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  1. Hey there, I have an extra copy of this and just need extra money. Selling for $32 shipped, any takers?
  2. That's nuts! It was not us haha you know, I do have a bruise on my forehead and I don't know how I got it. Maybe I passed out doing my parts and they didn't tell me haha
  3. on the contrary, their name led me to listen to their music. which i do not regret, they are fantastic!
  4. i didn't listen to alkaline trio until a year ago because i thought it would sound something like tiger army.
  5. bump, we leave for San Francisco tomorrow to record our new record with the fantastic Sam Pura at Panda Studios. I am very excited
  6. I've gotten 6 PMs about the lack long after. It's called for as of now, to anyone that is about to pm me about it.