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Hit me up. These have to go. Will listen to low ball offers and probably accept them. 

Saving up for car repairs.:(



The more you buy the better the deal.

I can send photos upon request. 

Most of these are brand new. Let me know if you have any questions. 

$10 minimum. PayPal only. (No gift payments, I need to print shipping labels.)

Thanks for looking. ❤️


12 inches

Attendant - freaking out (black)
Alcoholic faith mission - ask me this (sealed)
Basement benders - lydiad (blue w/pink 7")
The beat buttons - s/t (black)
Bellafea - cavalcade (black)
Briana marela - speak from your heart (black)
The Connie dungs - s/t (green)
The capitalist kids- lessons on love (white) Sold
California x - nights in the dark (purple)
Devon Williams - euphoria (blue)
Full of fancy - sweet baby Jesus (green)
Full of fancy 10" - liquid nature (blue)
The fake boys - pig factory (pink)
Fat shadow - foot of love (black)
False tropics - s/t (test pressing, black)
Great thunder - groovy kinda love 2x12" (black)
Grass widow - past time (black)
Grass widow - internal logic (black)
The gamits - parts (red with black)
The goodbye party - silver blues (black)
Gouge away - dies (pink)
The Homewreckers - I statements (Aqua)
Hilly eye - reasons to live (black)
Hospitality - s/t (sealed)
It must be grubs - s/t (yellow)
Infinity girl - harm (black 180g)
Joyride - bodies of water (black)
Joanna gruesome - peanut butter (maroon with gold) Sold
Kindling - galaxies (blue)
Lagrecia - on parallels (black)
Mapmaker - critical path (black)
Merry Christmas - her exceptional kindness (black)
Mount Moriah - how to dance (sealed, clear)
Mount Moriah - miracle temple (black)
Muscle and bone - peace and light (clear with blue)
Mid Carson July - 10 years on autopilot (clear gold)
Mitylion - nite flite (red)
Not on tour - s/t (white with signatures, jacket is pretty beat up)
Night school/dot - carousel (pink)
Neverever - shake a baby (gold)
North Lincoln - truth is a menace (purple)
Old wives/blendours - split (white)
Outer spaces - garbage beach (black)
Old flings - spite (uk edition, brown with black)
The prettiots - funs cool (sealed)
Pale Angels - primal play (brown/grey half and half)
The plurals - an onion tied to my belt (black)
Radical dads - universal coolers (blue)
Ringers - detention halls (black)
Roz Raskin and the rice cakes - need to feed (red, screened jacket)
The rice cakes 10" - feel like human (black)
The serious geniuses - you can steal the riffs (gray)
Snow what - so far so good (black, screened jacket)
Scott Reynolds - adventure boy (maroon with gold)
Songs for moms - the worst it gets (black)
Songs for moms - I used to believe (black, screened jacket)
The tattle tales 10" - moon glasses (black)
Strange wilds - subjective concepts (white, loser edition)
Tender defender - ep (pink)
The Windowsill - s/t (sealed) sold
Witches with dicks - not just a passing season (orange/yellow) Sold

7 inches 


newly added:

Ajj/the gunshy split (red with black)
Fake grave - misplaced (purple)
Field mouse - you guys are gonna.. (Clear)
Grass widow - milo minute (black)
Grass widow - disappearing industries (black)
Grass widow/Shannon and the clams split (red)
Kim deal - biker gone (red; white sleeve)
Kyle kaos - negi zonin' (black)
Lemuria/off with their head split - under the influence (purple/red inside out)
Lemuria/cheap girls split (black)
Lemuria - brilliant dancer (brown with black)
Lemuria - varoom allure (green; etched b-side)
Lemuria - ozzy (black; screened jacket)
Long knives - bones (white with dark blue/red splatter)
Rations - martyrs and prisoners (white; with patch)
Susan - just call it (green)
Strange wilds - wet (black)
Strange wilds - standing (black)
Warm needles - pretty tambo (purple)


The others:

Adult dude (grey)
Ann beretta/dead cuts split (purple splatter)
Boys - demo (clear) Sold 
Boys/ the ordinary boys split - (clear splatter)
Big soda - paper route (green)
Big eyes - local celebrity (blue) sold
Barracuda mcmurder - slow crawl (black)
Benny the jet Rodriguez/Martha split (yellow)
Cayetana - tired eyes (blue) sold
The capitalist kids/the ex-boyfriends - split (orange)
Curtis seals/Christian d'orbit - split (black, special edition)
Dirty cupcakes - I want it (black)
Earth girls - wrong side of history ep (green)
The Homewreckers/ city mouse - manic recession (pink)
The headies - every little thing.. (Black w/ screen printed side)
Infinity hotel - nobody knows (clear gold)
Jacques le coque - tip of my tongue (black)
Karoshi boy - nothing is (clear gold)
Kittyhawk/cherry cola champions split (mint green)
Lemuria - turnstile comix #3 (clear yellow with comic book)
Matt evans(old flings) - funeral mixtape (lathe cut square clear vinyl 24/25)
No ditching - face ache (black)
Pale Angels - strange powers (black)
Pink smoke - trash (pink)

radiator hospital/lvl up/krill/ovlov split (blue)

radiator hospital/sorority noise split (purple)

radiator hospital/Martha split (green)
Rachel Brooke - the worlds greatest anchor (blue)
Roz raskin and the rice cakes - floor boards (black with cd, screened sleeve)
Science police/zatopeks split (clear, all in vinyl series)
Science police - you are under arrest (clear)
Skinny genes - meh (green)
Shorts - Berlin 1971 ep (clear with black)
Speedy Ortiz/Chris weisman - split (purple)
Tender trap - face of 73 (black)
White reaper - daddy issues (red with black) Sold 
Who needs you with friends like these - time to kill (black)
Wild moth - mirror (clear flexi)

Edited by alangrey
Added new 7 inches

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