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  1. Some amazing advice Thank you for taking the time to reply 🤘 I certainly won't be sticking my retirement fund into it! The intention is to work at my local shop (He knows my plan, and I may end up taking over his stock when he jack it in), and whilst I ma working there start an onliune presence - via Instagram/Facebook and selling on Ebay which should help build my knowledge - Questions for the group: Are there better ways to sell on the internet? Should I avoid certain ways?
  2. Yes! I have a record store close by that is going to let me work there (It's a small shop, off the main street and he is half retired), I am covering for him for a full week at Christmas and in February - I figured that this would be great experience
  3. Hello group I am getting to the end of my 'working for someone else' life and I am looking at starting a retail record business. My kids are grown up and it now feels the right time to do something that I think I will love, as music is my passion. Here is the problem though - I have no idea where to start! I have a small shop in mind that I can get relatively cheep but I have no contacts, I wouldn't have a clue where to buy new stock from? I am hoping that some kind members of this group, maybe even other independent shop owners can give me some advice/tips that will help me on my journey. Any advice welcome Ian
  4. Looking to buy: High Fidelity Soundtrack - ideally the orange vinyl (I think it is the 15th Anniversary), but I am happy to have the normal one if that is available