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This Is Hell-Bastards Still Remain

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After the surprise release of This is Hell’s new album “Bastards Still Remain” exclusively through their bandcamp, the band has teamed up with Coin Toss Records to release the album on 7” vinyl. The record is scheduled for an early fall release with an exclusive cover for pre-orders.
The band has been inactive since June 2013 and remains inactive despite this new album. 
“The music for these songs were written quickly and then buried. When the 10th anniversary for “Sundowning” was approaching, the idea of them becoming a surprise one-off record was conceived and we quickly ran with it. The songs are a direct nod to first wave American hardcore/punk which is one of, if not my favorite, era of music. We stayed with that vibe the entire process - 90 minutes of practice on a Saturday, recorded/mixed/mastered on a Sunday with almost everything being tracked first take, and it was done. Even the 12 songs on a 7”; it’s all in the vein of early 80’s USHC. The choice to release with Coin Toss was also of the mindset of sticking with a friend as opposed to entertaining a ‘larger label’ or someone we’re not comfortable with.” – guitarist, Rick Jimenez.
This is Hell historically has had many lineup changes, so this was a return to form with founding members Travis Reilly (vocals), Rick Jimenez (guitar/vocals) and Dan Bourke (drums) as well as “Misfortunes” (and most of “Sundowning” touring) bassist Johnny Moore.
“Bastards Still Remain” will be available through Coin Toss Records only, as This is Hell remains an inactive band.
“We did this project solely for fun and an excuse to hangout and fuck around in the shed for an hour and spend a day in the studio. The positive response is surprising and fucks real hard, but we always did this band on our own terms, not to please anyone. We’re all busy with passion projects currently, so touring or even playing a show isn’t something that’s overly interesting to us right now.” – Rick Jimenez
Travis Reilly now operates the clothing line Private Hell, Rick Jimenez sings and plays guitar in metal band Extinction A.D., Johnny Moore focuses on writing music for commercial publication/placement, and Dan Bourke is now drumming in the rock group Afterparty.
www.cointossrecords.com - www.facebook.com/cointossrecords 
www.facebook.com/thisishellny - https://thisishell.bandcamp.com/album/b ... ill-remain

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