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  1. AGAINST "Welcome To The Aftermath" LP: Back in the early ‘80s, the D-beat sound that was patented by Discharge was not as ubiquitous as it is now, where armies of Discharge clone bands pound out their variations of these time-tested sonic booms. There were the likes of Crucifix, Diatribe, Iconoclast, Battalion Of Saints, and a handful of other small bands bashing out such sounds across California, including a little-known band from Venice Beach called Against. They hadn’t simply come out from some void, as their lineage tied them to other bands that had become more well known in the scene — before Against, Michael Dunnigan and his brother Sean (guitar and drums, respectively) were half of an early lineup of Suicidal Tendencies and members also had involvement with another obscure LA band, The Runns, who would later mutate into Wasted Youth. During their brief original run, Against recorded two sessions in 1983-1984 which yielded a demo tape and an EP for Upstart Records that was never fully realized. These 18 tracks are presented here for the first time ever on vinyl and are accompanied by a 12"x36" poster insert with liner notes, lyrics and many unseen photos and flyers, as well as newly commissioned artwork by Venice legend Ric Clayton. Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxDuCXshj1c Single copies can be purchased here: https://coladicto.bigcartel.com Wholesale: [email protected] Co-release with Radio Raheem Records: https://RadioRaheemRecords.com Euro buyers can order here: https://deathwishinc.eu/collections/radio-raheem
  2. No Mercy - Widespread Bloodshed LP 1987 NM/NM 1st Press on Suicidal Records w/ insert. $60ppd/Gift [email protected]
  3. http://www.ebay.com/sch/coladicto/m.html http://www.ebay.com/sch/coladicto/m.html http://www.ebay.com/sch/coladicto/m.html
  4. All records are either unplayed or Mint Postage not included Payment by Paypal w/ 2.9% fee or Postal Money Order Contact: [email protected] Funeral Bell 12" /93 with tour-only "Violates You Live" CD-R #10/50 $300 obo Alive On the Streets of Cleveland LP /280 signed by Athenar $125 obo Farewell To Hell [Die Hard] clear 10" w/pic disc 7" /200 incl poster $125 obo Complete And Total Fucking Midnight [Die Hard] 2LP w/patch+sticker $75 obo Berlin Is Burning [Pic Disc] LP $50 obo Satanic Royalty [Blue] LP $50 obo Satanic Royalty [Pic Disc] LP $50 obo No Mercy For Mayhem [Oxblood] LP $25 obo No Mercy For Mayhem [Pic Disc] LP $50 obo Shox Of Violence [German Flag] 12" /250 $50 obo White Hot Fire 7" /341 $75 obo Slay The Spits [Black] 7" $15 obo Split 7" w/ Nunslaughter /70 [Black] $75 obo Split 7" w/ Abigail #371/500 [Black] $50 obo Split 7" w/ Toxic Holocaust [White] $20 obo Decibel Flexi $15 obo XL Witch Bitch Black Shirt $25 obo
  5. All shirts in good condition. Postage not included. All payments by Paypal / Gift. Get at me: [email protected] Pics of shirts: http://s694.photobucket.com/user/siboopsdeh/library/Shirts Insted MD $25 To The Point XL $10 RIP XXL $7 Terrorizer XL $10 Instant Asshole LG $3 Asshole Parade LG $5 Never Healed LG $7 Progeria XL $3ea Lack Of Interest SM $7 Harpoon Guns LG $7 Russian Circles Hoodie $10 Champion LG $10 Crossed Out XXL $7 Burial XXL $3 Comeback Kid LG $7 Victims LG $5 Crom LG $5 Venom LG $8 Bumbklaat LG $3 Judas $5 Annihilation Time XXL $10 / XL $10 / LG $7 Despise You LG $5 Piece By Piece LG $5 Flak LG $3 Deadfall LG $3ea Ill Repute MD $5 Scarred For Life LG $3 Final Draft LG $3 2Pac XL $10 Broken Needle LG / XXL $3ea Crude SS XXL $5 Curtainrail XL $5 Decry SM $5 Oblivionation XXL $7 Society Nvrse XL $10 All records in good condition & postpaid in the US. I can provide pix if