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These autographs want to hang on your pretty walls, or make a nice present.

They don't want to be thrown out as garbage, or sold on eBay soul-less.


Heck, I'll even send some for FREE if you cover shipping and fees...($3)

But for the nicer stuff, offer something reasonable and it's your's ($8+?)


Authenticity? Obtained via A. Official preorders; B. Shows; C. Work in Music Biz




The Academy Is... - Autographed/Signed "Fast Times at Barrington High" CD Booklet FREE

Barcelona - Autographed/Signed "Absolutes" CD Booklet FREE

Basement Jaxx - Autographed/Signed "Scars" CD Booklet/Foldout Mini Poster FREE
Circa Survive - On Letting Go (CD w/ Autographed/Signed CD Booklet Excellent)
Cute is What We Aim For - Rotation (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Booklet Excellent)

Eye Alaska - Autographed/Signed "Genesis Underground" CD Booklet FREE

Innerpartysystem - S/T (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Cover Excellent) FREE
Jack's Mannequin - Autographed/Signed "The Glass Passenger" CD Booklet
Kimbra - Vows (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Booklet Excellent)

The Limousines - Hush (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Cover Excellent) FREE

The Limousines - Handwritten Autographed/Signed "Very Busy People" Lyric Sheet FREE

The Morning Of - Autographed/Signed "The Way I Fell In" CD Booklet FREE

OneRepublic - Autographed/Signed "If I Lose Myself" Lyric Sheet

OneRepublic - Autographed/Signed "Native" 12" Numbered 33/1500 Lithograph

Owl City - Autographed/Signed "Ocean Eyes" CD Case (No CD)

Sam Smith - The Lonely Hour (CD Brand New Sealed w/ Autographed/Signed CD Booklet)

Sam Smith - Autographed "The Lonely Hour" CD Booklet FREE

Shiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots (CD Digipak w/ Autographed/Signed on Sleeve Very Good - some shelfwear)

Shiny Toy Guns - "III" Album Autographed/Signed 12" Album Flat Print (Website Excellent)

Sia - Some People Have Real Problems (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Cardboard Sleeve Excellent)

Story of the Year - Autographed/Signed "The Constant" CD Booklet FREE

The Temper Trap - Autographed/Signed "The Temper Trap S/T" CD Booklet
This Century - Autographed/Signed "To Love and Back" CD Booklet FREE

X SOLD Thursday - Autographed/Signed "The House Lights" CD Booklet

Wale - Autographed/Signed "Attention Deficit" CD Booklet FREE

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