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Knuckle Puck Cassettes

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So I recently started collecting cassettes and I'm just wondering, what's the printing info for Knuckle Puck cassettes? I mainly would like the printing info for don't come home on cassette seeing as that's the only one I don't have on any variant. I haven't done a ton of digging, but what I have done hasn't shown me much info. Also if anyone would like to offer me don't come home on cassette, I honestly don't care what color or how rare it is, I'll buy it or trade for it if I have the money. Thanks!

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Don't Come Home (from Tumblr/eBay)


50 Yellow

50 Purple

50 Red (hand numbered tour edition)


While I Stay Secluded (from Near Mint's website)

25 Grey w/ Denim Blue Ink 
25 Silver w/ Metallic Gold Ink 
50 Grey/Blue Tint w/ White Ink 
50 Black w/ White Ink 
25 Gold w/ Metallic Silver Ink (Knuckle Puck Exclusive) 
75 Red Tint w/ White Ink (Knuckle Puck Exclusive)

33 Clear w/ Red Foil Liner w/ White Ink 
54 Purple Tint w/ White Ink 
63 Green Tint w/ White Ink 
78 Dark Blue w/ White Ink (Knuckle Puck Exclusive)

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