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Wax Deli Distro -- 2018

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New thread for a new year! To kick off 2018, I just added over 70 hardcore, punk, psych rock and grindcore records!


As always, FREE SHIPPING for orders $40 and over. If you qualify for free shipping, you will be refunded the cost of shipping after you have completed checkout.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Store Link:  Wax Deli Distro

Recently Added Used Items:

Aaron Hall - "Don't Be Afraid" 12"
American Nightmare - "Background Music" LP
American Nightmare - American Nightmare" LP (Blue vinyl)
Anal Cunt / EyeHateGod - "In These Black Days: A Tribute To Black Sabbath (Vol. I)" Split 7"
Andwella - "World's End" LP (1970 UK press)
Bane - "Give Blood (Clear vinyl)" LP
Bane - "Give Blood (Clear vinyl)" LP
Bane - "Holding This Moment" 7"
Bleeding Rectum / Man Is The Bastard - Split LP
Bori - "Dronevil" LP
Boris - "Smile" LP (Yellow vinyl)
Boston Strangler - "Fire" LP
Boston Strangler - "Primitive" LP
Botch / Nineironspitfire - Split 7"
BullAngus - BullAngus LP (1971 gatefold press)
Cave In - "Antenna" LP
Cave In - "White Silence" LP (Gold Clear vinyl)
Cave In / Early Grace - Split 7"
Ceremony - "Ruined" 7" (Yellow vinyl)
Ceremony - "Scared People" 7" (White / Black vinyl)
Charles Bronson - "Youth Attack" LP
Circus Mort - Circus Mort 12" (Original 1981 press)
City Of Caterpillar - "Demo + Live Recording" LP
City Of Caterpillar - City Of Caterpillar LP
Das Oath - "Körper Kultur" LP
Decry - "Falling" LP
Discharge - "Grave New World" LP (Original US pressing)
Discordance Axis - "Necropolitan" 7"
Discordance Axis - "Ulterior" LP
Disfear & Doomriders - Split 7" (White/Black split vinyl)
Dystopia / Skaven - Split 7"
Dystopia / Suffering Luna - Split 7"
Extortion - "Degenerate" LP
Fates Warning - "Night On Brocken" LP (Original press)
Fucked Up - "Year Of The Rat B/W First Born" 7"
Gatecreeper / Homewrecker / Outer Heaven / Scorched - Split LP
Infest - "Days Turn Black" 7"
Integrity - "Change" LP
Iron Age - "Constant Struggle" LP
Iron Lung - "Demonstrations In Pressure And Volume" 7"
Iron Lung - "Sexless // No Sex" LP (Orange clear vinyl)
Isis - "Celestial" LP (Orange/Yellow vinyl)
Isis - "In The Absence Of Truth" 2xLP (Gold vinyl)
Isis - "In The Absence Of Truth" 2xLP (Opaque White vinyl)
Isis - "Panopticon" 2xLP
Isis - "Panopticon" 2xLP (Clear w/black/Silver labels)
Jerome's Dream / The Book Of Dead Names - Split 7"
Jesu - "Silver" LP (Clear / Grey splatter vinyl)
Jesu - Jesu (Pic Disc)
M.I.A - "Notes From The Underground" LP (2nd press, Silver labels 1985 press)
Miles Davis - "Dark Magus" 2xLP (1977 Japan Press)
Modern Life Is War - "My Love. My Way." LP (Root beer vinyl)
Modern Life Is War - "Witness" LP (Purple Swirl vinyl)
Molly Drake - Molly Drake LP
Naked Raygun - "Throb Throb" LP (Original 1984 press)
No Comment - "Common Senseless" 7"
No Warning - "Resurrection Of The Wolf" 7"
Noothgrush - "Failing Early, Failing Often" LP
Noothgrush / Coffins - Split LP
Old Man Gloom - "Meditations In B" LP (Grey Marble vinyl)
Old Man Gloom - "Meditations In B" LP (Silkscreen cover)
Orchid / Encyclopedia Of American Traitors - Split 7" (Clear vinyl)
Orchid / The Red Scare - Split 7"
Pelican - "The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw" LP (White vinyl)
Pelican - "What We All Come To Need" LP (red vinyl)
Pink Floyd - "Atom Heart Mother" LP (1970 press)
Reatards - "Teenage Hate" 2xLP
Ringworm - "Justice Replaced By Revenge" LP (White vinyl)
Roky Erickson & The Aliens - "The Evil One" 2xLP (2002 press)
Spazz - "La Revancha" LP
Spazz / Jimmie Walker - Split 7"
Tad - "8-Way Santa" (Original press)
The Druids Of Stonehenge - "Creation" LP (Original 1968 Stereo press)
The Swarm aka Knee Deep In The Dead - "Old Blue Eyes Is Dead" 7"
Tragedy - "Darker Days Ahead" LP
Trap Them - "Sleepwell Deconstructor" LP
Unseen Noise Death / M.I.T.B. Bastard Noise / Bizarre Uproar - Split LP
Various - "The Blasting Concept" LP (Original 1983 press)
Various - "Wargasm" LP (Original 1982 press)
Youth Code - "Youth Code" EP LP
Youth Of Today - "Live At CBGB's" 7"

