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  1. Last day for $5 shipping! Email me your orders until 11:59 tonight!
  2. We have some sale items too! http://chiselrecords.com/in/?view_type=grid&product_search=sale
  3. If you live in Canada then this is your lucky weekend. We are offering $5 shipping for as many records as you want. Your order will be shipped Expedited and will arrive in 1-7 days with tracking. Pretty rad, eh? Just email your orders to [email protected] and maybe a couple alternates in case something sells out before the site is updated. I'll send over a Paypal invoice and you will have a pile of great records delivered to your door in a few days or so. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Don't forget to find us on Facebook and Twitter. I like to give records away there! http://chiselrecords.com/main/ Thanks so much! Andrew
  4. and if your order is over $75 like the last one, I'm only charging $5 for shipping. Thanks to everyone that has placed orders so far!
  5. Canada Post is very pricey for one record but the price doesn't go up a whole lot more for a big box of records. I also get a small business rate for expedited. So far things have been very close to balanced as far as what I charge and what I pay for shipping. It's always a better deal for me if you buy multiple records. When I sell an individual record I charge a bit less than what I pay. This is the only way to stay competitive in the online world of selling records. This is why I encourage large orders and sometimes I bundle records together at a discounted rate. Also, expedited is 1-7 day shipping and it's usually the lower side, especially for Ontario. Hi Carlos!
  6. Hey Everyone! We have been testing this for the last little while and it seems like we can continue to offer $10 shipping for as many records as you want to order within Canada. Unfortunately there's no (easy) way to have the site calculate shipping properly with this deal, so just email me what you would like and I'll send over the invoice via Paypal. I'll also pay the tax, so there's no other fees for you to deal with. Also, please feel free to list alternate titles as orders will not be going through the site so the inventory levels may be inaccurate at times. Thanks so much for your time! Andrew www.chiselrecords.com/in
  7. Thanks you for all of the orders!!!! Today is the last day for free shipping! Hope everyone's weekend is going well!
  8. Thank you so much. Really appreciate your kind words and for taking the time to check out the site.
  9. http://chiselrecords.com/in/products-page/h/hot-water-music-6 http://chiselrecords.com/in/products-page/b/the-bouncing-souls-hot-water-music http://chiselrecords.com/in/products-page/r/the-rural-alberta-advantage-2 These are still in stock! Not many left though. I think there may only be 1 RAA left.
  10. Adam - Lunch/pints sounds great. I think I might set up a table at the Dude Ranch show for a couple hours early on too.
  11. Feel free to list alternates as some stuff has been selling out before I have a chance to update the site. Otherwise, I'll get in touch. Thanks so much for all of the orders! You guys/girls are the best!
  12. We get a pretty good small business rate in Canada and the service is very speedy. Records arrive in 2-7 days. They are shipped Canada Post Expedited.
  13. Chisel Records has free shipping in Canada and USA on orders over $25 and $45 respectively until March 31st. Email your orders to [email protected] and an invoice will be sent over via Paypal. Just make sure not to use the checkout on the site or shipping will be calculated. http://chiselrecords.com/in/ There's a bunch of titles on sale as well. http://chiselrecords.com/in/?view_type=grid&product_search=sale Lots of great limited vinyl to choose from!

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