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  1. so i have a couple vinyl that i can't find any pressing information for and i was wondering if anyone could help me out Nirvana- Nevermind, Gold marble david griffin company press. trade mark DGC 1991 (Made in EU) Nirvana- Foretaste, Studio recording sep. 1991, sold orange large hole 7" (feat. Drain you, Dumb and The end of music) Green Day- Pick a winner, 1994 UK radio session, transparent green large hole 7" (record label reads (not for sale, promo use only, made in USA) feat. Basket case, 2,000 light years away and she) and help would be appreciated, especially on how many of each of these actually exist. i would post a picture, but i don't know how haha***
  2. I have a couple of records I'm looking to buy that I'm I've been looking for for a while, if anybody has anything their willing to sell that would be awesome ****All Time Low - Put up or shut up (any press) (need this as a present)**** The Wonder Years - Dismantling summer 7" (any screen press variant) The Wonder Years - Sleeping on trash (Any variant) The Wonder Years - won't be pathetic forever (any variant) The Wonder Years - leavenhouse. 11:30 The Wonder Years - Don't Let me cave in 7" (any variant) The Wonder Years - Distances 7" (any variant) The Story So Far - tssf/maker split 7" (any variant) The Story So Far - While you were sleeping (any variant) The Story So Far - Under Soil and dirt (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th press) Dance Gavin Dance - Self titled (any press) Dance Gavin Dance - Perfect 7" Dance Gavin Dance - Backwards pumpkin song flexi pm/message me if you're willing to sell or email me @ [email protected]