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  1. Oh wow! What would you need to part with those?
  2. Here is what I am missing! LK 002 CORRUPTED MORALS Chet EP 7” LK 006 STIKKY Where´s My Launchpail? LP LK 007 PLAID RETINA s/t 7” LK 010 OPERATION IVY Energy LP LK 011 V.A. The Thing That Ate Floyd D LP LK 012 NEUROSIS Aberration 7” LK 013 SURROGATE BRAINS Surrogate Serenados 7” LK 014 EYEBALL Prosthetic Head 7” LK 017 GREEN DAY 1.000 Hours 7” LK 018 LOOKOUTS! Spy Rock Road LP LK 019 CORRUPTED MORALS Cheese-It LP LK 020 PLAID RETINA Pink Eye LP LK 021 NEUROSIS The Word As Law LP / CS / CD LK 023 THE MR. T. EXPERIENCE So long Sucker 7” LK 024 SAMIAM I Am 7” LK 026 FUEL Take Effect 7” LK 030 FILTH Live The Chaos 7” LK 032 THE VAGRANTS Gone 7” LK 034 FIFTEEN s/t 7” LK 036 BRENT´S TV Lumberjack Days 7” LK 038 MONSULA Structure LP LK 039 THE MR. T EXPERIENCE Everybody´s Entilted… LP LK 040 FIFTEEN Swain´s First Bike Ride LP LK 041 SCHERZO s/t 7” LK 044 V.A. Can Of Pork D LP LK 045 THE MR. T EXPERIENCE Love American Style 7” LK 047 SCHERZO Suffering And Joy LP LK 050 SCREECHING WEASEL My Brain Hurts LP LK 053 JÜKE Don´t Hate Us Because… 7” LK 054 FUNBUG Tezbinetop EP 7” LK 055 MONSULA Sanitized LP LK 057 CRIMPSHRINE Duct Tape Soup LP LP LK 059 RANCID s/t 7” LK 060 CITIZEN FISH Disposable Dream / Flesh… 7” LK 061 TILT s/t 7” LK 062 SCREECHING WEASEL Boogadaboogadaboogada LP LK 065 FIFTEEN Choice Of A New Generation LP LK 069 PANSY DIVISION Fem In A Black Leather Jacket 7” LK 071 TILT Play Cell LP LK 072 RAOOUL Fresh And Nubile 7” LK 073 BORN AGAINST / SCREECHING W. Split / (Janelle / El Mozote) 7” LK 076 SCREECHING WEASEL Anthem For A New Tomorrow LP LK 080 THE MR. T. EXPERIENCE Our Bodies Our Selves LP LK 085 PANSY DIVISION Nine Inch Males 7” LK 088 RAOOUL / SKINNED TEEN Split (With Wiiija Records) LP LK 094 BIG RIG Expansive Heart 7” LK 096 THE INVALIDS Punker Than Me 7” LK 098 THE POTATOMEN On The Avenue 7” LK 101 THE POTATOMEN Now LP LK 109 PANSY DIVISION James Bondage 7” LK 113 THE HI-FIVES Welcome To My Mind LP LK 119 THE PEE CHEES Scented Gun 7” LK 120 RIVERDALES s/t LP LK 123 CITIZEN FISH Millenia Madness LP LK 126 THE MR. T EXPERIENCE Alterative Is Here To Stay 7” LK 127 PANSY DIVISION Valentine´s Day 7” LK 135 HI-FIVES And A Whole Lotta You! LP LK 137 GO SAILOR Don´t Go 7” LK 140 THE QUEERS Don´t Back Down LP LK 141 THE VINDICTIVES Johnny, Where Are You? Pic 7” LK 142 THE COUCH OF EUREKA Year Of The Zombie LP LK 143 CUB Box Of Hair LP LK 145 THE MR. T EXPERIENCE Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue… 10” LK 146 GROOVIE GHOULIES The Island Of Pogo Pogo 7” LK 148 GROOVIE GHOULIES Appetite For Adrenalance LP LK 149 GROOVIE GHOULIES Born In The Basement LP LK 150 FIFTEEN Ooze 7” LK 151 GROOVIE GHOULIES World Contact Day LP LK 152 CITIZEN FISH Thirst LP LK 155 THE PHANTOM SURFERS The Great Surf Crash Of `97 LP LK 156 THE PHANTOM SURFERS Istanbul 7” LK 158 THE QUEERS Bubblegum Dreams 7” LK 159 THE HI-FIVES It´s Up To You 7” LK 161 THE CRUMBS s/t LP LK 163 FURIOUS