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  1. Hey guys, pretty new here. This is my first post, but I think this is a great forum based on what I've read and seen how people treat one another. I know Jack White/The White Stripes, et al, aren't everyone's "thing". But, I figured I'd give this forum a shot after some of the rare WS's and Jack White material I've seen pop up randomly from time to time. Please feel free to contact me! Thanks! Any original White Stripes (pre Third Man, or post, doesnt matter) test pressing Some specific records 7"s/Lp's I WTB: "Party of Special Things to Do" split/color on Sub Pop's label. NOT the Third Man reissue. Have that one "Elephant" - Australian version (Jack/Meg both dressed in White on front cover) "Denial Twist" - 3" - (yes, the 3" record that can only be obtained from Jack White III himself) "Lafayette Blues" - Italy Records 006 - White Vinyl "Let's Shake Hands" - Italy Records 003 - Red Vinyl "BIg 3 Killed My Baby" - Red Vinyl - SFTRI "Lord Send Me an Angel" - WTB the Red Vinyl and the "Pacific Rim" version of this single - SFTRI And you can try me on ANY other White Stripes that you may want to get rid of. Thanks, and i look forward to trading/buying/selling with you guys. Velvet Underground & Nico - I'm interested in any of the original Verve pressings. Try me!!! Pink Floyd - still need the original UK pressings!!! Dark Side of the Moon with Blue Triangle - SHLV 804 Wish You Were Here (A1/B3) first pressing Animals I know I'm new here, but I have been buying/selling/trading for quite some time. Thanks up front for any help!!!!