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  1. New song and preorders go up Friday, June 19th at http://knucklepuck.merchnow.com/ Copacetic out July 31st on Rise Records. 1. Wall to Wall (Depreciation) 2. Disdain 3. Poison Pen Letter 4. Swing 5. Ponder 6. Evergreen 7. True Contrite 8. Stationary 9. In Your Crosshairs 10. Pretense 11. Untitled
  2. Neck deep posted earlier today that they were making a 7" split with their touring buddies Knuckle Puck. The Neck Deep side features growing pains and crushing grief (no remedy) whereas the Knuckle Puck side features two new songs from Knuckle Puck that are yet to be released. The split is due to be released on the 25th February and is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide. US copies will be on sale at : http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/ & UK copies at : http://banquetrecords.com/ What are your thoughts on this split? Good or bad? Personally, I'm a little disappointed that Neck Deep have chosen the two most heard songs from Wishful Thinking instead of making two new songs, but hey ho. Guess they can't be writing and producing new material all the time. UPDATE: The Banquet Records site says there is 144 copies left. Whether this means Banquet Records only have 144 copies left or there is only 144 out of the 500 copies left, I'm not too sure. But either way if you want to get your hands on this, I'd say act quickly.
  3. Selling all 3 vinyl variants of Melanchole. I would love it if the set stayed together. All prices ppd. $215 ppd for the set otherwise each individually will be Coke Bottle Blue /100 = $100 Red /50 = $85 Black /200 = $70 Citizen - As You Please (Deluxe Box Set /500) = $45 Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded ("America" Red, White, Blue Stripes /200) = $50 If you need seller feedback, check my eBay account. https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=aron4174&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller&searchInterval=30
  4. Looking for Knuckle Puck's Don't Come Home on cassette tape. Sell or trade it to me please, don't care what color or whatever I just want it. I'll pay whatever you think is a fair amount for it, or we could work out a trade.
  5. Two of Knuckle Puck's albums have been repressed: While I Stay Secluded (Yellow Highlighter LTD 1,000) The Weight That You Buried (Lime Green LTD 1,000)
  6. It's that time again... Buy 2 get 1 free! Shipping $4 for 1 record. Add $.50 for each additional single record Anything bought & paid for by midnight tonight (6/27) will go out tomorrow morning! All records & jackets are in excellent condition. All are unsealed but some have never been played. Daughter | If You Leave | Glassnote | Black | 2013 | 1st - $10 - NEVER PLAYED Daughter | Not To Disappear | Glassnote | 180g Black | 2016 | 1st - $10 - NEVER PLAYED September Malevolence | After This Darkness, There's A Next | Denovali Records | Clear | 2008 | 1st | /250 - $10 - NEVER PLAYED Vanishing Life | Surveillance | Dine Alone Records | Black | 2016 | 1st | /100 | Dine Alone Exclusive - $10 - NEVER PLAYED Your Choice of 7" free for first two purchases of two or more records United Nations | Never Mind The Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures | Deathwish Inc. | Yellow | 2010 | 1st | /1,000 A Great Big Pile Of Leaves | Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? | Topshelf Records | 2xLP Bone & Aqua Blue | 2014 | 1st | /524 - SOLD A Great Big Pile Of Leaves | You're Always on My Mind | Topshelf Records | Clear w/ Red & Yellow Splatter | 2013 | 1st | /214 - SOLD Bear Hands | Burning Bush Supper Club | Cantora Records | Black | 2011 | 1st - SOLD Bear Hands | Distraction | Cantora Records | Black | 2014 | 1st - SOLD Dreamtigers | Wishing Well | Arctic Rodeo Recordings | Pink/Red Mix | 2014 | 1st | /200 - SOLD Joyce Manor | Joyce Manor/Toys That Kill Split | Recess Records | Red | 2014 | 1st Knuckle Puck | The Weight That You Buried | Bad Timing Records | Pink w/Purple & Black Splatter & B-Side Screen Print | 2014 | 3rd | /200 - SOLD Knuckle Puck | While I Stay Secluded | Bad Timing Records | Purple w/ Blue Splatter | 2014 | 1st | /500 | Tour Exclusive - SOLD Recover | Ceci N'est Pas Recover | Fadeaway Records | Electric Zombie Girl Blue | 2014 | 1st | 98/100 - SOLD Wild Ones | Heatwave | Topshelf Records | White | 2016 | 1st | /500 - SOLD
