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  1. I'll spare everyone the sob story, let's just say this month has managed to pile not 1, not 2, but 3 emergency situations on me. 2 of which are financially crippling. Not a great time. As much as I wish I could go I just can't afford it anymore, at least not at this time. I haven't seen either band in like, 10 years. Really trying so hard but I'm out of options, I'm gonna have to let go of this and some other prized possessions. Maybe if I get back on my feet by March I'll be able to pay out the nose for tickets I already had but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Both tickets are general admission, the only right way to see a show like this IMO. Tickets are in hand and will be shipped to you immediately. $70 takes 1 $125 takes both These prices are way below stubhub prices and are only slightly above the actual cost of the tickets to cover shipping, transaction fees, etc. I really wish I didn't have to get rid of them but it is what it is. First PM gets them. Thanks everyone.
  2. Actually happened unexpectedly while cratedigging, walked away with a really fat stack of 90's house/club 12", all from an ex-DJ's collection. The SNES was basically the last and only console I *didn't* have, so it was good day. In my experience the SNES had the worst build quality of the classic consoles and the highest rate of hardware failure now 20+ years later. There are also a lot of board revisions. Mine needs a minor recapping on the main board and power supply, which I'll get around to eventually, but it plays fine for now. Just be sure to know what you're getting and test it as thoroughly as possible.
  3. I just bought a snes the other day so I'd also be open to trades for a cool game or two hahah
  4. Thanks - gotcha. Shipping is part of the price with me so good for anyone who wants to save a few bucks (or isn't on the super secret mailing list)
  5. Does moonshake charge more for shipping or is that part of their cost as well?
  6. I really don't have any other reference for price besides discogs/eBay. I'm pricing it lower than what I've seen. What's moonshake charging for this title?
  7. PM but I'll post the remainder of the photos anyhow CD 2 3 & 4
  8. Corrections for cd 2 - hear the light on Philips (classical) Not sure why I thought this was a 1983 release or in a smooth jewel case - it's 1984 and in a standard jewel case. Goes to show you shouldn't write these things based off of memory Here are some photos. First up, #1
  9. One of the last CDs I sold here was 35DP-1, Billy Joel's "52nd Street" - otherwise known as the 1st title among the very first CD releases issued in Japan on Oct. 1 1982. So I suppose these next ones make a suitable followup. 1. THIS IS "DENON CD" 1983 Japanese release on Denon PCM Features classical recordings (made using the soundstream recorder?) and a lot of Japanese writing. Cover art depicts a CD laying near an old Leica rangefinder and reloadable brass film canisters - clearly suggesting that this was an item of QUALITY to be cherished and enjoyed for the ages. Comes in original old-style smooth-sided jewel case that was used when the compact disc was first introduced - only a couple of years later would these be phased out by the style of jewel case that is common today. Disc is absolutely flawless, looks like it's never been touched. Some light staining to the inside of the booklet however the front is nearly perfect (one barely perceptible pencil mark) overall very well kept, difficult to find a nicer copy of this now 32+ year old CD. 2. Hear The Light on Philips 1983 release on Philips Digital Classics. West German pressing Another CD of classical selections. Notably contains John Williams conducting the theme from Raiders of The Lost Ark. Really neat stuff. Artwork depicts a CD overlaid on some sheet music. Smooth sided jewel case. Overall in nice shape. 3. & 4. Hear The Light Volume I and Volume II 1984 releases on Polygram, West German pressings 2 standalone releases with a nice selection of Popular Music - and not a half bad pair of tracklists! Artwork on each depicts a highly reflective compact disc floating in geometric digital space with a laserbeam being shot at it - if you weren't aware, this thing makes music with LASERS! Very '80s, much rad. Both come in original smooth-sided jewel cases. Booklets are in excellent condition. Discs have light scratching but play without error. Scope the tracklists. Volume I Tracklist 1 –John Cougar* Jack & Diane 4:15 2 –Frank Stallone Far From Over 3:55 3 –Scorpions No One Like You 3:56 4 –John Mayall / Eric Clapton Steppin' Out 2:28 5 –Kool And The Gang* Joanna 4:18 6 –Cameo She's Strange 7:10 7 –Irene Cara Flashdance...What A Feeling 3:56 8 –Bon Jovi Runaway 3:51 9 –Rainbow Stone Cold 5:16 10 –Golden Earring Twilight Zone 4:46 11 –Kiss Lick It Up 3:53 12 –Eric Clapton Cocaine 3:34 13 –Bee Gees Stayin' Alive Volume II Tracklist 1 –Michael Sembello Maniac 4:03 2 –Visage Fade To Grey 4:00 3 –John Williams (4), The London Symphony Orchestra Star Wars (Main Theme) 5:21 4 –Irene Cara Fame 5:13 5 –Eric Clapton Lay Down Sally 3:49 6 –Kool And The Gang* Joanna 4:16 7 –Statler Bros* Atlanta Blue 2:47 8 –Mantovani Greensleeves 3:21 9 –John Williams (4), Boston Pops* E.T. Flying Theme 3:43 10 –Zamfir* Theme From Missing 3:00 11 –Wes Montgomery Caravan 2:38 12 –Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd Desafinado 5:50 13 Tom Jones - Darlin' So… You may ask, how much am I asking for this little slice of audio history? Take em all for $25PPD within the U.S. open to all international members - lets talk and figure out what shipping may cost to your country. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have! Thanks for looking.