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  1. True. I'm not an audiophile or anything, I just want decent quality since I'm just getting into this. And I guess a generic question gives a generic answer. Would you say I should get A2+ audioengines or Pioneer BS22 LR?
  2. I'm totally in agreement: the reason i'm avoiding crosley is because I'm trying to avoid wrecking any records. But if I'm not going to be cheap on the turntable, I am going to have to be cheaper on the speakers and pre amps, which brings me back to my original question: I'm guessing the passive speakers will sound better than active speakers?
  3. That's kinda harsh. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be my first turntable, nothing too fancy or audiophile yet. I'm guessing the passive speakers will sound better than active speakers? If actives are cheaper I'll get a pre amp for like $50 and the A2+.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I think that's what I'll be going with. But would powered or passive speakers be better? Or is the Onkyo and Pioneer the way to go?
  5. Finally held my breath and read through your entire post. Much less confusing, sorry about the posts I've made earlier (I feel so enlightened). Still confused about some stuff but a much clearer image of this vinyl thing. Thanks, a lot of info here and it helped me out. Since you've owned an orbit, would you recommend the ATLP120 or the Orbit? Also, what are your thoughts on the Onkyo TX-8020? It's one of the recommended amps/receivers on Uturns site, so I think it might be worth getting. Will this still require the preamp? And for speakers, are passives or powered better in general? I'm sure a $1000 of one will outdo a $100 of the other type, but for the same price ranges, which route should I go with?
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I read that the Crosley, ION, etc brands are sh*t in the thread you posted already. I will try to steer clear. I'm not too keen on buying a vintage turntable, since there'll probably be a lot of maintenance and knowledge/experience involved, which I don't have. Really, a new one is just so much easier for me. I've looked at the second hand used turntables such as a pro-ject Debut carbon, or the rega, but on amazon it only shaves off a few dozen USD, not enough for my budget, and as you mentioned, I need to buy speakers and amps??? so that's already way past budget. Seems to be a promising turntable, $180 for a turntable is actually less than LP120? I'm debating this seriously, but also, the orbit will require a pre-amp, as well as a receiver and speakers (correct me if I'm wrong, I have no idea what this means) = more money? A question for @dbarila, what do you mean by 5 week lead time? Does that mean it will only be released 5 weeks from now? Or is it just a long long backorder that means the next batch will only be available in 5 weeks or so? And to the general public: if I buy an ATLP120, or the U Turn Orbit, what will I need to go along with it? Pre-amp? Receiver? Speakers? Thanks all
  7. Thanks for the input, but again, the Debut Carbon is still expensive, not counting the speakers and other stuff I will need to buy. Low budget means nothing? I understand. I probably should've picked through it a bit more carefully but I did start out on that thread, and could not understand much of it. Most of the jargon in there was opinionated stuff. Back to my first question though: is the ATLP120 a good beginner buy? Thanks
  8. First time posting, been reading up on a few threads on records and turntables. I'm looking into getting into the turntable obsessions, but not sure if I'm going to stick with it so I'd like to just buy a (cheap) but good turntable. I know that many of you readers may complain, saying that I should go buy myself an ION or Crosley or something with a relatively bad quality, but I also have a small budget that doesn't allow me to get a Project Debut or Rega just yet. Preferably something under 200$, can be about 250 but really cheaper is better here. I've looked at the Audio Technica LP120, and because I don't want an automatic, I think it might be a good choice even if its a bit expensive. I also have a question about what to first dabble in: Should I buy a turntable, preamp, and speakers? Or an All-in-One setup like a Crosley that will allow me to start this endeavor? Also, for anybody who's used the ATLP120, can you tell me if its an ideal player for a beginner? Should I invest in something more expensive because it has a sh*t sound? Also, what kind of components will I need? A speaker? A preamp? If anyone would recommend a different method or cheaper turntable that won't ruin records, please reply and tell me about it. I'm mainly concerned with starting out with a real setup and actual speakers, or a speakers included portable turntable.

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