  7. Send some offers, lets make a deal! 7" A Wilhelm Scream - Boat Builders / Olive Green / 250 (fest 11) Captain We're Sinking - Its a trap / black / 500 SOLD Captain We're Sinking - Montreal / white / 200 SOLD Mixtapes - Somewhere in Trinsic / opaque green / 200 NFG/Dashboard - Swiss Army Bromance / dark green / 1500 NFG/Dashboard - Swiss Army Bromance /pink / 500 Smalls - The Same Mistake / bubblegum pink / 163 Smalls - The Same Mistake / purple / 83 Smalls - The Same Mistake / white / 79 10" Backmasker - Effigies / tricolor w/splatter / 150 The Prize Fighter Inferno - Half Measures / white / 500 Pentimento - Inside the Sea / aqua white splatter / 400 Pink Guys - 2343 / clear / #10/27 12" Blotted Science - The Animation of Entomology / yellow w/ black splatter / 150 Blotted Science - The Machinations of Dementia / bone/blood splatter / 150 Candy Hearts - The Best Ways to Disappear / clear red / 600 Captain We're Sinking - The Future is Cancelled / grey / 200 SOLD Knuckle Puck - The Weight That You Buried / orange w/green splatter screen print bside / 300 Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded / Orange w/ black splotches / 1000 Nightmares for a Week / Banquets - split / aqua / 100 Off With their Heads - Home / Black / ??? Pentimento / Young English - split / purple / 150 Rufio - Perhaps, I suppose / clear / 200 Seaway - Hoser / blue putty / 375 Senses Fail - Renacer / orange/green marble / 500 (sealed) SOLD Streetlight Manifesto - The Hands That Thieve / white / 556 Thank You Scientist - Maps of Non-Existent Places / black / ??? The Movielife - Has a Gambling Problem / #970/1000 SOLD The Story So Far - What You Dont See / White / 2000 With the Punches - Seams and Stitches / Sealed color unknown This Time Next Year - Drop Out of Life / tour exclusive / #39/250 (damaged corner can provide pictures) A Loss For Words - The Kids Cant Lose / Great American Hardcore Fest 2009 exclusive / #13/50 has std through being cool artwork and spray painted 2nd record
  8. Looks like this was never posted but Bad Timing Record's is putting out Homesafe's newest album Evermore out on vinyl. Personally I enjoy this band a lot more than Knuckle Puck but I may be in the minority. Hopefully if this sells well we will get some of their older stuff on vinyl as well. Here is the info listed from the site: Originally released in November 2016, Evermore is an eight-song release from Chicago's Homesafe. The band features Knuckle Puck bassist Ryan Rumchaks on lead vocals and guitar, alongside Tyler Albertson (vocals / bass), Emanuel Duran (drums) and Joe Colesby (guitar). Stream and download the release on Homesafe's Bandcamp. This release finds a home for Evermore on 12" vinyl, limited to 500 copies in this first run on two colored variants. Find pressing info below. These records are in hand and will ship immediately. Pressing Information 200 - Cream with Blue Splatter 300 - Half Cream / Half Blue http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/593554-homesafe-evermore Brian
