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WTB: Coheed and Cambria Complete Vinyl Discography (Looking for OG pressings of IKSSE3)

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Hey everyone, I'm trying to add these pieces to my Coheed Collection. I'm hoping to grab all of these before spending the big bucks on the SSTB and IKSSE:3 variants. If anyone has these and are looking to sell, shoot me a PM! Thanks!

Edit: Looking for everything listed!

Still Need:

SSTB (Black/500) 1st press (Defiance Records)

SSTB (Black/1000) Hand Numbered/Alternate Artwork

SSTB (White)

SSTB (Green with 7")

IKSSE3 (Orange/White)

IKSSE3 (Black)

IKSSE3 (Blue/Grey)

IKSSE3 (Clear)

The Afterman Ascension (Orange)

Year of The Black Rainbow (US)

Year of The Black Rainbow (Roadrunner Records)

Good Apollo Vol 2: NWFT

The Suffering (Single)

A Favor House Atlantic (Picture Disc)

Guns of Summer/Pearl of the Stars (Picture Disc)

Welcome Home (Single)

The Afterman Descension (Blue)

IKSSE3 (Peach)

IKSSE3 (Grey)

IKSSE3 (180 Gram Black)

The Afterman Ascension Big Beige Demos

The Afterman Decension Big Beige Demos

The Afterman Boxset (Gold/Silver Vinyl)

The Afterman Decension (Pic Disc)

The Afterman Decension (Turquoise)

The Afterman Decension (Purple Tour Variant)

The Afterman Ascension (Black)

The Running Free 7"

Prize Fighter Inferno (Splatter)

Prize Fighter Inferno (Teal)

Prize Fighter Inferno (White)

Prize Fighter Inferno (Pink)

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