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  1. Damn... not that album but I ordered Hell - III on clear from him on BC Friday last week, and got a shipping label . Still in pre-shipment, but yeah.
  2. For sure, me too! As for the galaxy variants, if this is anyone's first time... They will probably appear opaque black when you take the out of the sleeve. You gotta hold them up to a light source. Everyone probably knows this already, but putting it out there before someone is disappointed 😅
  3. Bell Witch represses up for US orders now at Profound Lore (Canada and EU elsewhere) https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/bell-witch-mirror-reaper-2xlp-repress/ Mirror Reaper on Blue Galaxy or Orange Galaxy Four Phantoms on Yellow Galaxy or Aquatic Galaxy
  4. Damn that looks cool, too bad I refuse to support subscription services that offer reverse-discounts for "non-members". $29 is already robbery for a 1xLP. The upcharge to $36 before shipping is beyond absurd.
  5. appreciate the heads up/reassurance for sure. Glad I didn't give in to the nostalgia.
  6. 28 + 3.79 shipping. price is right (enough, considering discogs) but man the reviews really say this thing sounds like butt. so, pass i guess.
  7. Hello, Google? It's me, Dumplingshakes22. What is the meaning of life?
  8. late to the party but that gatecreeper EP is great. Gotta revisit the rest of their stuff.
  9. Ayyy another thread with MyEnemy pooping all over the place creating a big stinky mess. The good news is that I was wrong and Ocean Avenue is getting a re-press. Whoop whoooop.
  10. I mean I guess we gotta wait for the official word but they posted the test press that says "ocean avenue" with the caption ";) #oceanavenue" and then the one where they announced the reimagined patreon they also called it "#oceanavenue" maybe their IG person just likes to use hashtags like hyperlinks. It would be weird since the test press shows artist name as Yellowcard and I doubt Key would release it under that moniker 100% solo\reimagined so hopefully I misunderstood. And the original tease DOES say #reissue.
  11. @IndigoHollowunfortunately the Yellowcard official IG says this will be the first in a series of "reimagined" Yellowcard albums done solo by William Ryan Key. Big old bummer.
  12. About time I pick this album up so hopefully whatever it is comes out nice.

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