  9. Trying to thin out my collection a bit, I will be adding more over the next few days, if you want to see pics everything is posted up on my instagram; tjm182 I can get back to you with colors/variants and what have you just message me. Prices on the 12's are solid, everything else is negotiable. All prices ppd. ADDED PRICES TO ALMOST EVERYTHING, DISCOUNTS FOR MULTI-PURCHASES 12's GlassJaw- Worship and Tribute RSD Press Black $25 New Found Glory- Mania Pink/Black swirl $25 Thrice- TBEITBN 180G Black or sea foam (only one) (Disclaimer: both jackets have dings but i'll send you the better of the two) $35 either one was offered more than the set price for sea foam variant. Offer pending at 45 Say Anything- Is A Real Boy green/song 11 has a locked groove, i believe it's called yellow cat/blue cat or some shit $35 Paramore- Ain't It Fun RSD Broken LP $20 Hidden In Plain View- Life in Dreaming w/flexi $35 Coheed and Cambria- In Keeping Secrets/Grey Swirl $30 Less Than Jake- Hello Rockview Pic Disc $25 Pianos Become the Teeth- the Lack Long After beige/putty $10 Into It. Over It.- Proper grey $10 Iron Chic- The Constant One white/orange blue splatter $20 Senses Fail- Pull the Thorns From Your Heart blue purple grey swirl $15 Balance and Composure- The Things We Think..Yellow $10 Caravels & Gifts From Enola- Well Worn Orange/Gold /100 Tour Press I believe $10 Everyone Everywhere- S/T White $20/$15 with any purchase H20- Don't Forget Your Roots Clear Purple $10/$5 with any $20 purchase If These Trees Could Talk- Red Forrest (Red/White Swirl) (ltd to 100 I believe) $25 Minus the Bear- Infinity Overhead Clear $15/$10 with any purchase Rehasher- High Speed Access to My Brain Pea Soup/White split $10/$5 with any $20 purchase Rust Belt Lights- These Are The Good Old Days Blue/Black/White Swirl $10/$5 with any $20 purchase Wilhelm Scream- Party Crasher Wilhelm Scream- S/T Red Black Splatter $10 30 Seconds to Mars- Love Lust Faith + Dreams (Black) $10/$5 with any $20 purchase Jack White- Sixteen Saltines (Black/Etched B-Side) $10/$5 with any $20 purchase Muscle and Bone- S/T (Black Fest 12 Press) $10 10's Torche- In Return $15 fun. - The Ghost that You Are To Me gold cog shaped rsd release $10 with any purchase The Starting Line- Make Yourself At Home Red/gold haze $45 The Starting Line- With Hopes of Starting Over splatter offer 7's (If you order a 7 please try to find a 10 or 12 to purchase with it, i don't have any single 7 inch mailers and would prefer not to mail a 7 in a 12 inch box. If you really only want a 7 we can work something out but please understand your price will include the purchase of a safe mailer that I can buy at a store.) Knuckle Puck- Oak St/ Flexi $15 New Found Glory- Radio Surgery 6131 special edition on grey swirl, has the stickers and stamped envelope $15 No Trigger- Be Honest Coke Bottle Clear w/ white splatter $10 Man Overboard/Senses Fail Split White/Blue/Black tri-color $5 with any purchase Touche Amore/Casket Lottery/pink $5 with any purchase Touche Amore/ Title Fight grey swirl $5 with any purchase Touche Amore/ Pianos Become the Teeth deep blue $5 with any purchase Lavinia- Take Shelter {EP} white w/black splatter $5 with any purchase Franz Nicola/Frank Turner Double Exposure clear red $5 with any purchase Torche- Harmonslaught burgundy swirl $5 with any purchase Torche- Flexi Pow Wow/80's Prom Volcom Records $5 with any purchase Beach Slang- Who Would Want blue $10 Beach Slang- Cheap Thrills pink $10 Snuff- In the Stocks yellow $5 with any purchase
  10. Selling a whole lot of records that I don't listen to anymore. Message me any questions/more info! All 12”s marked with * are $10 shipped, add $7 for each additional record. I am out of 7” mailers so please add with a 12”(s)! All other records are open to offers. 