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  1. Also note these two commonly used e-mail addresses: [email protected] [email protected] He and Lyman have a habit of exchanging usernames for e-mail addresses, and vice-versa. So you have to keep your spidey senses in full swing to catch what's going on. Any of the words listed here are flags for this team of dinks.
  2. AAAAnd his name is now "Tim": http://profiles.yahoo.com/[email protected]
  3. Fuck! Now the dude is going to be scamming meal cards off of Weight Watchers! WILL IT EVAR END?
  4. Agreed. 100%. I knew that it was pretty much all downhill around that place from that moment on. Now sellers deal with this, and call centre geniuses deciding where other people's money goes without a care in the world. ..and the shareholders rake off the profits. I'm sure they're all very happy come year-end.
  5. Yeah, join the club. And eBay conveniently doesn't tell you (or make available) a way to report this kind of consistent abuse.
  6. Yeah, back in the day you could block people by e-mail address, that would at least help somewhat (maybe...). But now that eBay has pretty much degenerated into complete shit, sellers are sitting ducks from all angles. If I could, I would ban the whole state of Florida from bidding on my shit because of this guy. He pisses me off that much.
  7. Right! I forgot about that other nick as well. Thanks for adding it to the list... even though I'm sorry that anyone is a part of this shitstorm.
  8. I also forgot to mention that I have a very strong suspicion that he's operating under jaxmom on eBay as well.....
  9. Regarding this thread: http://vinylcollective.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=47678&start=0 This fucking guy is STILL douching it up harder than ever. Dude, when will you quit fucking people over? You have bid on my shit THREE TIMES using different spoofed accounts. In the past (the one time you actually "paid" for your stuff) you had me send you shit and then committed fucking FRAUD by processing a charge-back via PayPal after receiving the goods. Now you are bidding on more of my shit using another fake eBay account and multiple e-mail addresses. So far you have hosed people under: titlefightiswon scottylymanbert1 chris31954 and now: kentuckybball4life When is this shit going to end buddy? WHEN? The funny part is how, not only am I selling some merch/records on eBay, I actually KNOW or have toured with the damn bands! I have held off on shit talking you directly to the bands whose merch you seem to be fond of. But I am pretty much all out of patience buddy. You are fucking with a lot of people and a lot of people don't think too highly of you in this world. Get your fucking shit together or GTFO!