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Wants! PM me if you are thinking of selling_Updated

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Looking to buy all of these, but not all at once.  I'm just curious which people are looking to unload for better deals right now and I'll get to the rest soon enough :) Thanks


As it Is-Okay (Pink)

Balance & Composure-Light We Made (Clear w/ Pink Splatter)

Boston Manor-Be Nothing (Clear w/ Blue and White Splatter)

Boston Manor -Driftwood (Orange)

Elder Brother-Heavy Head (Mint Green with White, Orange & Yellow Splatter)

I'm Glad Its You-The Things I Never Say (Clear w/ Blue and Yellow Splatter)

Iron and Wine-Our Endless Numbered Days (Green)

Knuckle Puck - Copacetic (Electric Blue in Double Mint)

Mat Kerekes-Luna & the Wild Blue Everything (Light Blue/White Smash)

Mansions-New Best Friends (Old Cover)

Moose Blood- Moving Home (Trans Peach with Pink/Red)

O Captain, My Captain! - Chasing Fireflies (Green w/ Black and mint splatter) 

Pvris- Acoustic (any)

Sorority Noise-You're Not As ______ As You Think (Beer) or (Light Blue / White / Orange Tri-Color)

The Swellers-Ups and Downsizing (any)

The Swellers-Good for Me (clear preferably)

The Traditional-Queen of Heaven (Beer w/ Bone)

The Wonder Years- The Upsides (Purple)

This Wild Life - Clouded (Turquoise)

Throwing Stuff vs. Boston Manor -split (Mellow Yellow)


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