12" Allison Weiss | "Remember When" | Clear w/ Black Haze | 1/400* Allison Weiss | "Say What You Mean" | Orange Translucent | 1/500* Aviator | "Head In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt" | Half White / Half Red w/ Black Splatter | 1/600* Basement | "colourmeinkindness" | Aqua Blue w/ Clear Splatter | 1/500 - $25 ppd Bayside | "Bayside" | Black | 1/328* Bayside | "The Walking Wounded" | Grey Putty | 1/475* The Beautiful Ones | "Jaded Love" | Purple | 1/400 - $20 ppd Brand New | "Deja Entendu" | Black - $30 ppd (w/space man cutout cover) Brand New | "Your Favorite Weapon" | Black - $20 ppd Citizen | "Everybody Is Going to Heaven" | Oxblood A-Side/Gold B-Side | 1/1200 - $25 ppd Code Orange | "I Am King" | Opaque Green - $20 ppd Dads | "I'll Be the Tornado" | Clear Blue | First Press | 1/1800* Diamond Youth | "Don't Lose Your Cool" | Mocha | 1/300 - $15 ppd Dikembe | "Broad Shoulders" | Yellow w/ Blue and Red Starburst | 1/150 - $28 ppd Dowsing | "I Don't Even Care Anymore" | Deep Purple | 1/200 - $17 ppd Enter Shikari | "The Mindsweep" | A-Side Transparent Blue/B-Side Black W/ Green & Purple Splatter (Hopeless Preorder Exclusive) | 1/1000 - OFFER Every Time I Die | "New Junk Aesthetic" | Black |1/2200 - $25 ppd Forever Came Calling | "Contender" | Black | First Press | 1/500 - $20 ppd fun. | "Some Nights" | Black (180 Gram) - $20 ppd Grey Gordon | "Forget I Brought It Up" | Tri-Color (Cream/Maroon/Aqua Blue) | 1/750* Hawthorne Heights | "HATE" | Clear w/ Red/Black/White Splatter | First Press | 1/100* Hawthorne Heights | "The Silence in Black and White" | Clear | 1/1020* Homeless Gospel Choir | "I Used to Be So Young" | Rainbow Splatter | 1/550* Islander | "Violence & Destruction" | Record Store Day 2015 Exclusive | 1/900* Kittyhawk | "Hello, Again" | Baby Blue | 1/350* Lee Corey Oswald | "Regards" | Clear w/ White Splatter | 1/700* Light Years | "I Won't Hold This Against You" | Clear Orange w/ Black Swirl | 1/400* Light Years | "Temporary" | White (w/ Screen Printed B-Side) | 1/100 - $15 ppd Moose Blood | "I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time" | Opaque Pink | 1/700 - $30 ppd Nona | "Through the Head" | Yellow | 1/300* Posture & The Grizzly | "Busch Hymns" | Random Color Mix | 1/150 - $18 ppd Royal Blood | "Royal Blood" | Black* Somos | "Temple of Plenty" | Opaque Lavender | Second Press | 1/350 - $25 ppd The Story So Far | "What You Don't See" | Purple/Oxblood/Olive Smash W/ Mustard Splatter | 1/2000 - $18 ppd Sorority Noise | "Joy, Departed" | Clear Beer W/ Royal Blue Splatter | First Press | 1/1000 - $28 ppd Stray From the Path | "Make Your Own History" | Cream | 1/250 - OFFER Such Gold | "The New Sidewalk" | Gold w/ Black* Sudden Suspension | "There's a Bigger Picture Here" | Half Green / Half Silver w/ White Splatter | 1/150 - $15 ppd The Swellers | "The Light Under Closed Doors" | Lime Green | 1/500* Taking Back Sunday | "Happiness Is" | Black* This Time Next Year | "Drop Out Of Life" | Dark Burgundy | 1/500* Title Fight | "Floral Green" | Black - $17 ppd Touche Amore | "Is Survived By" | Opaque Blue | 1/11499* Vales | "Clarity" | Clear/Black Mix | 1/300* Waxahatchee | "Ivy Tripp" | Black* The Wonder Years | "The Upsides" | Clear (Hot Topic Exclusive) | 1/500 - OFFER You Blew It! | "Keep Doing What You're Doing" | Black 180 Gram | 1/1000* 7" Adventures | "Adventures" | Coke Bottle Clear | 1/500 - $15 ppd Basement | "Further Sky" | Blood Red/Orange | 1/5000 - $10 ppd Current | "Peace, Love" | White | 1/101 - $5 ppd The Devil Wears Prada | "South Of The City" | Clear w/ Screen Printed B-Side (RSD 15 Exclusive) | 1/3000 - $7 ppd Fell To Low | "Sensible Sounds of Men | White | 1/100 - $5 ppd Have Mercy/Somos | Split | Grey & Red Marble | 1/450 - $15 ppd Ivy League TX/ Turnover/ Maker/ Such Gold | Split | Second Press | Candy Corn Vinyl (White/Orange/Yellow Tri-stripe) | 1/300 - $15 ppd Knuckle Puck | "Don't Come Home" | Solid Yellow | 1/750 - $15 ppd Malfunction | "Finding My Peace" | Mustard Yellow | 1/750 - $10 ppd Reign Supreme | "American Violence" | Red/Black Haze | First Press | 1/300 - $12 ppd Run Forever | "Big Vacation" | Opaque Pink | 1/600 - $10 ppd Self Defense Family (End of a Year)/Touche Amore | "Self Love" | Opaque Gray | 1/5320 - $5 ppd Tapes Somos | "Temple of Plenty" | Pink/White Swirl | 1/100 True Love | "A Floral Note" | Clear | 32/50 *edit* not sure why the formatting is screwed up, I'm sorry!
