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  1. Are the mice credited on the track? Big if true.
  2. The numbers were a quick grab from the EPs on Wikipedia. Obviously he released a couple of other things - Moth is my favorite song of all time, bar none. And also none of this is about quality - everything he's released has been great for me, it's about frequency/quantity and context. If you can get lost in the universe of a quick 8 minute Burial single, that's awesome. Personally, by the time track 3 ends on the longer EPs I'm JUST starting to vibe at the same frequency as the universe he's putting together. 9-10 releases in 11 years sounds pretty great, but when you consider the 2+ year gaps and the track count... nothing wrong with always wishing for more
  3. Ya'll are being oddly hostile about interest in an album I'm not gonna go year by year in runtime because even the albums vary between CD and vinyl versions, but, a drip feed of: 2008: 0 2009: 0 2010: 0 2011: 3 tracks 2012: 5 tracks 2013: 2 tracks 2014: 0 2015: 0 2016: 2 tracks 2017: 3 tracks 2018: 0 2019: 2 tracks It'd be chill to get an album some day or a more reliable release schedule. But hey - I'll always take what I can get.
  4. lol the distant horizon to Burial is like 15-20 years
  5. Says the only guy with negative reputation points left on the site hahaha, your self-delusion is impressive
  6. When you go to a store and demand $30 off at checkout, because another store you went to once gave you a discount - and then the store has the gall to not give you said presumed discount..... I'd like to speak to your manager Dusted_By_Space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha classic Kess!
  8. Song sounded pretty decent, but the upfront vocals on Pink&Blue definitely bring this closer to Chvrches/Chromatics/ electro-pop female vocals type stuff. Not bad, but, not as expected.