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  1. @xPMAx what´s your ig name?
  2. GREAT!! theres a s/t tape on discogs right now, but its without cover and 30$, so way to expensive and incomplete... btw second use your voice press is available in clear/black-smoke
  3. looking to buy h2o´s first record on tape if anyone got this and would give it away i would freak out
  4. of topic: Merch question...i´ve started to collect all the basketball jersey h2o did in the past - from the OG champion jerseys from 95-96 to the ones from the ntp tour and the 2015 remakes. question 1: Anyone here have a jersey for sale? question 2: there were A LOT colorways, especially from the champion jerseys, do you guys think we can do a list together with every colorway or print? as far as i known there are: champion- blue, yellow, white / dark blue, red, white / blue, green, white / black, red, white / all with number 3 and ,,east coast" on the back ntp era - black, red, white with ,,back then" and 95 on the back 2015s - black and white with 95 on the back / black and white with ntp and nyhc on the back unknown era: black and white with ,,spirit of 84" on back / black and white with ,,fttw" on the back So if you got a h2o jersey or more infos about them, please post a picture or infos thanks PS: a jersey is in the mail atm, will post a picture of the ones i got when this one arrived.... if anyone dont want this here, cause its a vinyl forum and not a merch thing, let me know and i stop asking about....
  5. would be great if you´d find the email....thank you... ah ok, looks like the black one were kind of a bandpress for the chh guys.... PS: i got the blue and the white variant of the split twice...if anyone need the records let me know.....
  6. i finally had some time and made a picture of the collection, not as complete as xPMAx´s Collection but i´m missing just a few versions of the chh split and some tests @xPMAx where did you get that test of the live Lp? if you have an email where i can ask about a copy, please let me know thanks picture will follow below....
  7. for european orders go to merchpit, orange one only, but no high shipping costs from the US...Ps: stupid that revreq dont accept paypal orders...
  8. @xpmax yeah the black was totally new to me when i saw it on your picture, but i´ll keep the eyes open to find one for myself.... do you collect other bands to the complete collection as well, or just h2o stuff?
  9. insane that you have almost all the tests too, so great, love it.... what about that black split? is it true whats written on discogs, that they are numbered like the blue? damn and i thought my collection is complete, and then you come with that black 2x7" -.-
  10. yeah i will, they are playing over here in Germany in january on persistence tour along with terror, ignite, wisdom in chains and some more... i live in the middle of frankfurt/wiesbaden and Cologne area, so i can see many many shows every month cause all the big or little tours are stopping somewhere in a maximum 90minutes drive by car radius from my home... The Berlin based coretex store and some more mailorders worldwide altough got a white variant of the skate7", i first saw just the red and clear at b9 and was suprised to find the white one and asked chrisb9 about the info and he tells me they did 500 of them for all the mailorders.... i´m just waiting for a package from a friend in the US to arrive here, and then i will make a picture of the h2o collection, cause i wasn´t able to get a clear use your voice but my buddy over there snag one and trade it with me...
  11. too much, haha reocord money for this month is gone for sure.... but it wasn´t the 1st record deal with toby, and we know each other for a while now so he added some guestlist spots...so it was fine for me to spent the money on the tests