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  1. You're not wrong. I'd swallow the 30 dollar pill if shipping was reasonable. It's only a couple of bucks but it's principle, and the fact that 5 extra bucks on every purchase where I "want to support the artist" by ordering from their dumb webstore adds up.
  2. 30 dollars and the lowest shipping option is nearly 8 bucks? Fuck off once again with these prices. Hopefully this starts to pop up on indie sites at a nicer price point, or at the very least with a media mail option.
  3. Do you like this or the newest vaporwave you can pawn off to other clueless hipsters more? So torn on where to invest! Lulz
  4. It really was a great little game! Also, SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH
  5. Have both but maybe the comp should he picked up... Hmmmm.
  6. Yeah, I mean whatever I'm not crazy about Test Pressings in general but I thought they were a cool little thing to add to my variant collection. Never saw anything special about them outside of that, and thought PV was on the same page... guess not.
  7. Ayy glad there's still some discerning peeps here. Ordered this immediately this morning. Miss the old witchy haunted forest stuff, but I liked the testpressings and wonderland. Just hope they can hit a stride that's more unique than "vocal-less Stott" or just like the Millie and Andrea stuff.
  8. My favorite Derek album is Derek's Dirtybirds I bought a copy in Istanbul back in '99 and I've kept it in a hand-woven silk outer sleeve ever since. It's in peak form and at the time I only payed about 16 Turkish Lira. No one even knew what vinyl was at the time - everyone was spending their Lira on Cherry Coke Slurpees and hotdogs. I had him make it out to Joe - that's not my name, but I figured when I go to flip it on ebay in a few decades there is bound to be a fan named Joe out there willing to pay a pretty penny. I had another copy way back, but I traded it around '04 for a pristine copy of Shleby's seminal classic Shlabia. Another vinyl album i'm quite proud of...