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  1. Would have lost my shit over this 10 years ago. Now I can't even remember what these songs sound like saw them on their last tour though, and it was a lot of fun.
  2. A more acceptable price. Too bad most of what I've heard has been pretty butt. Too many effects on his voice on every song.
  3. Yeah, I mean if it's not Phoebe's album it's the one her abuser didn't release because of that frivolous lil FBI investigation.
  4. rooks

    PO: Silverstein - REDUX

    Why shouldn't they press it themselves? Fuck Victory lol
  5. Well, Veedon Fleece is a pretty package. Love the metallics used on the cover. Art print card stock is nice. Well done. But it's an absolute crime they don't ship the inner sleeves on the outside. Mine came absolutely torn the fuck up, needlessly. It's not like they are vacuum sealing these things... I know they just want it to look pretty as a peach when you first open the package but... That image is quickly sullied when your nice inner sleeves has a second asshole just a minor complaint
  6. WOAH!!!!!!! omg i never put that together before you should take this show on the road !!! this material is GOLD
  7. Nevermind - just joined as a monthly. Said I never would, but they tricked me with the Van release.
  8. rooks

    Lydia - Illuminate

    Im annoyed I even ordered it in the first place. Especially now that it's the same shit SRC put out. Even more annoyed my order says shipped but there's no tracking or inkling of when it was "shipped" on the site. Sent an email in asking about it.
  9. Because this is the funniest comment I've read since 9:47PM eastern time.