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  1. This album is so good. https://hailthevoid666.bandcamp.com/album/hail-the-void
  2. Thanks for the post - wish that Green Lung was still in stock on color. Great album.
  3. @20buckspinlabel Any chance of a new pressing of Khemmis - Absolution (and\or new variants of Hunted and Desolation) in the near future? Would love to pick up all 3 at once 😬
  4. really like a couple on there already, so definitely gonna check out the others.
  5. Appreciate it! Yeah, I've sampled a good majority of these, it's been a productive 3-4 weeks of running through stuff. Started out in Funeral Doom (which I love) and then moved into Doom\Stoner more broadly.
  6. On a ridiculous Stoner/Doom kick lately, I just can't shake it (and don't want to, either). Recent orders: Bell Witch/Aerial Ruin - Stygian Bough Witch - Witch Monolord - Vaenir and Empress Rising (both Instrumental) Other recent stuff I've been listening to a lot and probably will try to buy soon... Khemmis - Everything Drown - Subaqeous Woods Witch - Sorrow. Anxiety. Depression. Electric Wizard - Dopethrone REZN - Calm Black Water REZN - Let It Burn Slow - VI - Dantalion Catacombs - In The Depths of R'lyeh Evoken - Hypnogogia Fostermother - Fostermother Golden Core - Fimbultyr Recommendations...offers to sell cheap variants...all are welcome
  7. This is out today, and it's great. Wish I had my vinyl copy in hand
  8. art seems ripe for some mint/teal/coke bottle clear. hopefully it's not locked behind some stupid subscription.
  9. this album reams gapes and slaps donkey dong. - tetsuo if the 8.0 drops album got gaped by donkey dong. - tetsuo if the 5.0 drops
  10. are you sure the hum is from the extender cable? any chance it's interference from a nearby device/wire that the now-extended RCA cable crosses paths with?
  11. i don't think the thread is the root of that problem.