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PO: Makeup And Vanity Set - Wilderness FFO: 80s music/SciFi Soundtracks

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For any fans on here who haven't already seen this PO (or for anyone else who hasn't heard this band), Makeup And Vanity Set's new album is out on April 8th:


"WILDERNESS is the tenth full-length album by American fantasy synthesist MAKEUP AND VANITY SET. The double-album is a long-form meditation on the technology of human life and death and features contributions from JASMIN KASET, BIG BLACK DELTA, THOMAS BARRANDON and THE PROTOMEN. The first proper follow up to the acclaimed formative album 88:88, WILDERNESS is a dense sci-fi concept album about outliving death through technology. Released on the synthwave label TELEFUTURE, the album lives in the tradition of the worlds of William Gibson or Stanisaw Lem, a cold, exacting futurist experience from start to finish."



Short trailer for the album and film that comes with it:


PO here: http://telefuturenow.bandcamp.com/album/wilderness

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If you've never heard this band, but you love dark, 80s-inspired synth sounds, please check this album out. If you love soundtracks and science fiction, please check this album out. This band is too good to be completely ignored here; surely someone will hear something that they like.






There is a short film that is a companion piece to the album itself, and a digital copy of the film is included with the purchase.

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