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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everybody, I am brand new to this forum, so...thanks for...having me? I've got a couple missions here. One, I won't bore you with the super long version of the story, but I had my records stored lowdown and my dog got to them (after months of not noticing them, he all of a sudden decided to go for them). When I went looking for a good looking wall-mounted option, I couldn't really find much that wasn't IKEA or similar not great quality. First question: Of those out there with wall-mounted or high-up storage, what you do you all like? What are your favorite options? And why? Second, for those with storage similar to my old situation (low to the ground), am I overstating an issue that no one else really cares about? Aside from my dog getting to them, I hated sitting on the floor constantly or bending over all the time to grab a new record. A lot of what I was seeing out there was stackabl cubes and consoles/tables with records being stored down below where the turntable is supposed to go. Do others find that as annoying as I did? Or am I just an unusually picky whiner? Both of those things can be true. Third, when I couldn't find anything I liked, I got my cousin to build what I was looking for (he's a woodworker/carpenter). Then some other people started asking if we could make some for them, so now we're setting out to make these for other people (for sale online). So I wanted to see if anyone was interested in providing feedback on our initial option. We were going for something that was all of these things: Handmade with quality materials (not IKEA stuff) Wall-mounted to get the collection up at eye-level Assembly-free and easy install for those without skill (me) Clean design that fits in a range of decors Scalable so you can add when you need more space Most options do some of that, but we couldn't find anything that was all of those things. Would love to hear what you guys think about the design, price, idea, system, etc. If you don't like it, why not? What would you like better? Are we solving a non-existent problem? Is there an actual problem to be solved? Not trying to push anything on anybody, just hoping for good honest feedback from collectors whether it is good, bad, or otherwise. We are pretty set on a business focused on making nice stuff for vinyl people, starting with the shelving. The feedback will help us know where to go next and or if we're WAY off track. Website with all the info and plenty of pictures here: https://www.deepcut.co/ Here's the Indiegogo page (we're trying to raise money for tools, equip, building improvements) which has pricing etc. on it here: https://igg.me/at/deepcutindiegogo Again, I'm new to the forum, so hopefully this is okay. If it isn't, my apologies and I'm sure this will never make it up. Thanks either way!

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