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  1. http://www.imposemagazine.com/photos/sleepies-summer-tour?_page_b28a3d5c5d3e23ed3ba5349ee6d7cbeb
  2. What does that even mean? Cool! Stoked you are into it. Let me know if you dig the jams, I put a lot of effort into this record, pretty stoked on it all.
  3. Shameless plug, I live with the singer of GIVE and have all the old singles minus one and the last copies of the LP in the 16oh distro: http://16oh.bigcartel.com/artist/give Best band! http://www.vivalavinyl.com/give-flowerhead-dc-at-fort-reno/ Article I wrote about them for my website. Couple of live videos of them at Fort Reno (great show).
  4. Hey hey all, A little different than most but I'm drumming up cash for some 16oh releases, and I'm selling some stuff off my tradelist. I haven't gone through and priced anything because I'm too busy but here's some logic: - I'll sell most anything unless it's like obvious that it was either a gift, or part of some dumb collection - I'll do that because with most things in life, you'll see them again https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ar6wV6ZdBdvydG05czhJVGZxaXYzUG1DTFotOHh2aXc The list is there. Hit me up with some offers and maybe I can haggle with you on things. I use discogs and collectorsfrenzy to price stuff when I don't really know what it sells for, and I'll give people deals on shit if they buy a bunch of stuff. Contact me at jeffryxtron (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks! Jeffry
  5. I don't check this board TOOO often but they should all be shipped or almost out at this point. We have been also shipping the bands kickstarter copies out as well (since those people put money down wayyyyyyyyyy in advance) to help them out (16oh wasn't originally going to do this) so maybe a bit behind as a result. Should be caught up though! If you aren't email me at jeffryxtron (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll check to see where your shipment is at.