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  1. ^ Once I tagged you Chuck for some reason I couldn't type anything anymore. Anyways, thanks for that. Just trying to get some honest feedback about what might be a simple question, but it's helpful to hear other ideas and other examples so I can see what works for me. With that being said, thanks for all of the great feedback on this from everyone. I did speak with a contractor who I saw at a family event and he confirmed the load bearing wall is the best option for second floor placement like I am looking for. Unfortunately, the second floor is my only option at this point and for the foreseeable future. That's why I want to make sure I get it right since it will be there for an extended period of time. Feel free to keep the discussion going if anyone has any additional feedback. In the next few weeks I'll be working on getting it secured and I'll post some pics in case it will help anyone else that comes across this thread with similar questions.
  2. I am hoping to get some feedback on the IKEA Kallax 5x5 unit and the wall anchor hardware. I have two 4x2 units filled up with my records but I recently aquired a 5x5 unit and would like to move my records into that. The bottom molding doesn't allow the 5x5 unit to sit flush with the wall and I was unsure about using the wall anchor hardware to secure it to the wall since essentially I'd be pushing the top portion against the wall because it isn't sitting flush. I'd feel better about using the wall anchor hardware but if it isn't advisable the way its positioned then I hope I can get some feedback with some other ideas or options. Additionally, the wall the 5x5 is up against is the wall I'd like for it to be on (all the walls have the bottom molding so I'd run into the above situation on any wall)... but it is not an outside wall and is shared with the room next to it. So in the other room, on the other side of the wall is a filled 1500 capacity CD shelf. I am thinking about weight limits for construction and weight distribution if I were to keep the 5x5 unit on the other side of the wall with the CD shelf. Does anybody know what kind of weight limits there are for second floor construction? I did do some searching online and I came up with some information about 240lbs per square foot or something like that. Not sure how accurate that is or if there is anything else I should consider. Also not sure what the ultimate weight would be with a full 5x5 Kallax / 1500 CD shelf against either side of a wall. I'd like to post some pictures if that helps with any discussion on this topic. It seems as though my Dropbox links to the pictures will not take when I click the "insert other media" button at the bottom of the post here. Thanks so much in advance!
  3. With all things considered it probably best to put that towards the Marantz I've been looking at but it will be much further down the line before I get a full room setup in order. So it comes down to weighing the options. Id get something cheaper that would still work nice but after looking at speakers and a preamp I'd be up in cost anyways. Ahhhh the decisions, haha
  4. Thanks for the feedback @AGB I'm mainly looking to get something of high quality that won't mess up my records at the best price possible while I get things sorted out for my dedicated music room after we moved. I wouldn't want to put any additional money into the setup if possible...I'd just spring for a new table. (I've had my eye on a Marantz for quite some time). I agree though 550 seems like a good deal for the product.
  5. The speakers appear to run 400 on their own. The entire is on sale for 550. Is the turntable, albeit entry level, one that I could transition to a full setup do you think?
  6. Anyone have any thoughts or feedback on the Klipsch R-15PM Turntable set that includes the Klipsch/Pro-Ject Primary turntable and pair of Klipsch speakers? R-15PM Turntable Pack | Klipsch I came across the set at a good sale price here locally. I need a new, quality turntable for use now. Would this come recommended? Thanks in advance.