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  1. I had a mildew outbreak in my back bedroom adjoining my bathroom a few months ago. I found some mildew on a wall of the room and later on a wall of the closet. Soon after, I found mildew on many of my clothes…both wool suits and cotton shirts…and on several pairs of shoes. The reason was my air conditioner was going bad and had not been pulling moisture for some time. I live in Florida and have never run my air a whole lot except in the summer. Generally, I’ve been able to run it once or twice a day as needed…sometimes every few days. My place is pretty airtight and has generally stayed cool and dry. This summer was particularly humid/hot and I ran my air more than ever, but this still happened. It has since appeared elsewhere in my house…including, to my dismay, my LP record cabinet which housed about 75-100 LPs. There was some mildew dust inside and some splotches of mildew on the walls and doors in a few places. The record covers appear to be free of any signs of mildew. I haven’t gone through to see if it’s affecting any of the actual vinyl yet. Is my collection ruined? Do I need to get rid of it? I’m moving to a new place and don’t want to bring my mildew problem with me. The new place is well air-conditioned and should stay quite dry. Many have paper sleeves, so I can’t clean them with bleach, Lysol wipes or other moist cloths or cleaners. Should I drive around with a crate of them in the back of my truck to blow the spores out of them? Am I over-reacting? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Jesse