I think in all my playthroughs I've used a weapon art... actually in battle, on purpose, naturally... like... 3 times. I still think it's worth playing, and I used to be one of it's biggest critics. It's a lot of fun if you let it be.
  9. Thanks so much for posting this! I picked up (the ep). One of my favorite Owen records. Will be really cool to add this to the Early Bird collection.
  10. Gumbo is annoying, but if you think anything in the above exchange was his fault - you're way off. I get that piling on the weakest link is a pretty fun thing to do, but when it's unwarranted, as it is here, it just comes off as shitty and needlessly mean. Coming in to support someone being an asshole might even be worse than being an asshole in the first place. This is like White Knighting for the aggressor.