  11. Desperately looking for the following items!! If you have any of these or know someone willing to sell please message me I respond same day! *Knocked Loose - Pop Culture vinyl (Blood Red Transparent OR Red/White/Black Smash) /150 *Knocked Loose - cassette (any variant) *Knuckle Puck - The Weight that You Buried - cassette *The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie Ep (Grey Marble) *Neck Deep - Rain in July cassette *The Story So Far - What You Don't See vinyl (Watermelon Splatter) / 500 *The Story So Far - Under Soil and Dirt cassette (red or clear w/blue liner) *The Story So Far - Under Soil and Dirt vinyl (Cream w/Red and Blue Splatter) *State Champs - The Finer Things vinyl (White w/Orange and Blue Splatter) /300 *Sworn In - The Death Card vinyl *Citizen - Everybody is Going to Heaven
  12. Taking offers on my Isles & Glaciers EP original press. Feel free to PM if you are interested. **This is the original press and not the remix ep. ** Sold Will slowly be adding other records Knuckle Puck/Neck Deep - Tour Split | Opaque Purple w/ White Splatter /250 pending The Story So Far - ST | Black /500 The Story So Far - What You Don't See | Watermelon /500 pending
  13. Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded - First press, 250 copies on transparent blue A-side / transparent red B-side w/ white splatter vinyl. Bad Timing Records exclusive. The Story So Far - What You Don't See - Watermelon Splatter The Wonder Years - Dismantling Summer - Pill Bottle 7 inch The Wonder Years - No Closer To Heaven -2 × Vinyl, LP, Etched, Limited Edition, Clear with Teal/Burgundy/Yellow Splatter
  14. Looking for these tapes! Fighting Season - Weathered Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here The Story So Far - Under Soil and Dirt Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded Homesafe - S/T Sudden Suspension - Basement Songs And any other tapes you think I might want based on those ^ Check my deadformat to see what I already have!
  15. wiill do discounted bundles. shipping is flat rate $5. Circa Survive - RSD MWY Split - Orange - $20ppd (ended up with 2 orange trying to get the /100) Blink 182 - TOYPAJ Splatter - Sealed $42 Real Friends – Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life 300 - Brown with Beige A-side / B-side style [bad Timing Records webstore only] 600 - Cloudy Clear with Red Splatter [bad Timing Records webstore only] 800 - Brown All 3 Variants for $25, or 10 each Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded - /250 A-Side/B-side Splatter - 1st Press - Offer Knuckle Puck - Copacetic - /100 Splatter, PO Exclusive - Offer Knuckle Puck - Don't Come Home - Yellow w/ Black and Red Splatter - 1st Press - $30 Hotelier - INGO - Green Swirl - $25 All Get out - Season - $25 Brown Swirl All Get out - Season - $25 Clear Haze Lightning Bolt - Fantasy Empire - $30 pink/blue/white Lightning Bolt - Fantasy Empire - $30 black swirl Citizen - EIGTH HT variant - $10 Citizen EIGHTH - Beer Splatter - $30 Dexter HT Variant Blood Splatter - $30 All Time Low - So Wrong It's Right - Orange HT Splatter - $30 Saves The Day - HT Cream - $20 You Blew It - You Blue It - Color in Color /400 - $10
  16. Hello! So I've done a decent amount of research on these items and I can't find how limited they are. I'm hoping somebody has a number, even if it's just an accurate guess, as to how many of these are out there or going to be out there. Records: Bayside- Cult- Black with White Splatter (Pre order exclusive) The Wonder Years- The Greatest Generation- Half Red, Half Blue (Hot topic exclusive) The Wonder Years- The Upsides Deluxe Edition- Clear with Rainbow Splatter (Someone told me 3000, is this right?) Cassettes: Real Friends- Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing- Blue with White Text Knuckle Puck- Copacetic- Blue with White Text
  17. Hey all, I am selling the following records. Shipping is 4$ for the first record, and 2$ for each record after that. Test Press: Elton John- Empty Garden (Test Press) -35$ 7": Defeater- Lost Ground 2x7" (Brown ?/1000)-15$ 12": Atreyu- Long Live (Black/White)- 30$ Emmure- Eternal Enemies (Black Ltd)- 25$ Knuckle Puck- Copacetic (Hot Topic: First pressing White w/ Double Mint and... ?/500)- 35$ My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (Black)- 30$ SIGNED: LetLive- The Blackest Beautiful (Signed by Jason Butler and the drummer) OFFER Offer up guys! SOLD: EDIT: I could also consider selling Atreyu- Lead Sails Paper Anchor, but I am iffy about letting it go, it is quite rare. -SOLD
