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  1. oops. thought this was the message you sent me. how do i delete this?
  2. Yeah i got the smoke copy. I saw a lot of good things on your list that i want. What's your cash offer? Mainly so i can judge off what to ask to trade for, value-wise
  3. joshplaysdrums

    WTB: Thrice - TBEITBN in smoke

    How much do these go for? How much would someone pay for this? I've got one
  4. joshplaysdrums

    Offers on my tradelist!

  5. joshplaysdrums

    Offers on my tradelist!

    Bunch of rarities, bunch of not-so-rare ones. MESSAGE ME OFFERS. Note that things with a * at the end will take a good offer for me to get rid of them https://deadformat.net/collection/joshkayne
  6. Won't let me message you but i have the Football Etc split for ya!
  7. See anything you like in my tradelist? (should be in my signature)
  8. joshplaysdrums

    WTB: Hop Along - Painted Shut white and pink haze

    Message me an offer. I've got a stellar copy
  9. Tradelist is in my signature
  10. joshplaysdrums

    FS: Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle (Tour Press Red /200)

    Trade? My tradelist is in my signature. Message me if you see anything
  11. please help me buy dinner or something