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  1. Hi,

    need some cash, hit me with your offers. Please NO "how much..."; get in touch via email: "my username" @gmail.com.

    Coheed and Cambria: in keeping secrets of silent earth:3 [Equal Vision] - white & orange /400

    Record is located in Germany and in perfect condition! I'm first and only owner, bought this directly from EVR back in the days.

    FYI: Registered and trackable oversea shipping is $14. I'm a legit trader on several boards, ask around.

    Thanks for looking!

  2. Hi,

    need some cash, hit me with your offers. Please NO "how much..."

    Alexisonfire: crisis [Defiance] - red /220

    Alexisonfire: watch out! [Defiance] - black /250

    Long out of print, blahblah. Bought them directly from Defiance back in the days, records are in perfect shape.

    Records are located in Germany, so oversea shipping is a little more expensive. I'm a legit trader on several boards, ask around.


  3. Hmmm.. been waiting for this pre-order for some time now and was pretty dissapointed when I noticed that the shipping is:

    United States Postal Service

    * Priority Mail International $ 33.05

    * Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular $ 79.50

    Federal Express

    * International Economy $ 59.31

    * International Priority $ 68.31

    Sounds really fucking much to me...

    yeah, insane. $81.05 total here for the deluxed edition. tried to contact them twice but it seems they don't care. fxck them!

  4. that's real kinda weird, pretty cool though. so is it like some kinda free preorder gift or something?

    its a giveaway and you cant buy it. editors always get free goodies like handmade promo boxes, shirts and sometimes vinyl :)

    This is the 2nd SEGA Vinyl btw. They did it a comp for Classic Collection too


  5. SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection will soon be released on PS3 and Xbox360. Got my copy today together with this sweety:


    A fine piece of vinyl featuring songs from MG classics like Space Harrier, Golden Axe, Ristar, Phantasy Star II... 180g clear blue vinyl (GZ Vinyl), embossed cover limited to #3000.

    wooohhhh Ristar rocks!

  6. here ya go! hope this helps.....


    Workshop Box Set

    1.Grade/Incision split LP

    2.Franklin LP (16 songs taken from the 1st & 2nd 7"s, comp. tracks and "go kid go"LP)

    3.Jersey-"noturning back" LP

    4.The Jazz June-"they love those..." LP

    5.The Jazz June-"the boom..." LP

    6.Mid Carson July-"ten years..." LP

    7.SlingShotDavid- CD-R Unreleased 5 tracks

    8.CD-R w/Union Young America 7" tracks (workshop #2)

    Mid Carson July/Jersey split 2x7"/CD which was never released but both bands used the song in later recordings. Pele track which was recorded for a split 8" w/ AMFM. Pele used this track for a Polyvinyl comp. but not the same recording.

    9.Along with stickers, a poster and a colour copy of Workshop's new logo which was never used.

    the sets varied a little bit, but thats pretty much the bulk of whats in there.

    omg! i NEED it!!!!


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