  18. Selling some records that I haven't spun in awhile Message me with offers, thanks! Add $4 shipping to your order, $1 for each additional record. 12" Adventures - Supersonic Home | 1st Press | Light Blue w/ Orange Marble /500 | Dads - I'll Be The Tornado | 1st Press | "Galaxy" Black w/ White Splatter /200 | Have Mercy - My Oldest Friend | Rejected Test Press /5 | Knuckle Puck - The Weight That You Buried | 1st Press | Clear w/ Pink Splatter /400 | Nouns - Still | 1st Press | Coke Bottle Clear w/ Pink + Green Splatter /175 | Title Fight - Hyperview | 1st Press | Grey /2000 | Waxahatchee - Ivy Tripp | 1st Press | White + Orange Swirl /500 | 7" Adventures / Pity Sex - Split | 1st Press | Clear w/ Red, Blue, Yellow Splatter /1000 | Balance And Composure - Acoustic | 1st Press | Clear /500 | Dads - Pretty Good | 1st Press | White w/ Red /300 | Diarrhea Planet - Aloha | 2nd Press | Easter Yellow | Dikembe / Jazz June - Split | 1st Press | Opaque Pink / Purple /300 | Knuckle Puck - Don't Come Home | 1st Press | Yellow w/ Heavy Black Splatter /500 | Real Friends - Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life | 1st Press | Cloudy Clear w/ Red Splatter /600 | Somos / Sorority Noise - Split | 1st Press | Blue / Orange Color In Color /300 | Title Fight - Spring Songs | 1st Press | Clear Orange /1512 | Touché Amoré / Pianos Become The Teeth - Split | 1st Press | Gold /500 | You Blew It! - Pioneer Of Nothing | 1st Press | Opaque Yellow & Transparent Red / Color In Color /250 |
  19. I have a few albums I dont listen to and need to get rid of, here are some prices but you can make me an offer as well. Of Mice & Men/ The Flood with deluxe 7" on Clear - $20 Memphis May Fire/Unconditional onTan Marble - $15 I Call Fives/I Call Fives on Clear/Blue - $10 Get Scared/Everyones Out To Get Me on Bone/Purple - $15 Real Friends/Everyone That Dragged You Here on Blue,clear swirl SIGNED - $25 State Champs/The Finer Things on blue/pink swirl $15 Knuckle Puck/The Weight That You Buried on clear/pink splatter SEALED - $30
  20. Looking for 2 items from Knuckle Puck! Will pay a decent amount Knuckle Puck/Neck Deep Split Knuckle Puck- Don't Come Home CASSETTE (Specifically the cassette) Looking to get both of these items very soon to help me complete my Knuckle Puck collection. I have quite a bit for sale/trade, check my collection. Just because it isn't marked as sale or trade doesn't mean I won't get rid of it for a good price. If I have anything you're interested in for a trade, ask me. Thanks.
  21. Close to completing the State Champs collection! Still looking for: 7' Overslept: 1st press -White /300 -Half Clear/ Half Cyan Blue /200 2nd press -Clear w/ Black and Green Splatter /500 12' The Acoustic Things: 1st press: -Half Royal Blue/Half White w/ Blue splatter on the white side /1000 -Clear w/ Grey&Blue splatter /500 12' The Finer Things: 1st press -Kelly Green/Yellow/Orange Hot Topic Exclusive /500 -Red and Yellow w/ Blue Splatter / 1000 TOUR EXCLUSIVE ALTERNATE COVER VERSION I know they're impossible to find, but REALLY need test presses!! If anyone ever has one they for some reason are letting go of, please please please let me know! For Neck Deep and Knuckle Puck, pretty much starting from scratch and only have a few of the Neck Deep ones that are still available to buy on places like MerchNow. For Neck Deep, I already have: Life's Not Out To Get You - [Warped Tour Exclusive] Blue w/ Yellow and Red Streaks (already have all 6 covers as well so don't need those!) Life's Not Out To Get You - Red A Yellow B w/ White Splatter [Pre-Order Exclusive] /1000 Rain In July/ A History Of Bad Decisions - Green/Orange /1000 Wishful Thinking - Forest Green In Transparent Yellow w/ Transparent Red Splatter /500 Wishful Thinking - Purple/Yellow Smash /500 So definitely looking to buy whatever isn't listed here (which I know is a lot) including cassettes! For Knuckle Puck, also starting from scratch! Anything you have from them, I'd like to buy! (also including cassettes) Already have the Doublemint and HT exclusive variant of Copacetic, though. ALSO looking for 'Never Happy, Ever After' by As It Is. The pre-order exclusive blue/sparkle variant!
