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  1. no one can listen to this if you didn't already pre-order before pitchfork introduced you to it! if you do you're a fucking PLEB and ethereal is gonna kick your DICK.
  2. I've really enjoyed Running Out of Love over the last couple years. Never got much into the earlier ones.
  3. 😓 I can't even escalate it with MerchCentral/MusicGlue until after August 29th. Fug.
  4. 2 full weeks now this has been in USPS' hands shuttling between NJ and FL for god knows what reason. Fuckers.
  5. Don't worry Grapples, Kanye Kess was just worried he'd have to compete with another seller when he puts his copies up.
  6. Only $9,999 to go guys, we are SO close! Thank you all for donating so far, and thank you for believing in polishing your records so they're shiny! Tell your friends!
  7. Is there a special edition version of this where I can pay this guy to pay an actual hit man to put a hit out on myself? I want the authentic experience.
  8. Haha I'm glad to be Dennis in this situation. Somebody needs to get Pitchfork out on a nice boat trip and ask them to reveal the source that paid for this review. They won't say no. Because of the implication.
  9. Anyone that can read that and come away thinking anything other than this guy is a piece of shit desperately trying to avert guilt needs to take a minute.
  10. lmfao He wasn't out to put a hit out on his wife, he just happened to pick one up while he was out. Let ye who has never bought a pack of Mentos from the checkout line at the grocery store cast the first stone!