needed. Can/Mex add $16 for LP & $10 for EP Everywhere else add $25 for LP & $15 for EP LP's: Discharge - HNSNSN LP Havoc 2010 $15 Rebels And Infidels ‎– Corporate Picnic LP Fowl 1984 $30 Russian Meatsquats ‎– Let's Hang Out! LP Whoopsie Kerplonk 1986 w/insert $25 Shitter Limited ‎– Nyt Ammutaan LP Mefisto Production 1994 Finland w/poster $45 The Star Club ‎– Cool Posers! (The Early Singles 1977-83) LP 1999 Japan w/insert $15 The Coneheads LP 1st press w/ insert $70 obo Dead Language LP Iron Lung w/inner $10 Eel – Endless Fucker LP Konton Crasher 2014 w/inserts Clear vinyl $25 obo Flying Trichecos LP $10 Nerveskade LP Glow in the dark vinyl #5/187 w/insert $50 obo Prisoner Abuse LP Painkiller 2012 Clear vinyl w/insert $30 obo Violent Reaction - City Streets LP Painkiller 2013 1st press Red vinyl w/insert $40 obo EP's: The Fix - Vengeance EP 2002 b00treg Orange vinyl /200 $20 obo Iranian Homos - Fags For Allah EP $15 obo Nerveskade - Acid Attack EP Tour version $30 obo Pitfall - Scapegoat EP Red vinyl $20 obo The Secret Prostitutes - Mati Di Moskow EP w/insert $10 obo Violent Reaction 2nd EP Brown sleeve $20 obo Yeastie Girlz - Ovary Action EP $10 obo All tapes in good condition. Postage not included. Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain (Combat) $10 Bad Blood - s.l.b.p.i.s. Demo $5 Channel 3 - The Skinhead Years $10 Fugitive - Reality Master $10 Known Abuser Demo 2014 $15 Loose Cannons Demo 2004 $5 Los Crudos - Live 7/28/98 At P.C.H. Club #44/50 (best offer) http://tinyurl.com/jebckn4 Masacre 68 / Histeria - Split Tape 1998 (Cryptas) $20 Mentally Challenged - Regressor Pt. 1 $10 obo Mentally Challenged - Bruxist $10 obo Pitfall Demo 2012 $10 obo Pressing On Demo $5 Screamers - Save The Masque 1978 $20 Skrapyard - Not Dead Yet!!! Mixtape 2012 $15 obo Various - Esta Sucia Ciudad $10 obo http://tinyurl.com/h326cwv Various - No Sense Whatsoever $10 obo http://tinyurl.com/z5zq9qy Various - In Memory Of Celtic Frost $10 obo http://tinyurl.com/zf9ow4y Various - The Stomp-I-Lation $10 obo http://tinyurl.com/j7m4hcm
  6. http://www.ebay.com/sch/returnoftherat/m.html Listing all my tee's in the coming days.
  7. All in good condition unless noted. Postage not included. All payments as Gift worldwide. Open to offers. Pictures: http://tinyurl.com/jghwg8r Contact: [email protected] Broken Needle XXL $5 (new) Bastard "Mummy" XL $7 (small rips on back from belt) Crow "Skull" $10 (new) Crude SS XXL $5 (sleeveless) Curtainrail XL $5 Death Side XXL $7 Decry SM $3 Denak XL $5 Despise You late 90's 1st shirt XL $15 Despise You late 90's 2nd shirt XL $15 Floor XXL $5 (small rip on image) Gauze XXL $15 (small rip on image) Gloom "Recomendation" XL $10 The Grim XL $5 Infest "Nazi Killer" XXL $15 (new) Insted "Reunion" MED $25 Knife Fight XL $7 Noisear XL $3 Oblivionation XXL $10 (worn once) Omegas XL $15 Poison Idea "Getting The Fear" XXL $10 Progeria "Logo" XXL $3 Progeria "Soldier" XXL $3 Rabies MED $3 Raw Distractions XL $7 Reproach "Reaper" XL $7 (new) Reproach "Skater" XL $7 Social Unrest XL $7 The Smiths SM $10 Society Nvrse XL $10 Totalitar XL $7 (2 small rips on back) Void XXL $5 (sleeveless)
  8. Records are all in good condition & are not post paid. Contact me here: [email protected] Battalion Of Saints - Rock In Peace LP Mystic 1987 w/postcard $20 Beowülf ‎– Lost My Head LP Caroline 1988 w/inner $25 Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers / I Refuse It - Split LP C.O.R. 1985 w/inner $55 Corrosion Of Conformity ‎– Eye For An Eye LP Caroline 1988 $20 Desechables ‎– Buen Ser-vicio LP Munster 2002 Spain w/insert $20 Discharge - HNSNSN LP Havoc 2010 $15 Fearless Iranians From Hell - Foolish Americans LP Boner 1990 w/insert & order form $20 Flesh