  22. High priority for anything in Bold I'm going to try to get those items first, other items may not get as much. Knuckle Puck- Don't Come Home Cassette, any color Knuckle Puck/Neck Deep Split any color A Day to Remember- Self Titled A Day to Remember- Halos for Heroes, Dirt for the Dead Real Friends- Maybe This Place Is the Same (Any color except the plain yellow) Real Friends- Everyone that Dragged You Here Cassette Real Friends- This Is Honesty Neck Deep- Rain In July Cassette, any color Neck Deep- Life's not out to get you Any color (Preferably one of the original covers) Like Pacific- Stay Pissed Cassette A Day to Remember- Old Record Picture Disc Real Friends- Maybe This Place Is the Same Cassette Real Friends- Put Yourself Back Together any color Neck Deep- Wishful Thinking any color Neck Deep- A History of Bad Decisions/Rain in July any color The Wonder Years- The Upsides (Preferably the Deluxe Edition), any color (preferably Clear with Rainbow Splatter) Speak Low If You Speak Love- Everything But What You Need any color Citizen- Youth any color except black or white Bayside- Self Titled any color Pentimento- I, No Longer any color This Wild Life- Clouded any color River Oaks- Self titled A Day to Remember- Common Courtesy any color A Day to Remember- What Separates Me From You Picture Disc A Day to Remember- Old Record CD Any A Day To Remember Slip Mats would also be pretty sick. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SEALED! I would prefer that they aren't plain colors but I will still buy a plain color for a lower price (Does not apply for those that only released solid colors). Other then that, I really don't care on color.
  23. Hey guys! So I just got back from the state champs world tour and I discovered like pacific. I ended up getting the new album and I really like it. Before I order the self titled album on merchnow, I wanted to know if anyone was wanting to give me a deal for it (Or possibly just save me a little on shipping). I know there are 2 colors for it, one limited to 100 and one limited to 400, I'd much rather have the one limited to 100 but I could live with the one limited to 400. Also, I know it's not out yet but it will be in a week. I'd like to get the new album on the limited to 100 variant. Message me if you have any of those!
  24. I would have to keep 1 of them, but I do have 3 Cassettes from Knuckle Puck Knuckle Puck- While I Stay Secluded CASSETTE Grey/Blue Tint with white ink, Limited to 50 SEALED Knuckle Puck- While I Stay Secluded CASSETTE Grey w/ Denim Blue Ink Limited to 25 SEALED Knuckle Puck- While I Stay Secluded CASSETTE Clear w/ Red Foil Liner w/ White Ink Limited to 33 SEALED All prices are negotiable, please make me an offer. I would like to get rid of 1 or 2 of these 3. Alternatively, I am looking for 2 cassettes, if anyone wants to make a trade. The 2 cassettes I'm looking for: Knuckle Puck- Don't Come Home Real Friends- Everyone that dragged you here Any Neck Deep Cassette If you want to trade, we can work it out. Please make me an offer. Thanks. Update 2/24: At this point, I would like to keep the one I have and I sold the two I was trying to get rid of. Thanks to the 2 people who bought them!
  25. Real Friends- More Acoustic Songs, Record Store Day 2015 Exclusive, Limited to 2000, SEALED $20 SOLD $15 My Chemical Romance- May Death Never Stop You, Clear and White Swirl (Includes DVD) $25 SOLD $30 I would have to keep 1 of them, but I do have 3 Cassettes from Knuckle Puck Knuckle Puck- While I Stay Secluded CASSETTE Grey/Blue Tint with white ink, Limited to 50 SEALED SOLD $15 Knuckle Puck- While I Stay Secluded CASSETTE Grey w/ Denim Blue Ink Limited to 25 SEALED Knuckle Puck- While I Stay Secluded CASSETTE Clear w/ Red Foil Liner w/ White Ink Limited to 33 SEALED ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE If you're interested, message me. I kind of want to get rid of these to make room for more vinyl records. I will make a deal for price. if you want any of these, message me. We'll work out a price and shipping. If you are trying to trade for something, I'll trade for pretty much anything on my WTB list. Link to WTB list: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/118334-wtbwtt-list/

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