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  1. https://www.wired.com/story/phonocut/ Looking forward to the sequel 80 minute video about ripping those vinyl rips to 10 inch lathes for listening to while at home.
  2. Unnnnggghhh, I'm so close. Now, tell me about how you only listen to sub-180 gram black vinyl.
  3. My sadomasochistic tendencies are mine own to indulge as heartily as one might. Perchance you may recompense my barbed exchanges with additional interminable and wearisome diatribes about the readily available nature of compact discs in the current age. I implore you, as I am exquisitely approaching the climactic finale to this nearly unbearable crescendo of Sesquipedalian speeches. Expatiate for me paterfamilias.
  4. ugh fuck off mcpherson. your thesaurus must be exhausted.
  5. @B-dosia know you've been looking forward to this
  6. oooo I see it now. the thing is just hanging there wobbling, it might not even be warped.
  7. needs a good sanding. but yeah, your tonearm tracking force isn't strong enough to battle the massive warp on that record. put it in the white inner sleeve and pile a shit ton of books on it near a bright window or something for a day. records should be flat.
  8. Already own the OGs but this is cool! Great records.