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    No Sky Cassette Tapes Thread

    Thanks for the redirect and the support! More great releases on the way!
  2. Hi Vinyl Collective, I hope your holiday seasons are going well. Here is a thread I will occasionally update with the goings on of my label, currently based out of Las Vegas, NV. OUT NOW FROM NO SKY CASSETTE TAPES DEC 2017: Homebodys - Smoker CS Lo-fi is a word that's been thrown about quite often over the last...several decades. But what does it actually mean? That's debatable. Some people think about charming bedroom musings hastily recorded on an ancient four track, others might have more negative connotations involving some less-than-approachable people who sound like a third-rate BOYRACER. At any rate, the HOMEBODYS have acheived what's so hard for many to do on their 8-song tape, SMOKER. Amazing pop songs that sound like they're not even trying all that hard, impressively going where few LAS VEGAS bands have ever dared to venture. Effortlessly absorbing the influences from their predecessors but never imitating, this is lo-fi that deserves your attention, but does not demand it. Listen: https://homebodys2.bandcamp.com/album/smoker Purchase: http://noskycassettetapes.bigcartel.com/product/homebodys-smoker Brett Vee - Real Soon CS Repress of the 5 song debut from the master of melodious mope. Get it before it is gone...again. Listen: https://brettvee.bandcamp.com/album/real-soon Purchase: http://noskycassettetapes.bigcartel.com/product/brett-vee-real-soon-cs Brett Vee - Generalizing Anxiety CS The sophomore effort from Las Vegas's favorite lofi slop pop creator, 5 songs to fan the flames of discontent(and accompanying lack of will to do anything about them) in your heart. Listen: https://brettvee.bandcamp.com/album/generalizing-anxiety Purchase: http://noskycassettetapes.bigcartel.com/product/brett-vee-generalizing-anxiety-cs JAN 2018: Yaawn - Big House CS Orange County's YAAWN rages like nothing I've ever heard before. Angular twisty music that will take your head for a very satisfying spin. https://yaawn.bandcamp.com/album/big-house-2 Also available only from NO SKY: Via DHRC: Good Grief - Reactor CS ONLY 20 COPIES, BIGCARTEL LINK COMING VERY SOON https://goodgrieflv.bandcamp.com/album/reactor-b-w-theres-nothing-left Moon Blood - Cramp CS Raging feminist pogo punk! Harnessing the blistering environment and oppressive nature of the city, Las Vegas's Moon Blood eviscerate on their ferocious debut! (Catch their followup from RIP Listen: : https://moonbloodlv.bandcamp.com/album/violent-acts) Listen: https://moonbloodlv.bandcamp.com/album/cramp-demo Purchase: http://noskycassettetapes.bigcartel.com/product/moon-blood-cramp-cs Good Grief - EP Before Brett Vee struck out on his own he was causing quite the clatter with Las Vegas's own trio of curmudgeonly crooners, Good Grief! Here is their lone ep, the followup to their now sold out/out of print debut cassingle. 6 undeniably catchy tracks of pop that you simply mustn't ignore! Posthumous final single coming this winter! Listen: https://goodgrieflv.bandcamp.com/album/ep Purchase: http://noskycassettetapes.bigcartel.com/product/good-grief-ep Via Running in Place Records(https://www.runninginplacerecords.com/): Brett Vee - Derivative Nation EP With two tapes within year one, Brett Vee has certainly been blasting 'em out! Perhaps you’ve been wondering what would happen if some entity was depraved enough to put out an actual record of this stuff? You may cease to wonder immediately as Las Vegas’s own Running in Place Records has done just that! Listen: https://brettvee.bandcamp.com/album/derivative-nation-ep Purchase: http://noskycassettetapes.bigcartel.com/product/brett-vee-derivative-nation-ep CHECK BIGCARTEL FOR THE LATEST UPDATES: http://noskycassettetapes.bigcartel.com/