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Close to completing the State Champs collection! Still looking for:


7' Overslept:


1st press

-White /300

-Half Clear/ Half Cyan Blue /200


2nd press

-Clear w/ Black and Green Splatter /500


12' The Acoustic Things:


1st press:

-Half Royal Blue/Half White w/ Blue splatter on the white side /1000

-Clear w/ Grey&Blue splatter /500


12' The Finer Things:


1st press

-Kelly Green/Yellow/Orange Hot Topic Exclusive /500

-Red and Yellow w/ Blue Splatter / 1000 TOUR EXCLUSIVE ALTERNATE COVER VERSION


I know they're impossible to find, but REALLY need test presses!! If anyone ever has one they for some reason are letting go of, please please please let me know!


For Neck Deep and Knuckle Puck, pretty much starting from scratch and only have a few of the Neck Deep ones that are still available to buy on places like MerchNow.


For Neck Deep, I already have:

Life's Not Out To Get You - [Warped Tour Exclusive] Blue w/ Yellow and Red Streaks (already have all 6 covers as well so don't need those!)

Life's Not Out To Get You - Red A Yellow B w/ White Splatter [Pre-Order Exclusive] /1000

Rain In July/ A History Of Bad Decisions - Green/Orange /1000

Wishful Thinking - Forest Green In Transparent Yellow w/ Transparent Red Splatter /500

Wishful Thinking - Purple/Yellow Smash /500

So definitely looking to buy whatever isn't listed here (which I know is a lot) including cassettes!


For Knuckle Puck, also starting from scratch! Anything you have from them, I'd like to buy! (also including cassettes) 

Already have the Doublemint and HT exclusive variant of Copacetic, though. 


ALSO looking for 'Never Happy, Ever After' by As It Is. The pre-order exclusive blue/sparkle variant! 

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