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Breaking up my Punch collection (Rarities to be had!) + Celeste Nihilste(s) TP

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Giving up on my Punch variant collection as it'll never be complete, I don't have the time and I need money ASAP.
Prices are in £ before postage (I will ship internationally, no problem), I don't have many 7" mailers at all so ideally buy an LP + 7".

If you buy more than one thing I will cut you a deal (I'll try to make it as reasonable as possible for you USA folk without screwing myself).


ALSO, I have two tests for Celeste - Nihilste(s), so I'll sell one for £40 ppd (UK, will ship elsewhere for a bit more), you can choose either a pic disk test or a standard black test.


Punch - Eyeless (1st Press, Black, /500, Discos Huelga) 10
Punch - Eyeless (3rd Press, Canary Yellow, /300, Discos Huelga) 8
Punch - Eyeless (4th Press, Purple, /300, Discos Huelga) 8
Punch - Eyeless (5th press, Army Green, /250 (Photocopied Cover 3/10), Discos Huelga) 12 HELD
Punch - Nothing Lasts (1st Press, Blue, /2000, Discos Huelga) 5
Punch - Nothing Lasts (1st Press, Blue/Black mix, /300, Discos Huelga) 10
Punch - Nothing Lasts (1st Press, Coke Bottle Clear, /100, Discos Huelga) OFFERS! (This is rare as hell, tour variant) HELD
Punch - Nothing Lasts (1st Press, White, /700, Discos Huelga) 7
Punch - Nothing Lasts (2nd Press, Black, /2000, Deathwish) 4

Punch - Push/Pull (1st Euro Press, Black, 53/103, Assault Records) 15

Punch - Push/Pull (1st Euro Press, Clear w/ Black Splatter, /704, Assault Records) 12
Punch - Push/Pull (1st Euro Press, White w/ Black Swirl, /210, Assault Records) 12

Punch - S/T (1st Euro Press, White, /420, Assault) 15
Punch - S/T (2nd Euro Press, Clear Red w/ White Streaks (Stamped Sleeve), /157, Assault) 12

Punch - They Don't Have to Believe (Clear Yellow, /3311, Deathwish) 12

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