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  1. not looking for any specific styles, just any merch you might have in small or youth large (it's basically impossible to find anything, it's always the first size sold out...) if you have anything, literally ANYTHING, t-shirt, crewneck, long sleeve, tank, whatever, please tell me and give me a price or range of prices you'd sell it for! looking for: joyce manor twiabp pianos become the teeth empire! empire! algernon cadwallader snowing the front bottoms touche amore prawn loma prieta into it. over it. dikembe andrew jackson jihad neutral milk hotel belle & sebastian william bonney park jefferson tigers jaw title fight basement seahaven defeater citizen merchant ships caravels joie de vivre beau navire suis la lune mineral my heart to joy tall ships state faults glocca morra lydia bayside the antlers modern baseball you blew it! dowsing a great big pile of leaves tiny moving parts any kinsella project (i know it's a long shot but i can dream, right?) sorry about the incredibly long list...