GEORGE Goes Ape! 7” LK 170 THE CRIMINALS Never Been Caught LP LK 171 PARASITES Hang Up 7” LK 172 BLACK FORK Rock For Loot LP / CD LK 176 AUNTIE CHRIST Life Could Be A Dream LP LK 177 GROOVIE GHOULIES Running With Big Foot 7” LK 178 THE GO NUTS s/t 7” LK 179 (YOUNG) PIONEERS On Trial 7” LK 180 MR. T EXPERIENCE Revenge Is Sweet…. LP LK 182 GROOVIE GHOULIES Re-Animation Festival LP LK 183 THE PHANTOM SURFERS The Exciting Sounds Of… LP LK 184 THE MR. T EXPERIENCE And I Will Be With You 7” LK 186 GROOVIE GHOULIES Graveyard Girlfriend 7” LK 189 AVAIL / (YOUNG) PIONEERS Split 7” LK 191 THE DONNAS American Teenage Rock´n´Roll Machine LP LK 193 V.A. All Punk Rods (w/Gearhead) LP LK 194 CRIMPSHRINE The Sound Of A New World… LP LK 196 THE DONNAS Rock´n´Roll Machine 7” LK 201 THE DONNAS s/t LP LK 204 THE PANTOM SUFERS Skaterhater LP LK 205 THE HI-FIVES Get Down LP LK 206 THE (YOUNG) PIONEERS Free The (Young Pioneers) Now LP LK 207 MORAL CRUX Something More Dangerous LP LK 209 CITIZEN FISH Habit 7” LK 210 THE CRUMBS Low And Behold LP LK 212 CITIZEN FISH Active Ingedience LP LK 214 THE DONNAS / TOILET BOYS Split 7” 7” LK 217 THE AVENGERS Died For You Sins LP LK 219 ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES Garf 7” LK 220 GROOVIE GHOULIES Fun In The Dark LP LK 221 / PB THE LILLINGTONS Death By Television LP LK 223 THE CUTS Heart Attack 7” LK 225 THE DONNAS Get Skinfight LP / CD LK 226 / PB COMMON RIDER Last Wave Rockers LP / CD LK 230 THE MOPES Accident Waiting To Happen LP LK 232 THE MR. T EXPERIENCE Alcatraz LP LK 233 (TOWARDS AN END) Change 7” LK 234 ANN BERETTA To All Our Fallen Heroes LP LK 237 / PB ENEMY YOU Where No One Knows… LP LK 238 THE DONNAS Kiss 7” LK 243 THE GO NUTS Dunk And Cover LP LK 244 THE EYELINERS Here Comes Trouble LP LK 246 GROOVIE GHOULIES Travels With My Amp LP LK 249 BLACK CAT MUSIC One Foot In The Grave 7” LK 250 PINHEAD GUNPOWDER 8 Chords, 328 Words 7” LK 251 / PB ZERO BOYS Livin In The 80´s 7” LK 252 BRATMOBILE Ladies, Women And Girls LP LK 253 ZERO BOYS Vicious Circle LP / CD LK 255 THE DONNAS Turn 21 LP LK 256 GAZA STRIPPERS 1000 Watt Confessions LP LK 258 PINHEAD GUNPOWDER Compulsive Disclosure LP LK 259 / PB THE LILLINGTONS The Backchannel Broadcast LP LK 264 ALKALINE TRIO Hell Yes 7” LK 268 TED LEO AND THE PARMACICITS The Tyranny Of Distance LP LK 270 THE QUEERS Pleasant Dreams LP LK 271 COMMON RIDER Thief In A Sleeping Town 7” LK 272 / PB THE EYELINERS Sealed With A Kiss LP LK 279 PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES Good Health LP LK 280 BRATMOBILE Girls Get Busy LP LK 286 WASHDOWN Washdown 7” LK 288 THE DONNAS Spend The Night LP LK 290 TED LEO AND THE PARMACISTS Hearts Of Oak LP LK 296 THE DONNAS Who Invited You 7” LK 310 TED LEO AND THE PHARMACISTS Shake The Streets LP LK 701 THE WASHDOWN Right Foot / Trouble 7”
  3. I’m looking to finish my Lookout!/Panic Button collection. I have quite a few holes I’d like to fill. Please let me know what you are willing to sell/trade!

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