Eaters - For Ever Came Today LP Ruby 1982 w/insert & order form $20 Manliftingbanner - Ten Inches That Shook The World $15 Mecht Mensch / Clitboys / Active Ingredients / The Catatonics - 4 EP's On An LP 1993 $25 Psycho - Hosebags From Hell LP Ax/ction 1986 w/insert $15 Psycho - You Love Us, You Hate Us LP Ax/ction 1988 w/insert & order form $15 Psycho - Riches And Fame 10" Pic Disc 1991 Ax/ction $10 Rebels And Infidels ‎– Corporate Picnic LP Fowl 1984 $30 Rondos ‎– Destroy The Entertainment 2LP King Kong 2009 Netherlands w/insert & booklet $20 Rorschach - Remain Sedate LP Gern Blandsten w/inner $15 Russian Meatsquats ‎– Let's Hang Out! LP Whoopsie Kerplonk 1986 w/insert $25 Shitter Limited ‎– Nyt Ammutaan LP Mefisto Production 1994 Finland w/poster $45 The Star Club ‎– Cool Posers! (The Early Singles 1977-83) LP 1999 Japan w/insert $15 TMA - What's For Dinner LP Jimboco 1984 1st Press w/insert $15 Virulence - If This Isn't A Dream LP Alchemy 1989 pre-Fu Manchu $15 Absolut / Paranoid ‎– Split LP Beach Impediment 2015 Orange vinyl $35 Absolute Power LP Youth Attack 2016 Cloudy Clear-Black Blob w/inner $20 Dead Language LP Iron Lung w/inner $10 Eel – Endless Fucker LP Konton Crasher 2014 w/inserts Clear vinyl $25 Flying Trichecos LP $10 Koszmar ‎– Jeniec Wojenny LP Rust & Machine 2013 #51/100 White vinyl w/obi & insert $15 Prisoner Abuse LP Painkiller 2012 Clear vinyl w/insert $30 The Secret Prostitutes ‎– Never Mind The KBD LP Bad Hair 1st Press of 400 w/inserts $40 Sickoids LP Residue 2012 White vinyl w/insert & poster $10 Slang - The Immortal Sin LP Schizophrenic 2009 White/Red vinyl $10 Soul Swallower ‎– Devoured LP Painkiller 2011 White vinyl w/inner $15 Suffering Luna With The Astronaut King / Suffer The Storm ‎– Split LP w/insert $10 Violent Reaction - City Streets LP Painkiller 2013 1st press Red vinyl w/insert $40
  9. Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers / I Refuse It! - Permanent Scar LP VG/VG $55ppd Beowülf ‎- Lost My Head... But I'm Back On The Right Track LP VG/VG $25ppd The Stalin ‎- Sakhalin Smile 80-84 LP VG/VG $20ppd info: [email protected]
  10. INSTED Medium Green Reunion Tee $50ppd OBO I got this at their reunion show at the Showcase Theatre in Corona, CA. on July 10th, 2004. Used but in good condition. No rips, holes, discoloration, etc. Comes from a smoke free home (duh). Also: Double–O Dischord EP VG/VG $60ppd OBO Totalitär ‎– Allting Är På Låtsas EP M/M Unplayed Stock Copy $30ppd OBO To The Point – Success In Failure EP #43/314 Purple Vinyl w/ Poster $50 OBO [email protected]
  11. Mint/unplayed stock copy w/insert & sticker... I'm looking for the following in trade {preferably in Mint/Excellent condition}: FU's "My America" MLP Lockjaw "Dead Friends" EP Lockjaw "Shock Value" EP Shotgun Solution EP Neon Christ EP Toreros After Ole MLP UBR EP Violent Tumor EP 5051 EP Svart Framtid EP BGK "White Male" EP Battalion Of Saints "Fighting Boys" MLP Ring Of Fire "Common Enemy" MLP Die Kreuzen 1st EP Heart Attack "Keep Your Distance" MLP etc. PM me your trade offers. Thanks.
  12. http://purehate.bigcartel.com http://purehate.bigcartel.com http://purehate.bigcartel.com http://purehate.bigcartel.com
  13. email: [email protected] http://www.purehate.bigcartel.com http://www.purehate.bigcartel.com http://www.purehate.bigcartel.com http://www.purehate.bigcartel.com
  14. Got a ton more stuff I'm gonna be making very soon Like Dicks "KFTH", Eyes "TAQN", WarZone "DFTS", Sodom "In The Sign Of Evil" and more I'm also open for suggestions. Thanks for looking http://www.purehate.bigcartel.com http://www.purehate.bigcartel.com http://www.purehate.bigcartel.com http://www.purehate.bigcartel.com
  15. Sold: MK Ultra 2LP No Peace EP Upstab EP