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  1. I am no expert but I have noticed that most experts that I listen to say to start with the speakers. Get the best speakers that you can afford and set them as far away from the wall as possible. I have never been able to set my speakers out into the room but it does make a difference if you can. They generally recommend to spend more on the speakers than the amp too because they make the biggest difference. If your turntable works well, upgrading the stylus or maybe the cartridge and stylus would probably make more of a difference than buying a new turntable given that the cartridges are comparable between the two turntables. Of course, I have a very modest system made up of used equipment so I have very little experience with really nice hifi gear. I am just repeating what I hear the experts say. Enjoy whatever you have!
  2. Enjoy your records on your record player. I have 60+ year old records that were played on worse. Sure, you will wear them out a little faster but you won't live long enough to wear them out where they are unplayable. I guarantee that if you use that Crosley and take care not to scratch your records and keep them clean, when you get a better system, you will be amazed at how good they sound. Remember " Tomorrow isn't promised. " Play your music like it's your last chance!
  3. I just need the 2nd record ( sides 3 & 4 ) of Pink Floyd "The Wall" . I have the jacket and the first record. I would like at least vg but prefer vg+. I have seen them for $7.00 and would happily pay that but they were in Canada. I am in Oklahoma and international shipping is more than the album is worth. Thanks a lot! Gene