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  1. This thing never warmed up for me. Super lukewarm and boring, still. Shame.
  2. Still don't think I can do it. $60 is almost acceptable, but the book is 20 Euro when buying it from FRAC, they just won't ship to US. Can't swing 60 bucks for a picture book right now. Sadboi
  3. They must have updated it. I'm seeing the 12 GBP shipping now. Insane.
  4. Eh?? It puts 47.70 GBP shipping on it as soon as I select US
  5. anybody in here live in France? I'm not paying boomkat 100+USD for this damn book, and FRAC only ships to France.
  6. Yeah, hardest part for me is every "drop" is a consumable and short of a couple of poison healing things used in desperation here and there... I'm not in the habit of using consumables in any Souls\Borne game. So 99% of my inventory is useless. Combat is fun when you win and kinda frustrating when you fall into Dodge habits haha. Hoping I'll get the hang of it and enjoy it. But the story hasn't done much for me yet, because I don't care for the setting, and the lack of drops\gameplay customization as far as combat style is slightly dampening.
  7. Been getting my ass kicked, haha. I haven't had too much time to really devote to it just yet, I'm only a couple of bosses in (first area or two still). I'll say, the prosthetics are cool, and I like that there are a decent number of them - but they are nowhere near as cool as the BB weapons, which makes me wish there were a little more RPG elements involved.. using a single Katana the whole game is kind of meh, imo. At the very least they could have done something like the KH route where weapon differences are largely cosmetic and maybe a tiny stat boost here or there for different ones. But boring when there's no drops and 9 out of ten of the items on the ground you try to kill yourself to grab are fucking ceramic shards lol. I'm also just NOT into the setting or themes at all. Samurai/ninja shit does less than 0 for me. To each his own, I know a lot of people are into that - but the dark graveyard medieval/fantasy feel of Dark Souls or the gothic lovecraftian setting of Bloodborne are so much more interesting to me. Still - I always enjoy a From game, and will git gud soon enough I am sure.
  8. Step 1: Build a time machine
  9. Glad to have all the blues. Got the blues about this being the last Caretaker release ever.
  10. Lmfao your edits are more pathetic than your usual bland porridge blabbering.
  11. Can we move this to Everything Else? Doesn't seem to even be about music.