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  1. sabbath, wynona riders and gas huffer gone. rest still available. entertaining offers on the lot, if you want. email - david.solender AT gmail.com
  2. Yes, $5 each. No matter how many or how few you buy. $3 shipping, no matter how many or how few you buy. Email me please. NO PM's. Thanks. these range from new sealed to vg but nothing under that. all playable, maybe a bit of spine wear on some. if you want more info, ask. some is also on color, I didn't check. again, ask. NO PM's. please. EMAIL - david.solender AT gmail.com Balancing Act, The - New Campfire Songs (Type A) Biafra, Jello - High Priest of Harmful Matter (Alternative Tentacles) Biafra, Jello - No More Cocoons (Alternative Tentacles) Bollweevils, The - Stick Your Neck Out! (Dr Strange) Brodsky, Stephen - Ole Sunday (Magic Bullet) Captain Nowhere - Party Time (Idiomism) Confront James - Chemical Exposure (SST, corner clipped) Dirty Chinese Thieves - Uber Alles (Nefarious) Dirty Sweets, The - Bubblegum Damaged (Rip Off) Flim Flams, The - s/t (VML/Lookout) Forward to Death - Death Therapy (Perfect Victim) Gas Huffer - One Inch Masters (Epitaph) Hammer Bros - The Kids Are Dead (Arrest) Jerry Spider Gang - Exile on Mainstream (Lollipop) Larry and the Gonowheres - s/t (Puke) Manifesto Jukebox - Remedy (BYO) Moral Crux - I was a Teenage Teenager (Jailhouse) Moral Crux - Pop Culture Assassins (Jailhouse) Moral Crux - s/t (Jailhouse) Morcheeba - Part of the Process (China) One Hit Wonder - Outfall (Nitro) Orphan Choir - s/t (Art of the Underground) Piranhas - Piranhas Attack (Tom Perkins) Screw 32 - Unresolved Childhood Issues (Wingnut) Seasick - Two Years... (Damage Done) Sonorous Gale - Two’s a Crowd (Wrong Foot) Stray Cats - Built for Speed (EMI) Sweet Ones, The - Big Mistakes (Crafty) Tanks, The - Keep Breaking Down (Scenester Credentials) Tired From Now On - Romantic (No Idea) Unit Breed, The - Always Distance the Lonely (Idiomism) v/a - THe Cretins Wanna Dance (Swindlebra, danish punk comp... i think) Victor! Fix the Sun - Person Place or Thing (Friction) Wreck of Old ‘98 - s/t (multiple labels) Wynona Riders, The - J.D. Salinger (Lookout) xOne Wayx - s/t (Underground Communique) Zillionaires, The - s/t (Unity Squad/Pelado)
  3. New from John Wilkes Booth Records + RSD Weekend Sale! (Lipstick Homicide, Turkletons, Smokejumper, American Lies) We’re proud to announce two new releases this weekend. The first is a split 7” between two excellent Midwest pop punk bands, LIPSTICK HOMICIDE and THE TURKLETONS. You might know Iowa’s pride, Lipstick Homicide from their split LP with Billy Raygun on JWB or their appearance on Adeline Records’ “The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore” compilation. At any rate, you don’t want to skip out on the female fronted front loaded in your face pop punk that I have heard several refer to as “girl Green Day.” On the flip side The Turkletons are fresh off their sold out split with heavy hitting crime pop band Masked Intruder and come at you with two songs about god knows what. It’s clean, fast, and makes you wonder why they never leave Minneapolis. Oh well! Fronted by Chris Dickhead of Strait A’s “fame” The second is ANOTHER split 7”, this time between west coast bands SMOKEJUMPER and AMERICAN LIES. Smokejumper, from Seattle, play melody driven pop punk featuring old dudes who really do not want to get off the couch all that much. In the past, Smokejumper has also released a split with San Jose’s defunct The Pillowfights on Silver Sprocket and a self-titled full length CD. American Lies are a little younger and are from Southern California, where they bask in the sunshine and get a little noodlier, but never become unanchored from a driving beat anchored by bass and drums. American Lies have several other releases to peruse including a 1-sided 12” on Muy Autentico Records. Not only are these fresh slabs available to you NOW, but in honor of RECORD STORE DAY we’ve put the whole webstore marked town 20% off (TWENTY PERCENT OFF!!!!). This extends THIS WEEKEND ONLY so pick up the new stuff at a discount and be sure to check out our newly updated distro with tons of current and older punk and pop punk essentials. Thank you as always! David / John Wilkes Booth Records http://johnwilkesboothrecords.com http://johnwilkesboothrecords.com/store on Twitter: @jwbrecs on Instagram! @jwb2k13 on Snapchat! @jwb2k13
  4. http://johnwilkesboothrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=5&zenid=999322fe17d336c9ea3815baeb2f44ad
  5. My website was down for a minute but it's back now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please give me your money. Thanks.
  6. Hi. This is one of my favorite EPs of all time so I put it out on 12" vinyl at 45. It's out now and the first so many copies get it on the pretty orange vinyl pictured below. You can also get it from the band on their upcoming european tour as soon as I can be bothered to actually send them their copies. You can buy it at the new JWB store located at http://johnwilkesboothrecords.com/store Again, that's http://johnwilkesboothrecords.com/store Here's a picture: One last time, the URL to visit to purchase this, and other great pop punk records, is: http://johnwilkesboothrecords.com/store http://johnwilkesboothrecords.com/store http://johnwilkesboothrecords.com/store Thank you.
  7. the dc# i have says you should have this today
  8. Sorry for no update in the last week or so, been bombarded with stuff for the Like Bats record we just put out! John Wilkes Booth Distro Update 5/8/12 New Stuff and Restocks 7” Algernon Cadwallader – Fun Beatnik Termites/Shock Treatment – Split Cousin Brian – s/t Credentials/Steelhorse - Split Jizz Kids – How About A Nice Cup of Shut The Fuck Up Nona/Peeple Watchin’ – Split Peabodys – The Future Will Kill You Scum Again – s/t Side Project – New Brain Tenement – Taking Everything Young Leaves – Art of the Underground 10” Jetty Boys/Haddonfields – Split Steinways – Missed The Boat 12” Algernon Cadwallader – Parrot Flies Algernon Cadwallader – Some Kind of Cadwallader Crumbs – Gator Kicks Dead Mechanical – Addict Rhythms Dead Mechanical – Medium Noise Fear of Lipstick – s/t Ridgemont – Colder Days Sick Sick Birds – Gates of Home Summer Vacation – Condition Sundials – Never Settle Unlovables - Heartsickle Cassette No Sir, I Won’t - Demo Summer Vacation – Condition Summer Vacation – Discography Toys That Kill – Fambly 42 CD Be My Doppelganger – No Composure Fear of Lipstick – s/t House Boat – The Delaware Octopus Varsity Weirdos – Can’t Go Home
  9. All orders (except two which included a Not Yet tape, which will go out tomorrow because I haven't gotten the inserts printed yet) went out today. Thanks, guys! It was a hell of a trip to the post office. Small amount of clear copies left. LB will have their copies for shows they have coming up this weekend.