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Time to clear some space!

I cut prices on over 100 titles, up to %40 off their original prices. Also added a bunch of records to the Dollar Bin section. Below is a link to all of the items that are currently on Sale in the distro. 

Remember, if you are in the US, shipping is FREE for orders $40 or more. You will be refunded the cost of shipping after you complete checkout. 

On Sale Titles:



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Big update for this month! I also marked a bunch of items for sale.

Below is the Store Link and the direct link for all items currently On Sale.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!

Store Link: http://waxdelidistro.limitedrun.com/

'On Sale' Items Link: http://waxdelidistro.limitedrun.com/categories/on-sale-items


New Arrivals:

Angel Witch - "Screamin N' Bleedin'" LP (Original press)
Angel Witch - "Seventies Tapes" LP (Clear vinyl)
Big Black - "Atomizer" LP (Original UK Press)
Birthday Party - "Hee Haw" LP (Orange vinyl, 2011 Reissue, Numbered Edition)
Birthday Party - "Junkyard" LP (Purple vinyl, 2011 Reissue, Numbered Edition)
Birthday Party - "Prayers On Fire" LP (180g, Reissue, Numbered Edition)
Birthday Party - "Prayers On Fire" LP (White vinyl, 2011 reissue, Numbered Edition)
Bone Awl - "Meaningless Leaning Mess" LP + 7" (White vinyl, Die Hard Version)
Bone Awl - "Not For Our Feet" LP
Brian Eno - "Here Come The Warm Jets" LP (Japan press)
Brian Eno - "Music For Films" LP
Broken English Club - "Jealous God 04" 12" (white vinyl)
Cannibal Corpse - "Eaten Back To Life" LP (2009 reissue, Blue vinyl)
Carcass - "Reek Of Putrefaction" LP (2002 reissue, Blue vinyl)
Circle Jerks - "Group Sex" LP (1982 Press)
Circle Jerks - "Group Sex" LP (Original press)
Corrosion Of Conformity - "Eye for an Eye" LP (Original press)
Corrosion Of Conformity - "Technocracy" 12" EP
Crow - "Bloody Tear" LP (Clear/Red splatter vinyl)
Crow - "The Beating Of The Wings Of Destruction" LP (Signed!)
Death - "Leprosy Clear" LP  (Clear vinyl)
Death - "Scream Bloody Gore" LP (2007 reissue, Red vinyl)
Destruction - "Eternal Devastation" LP (Original press)
Destruction - "Release From Agony" LP (Original Press)
Discharge - "Grave New World" LP (Original press)
Disco Zombies - "Drums Over London" LP
DRI - "Crossover" LP (Original press)
DRI - "Dealing With It!" LP (Original press)
DRI - "Dirty Rotten" LP
Feederz - "Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss" LP (Original Press)
Flaming Lips / Lightning Bolt - Split 2xLP (Random color vinyl)
Flesh Eaters - "Forever Came Today" LP (Original press)
Flesh Eaters - "Greatest Hits Destroyed By Fire" LP
Furtwangler Conducting The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - "Symphony In D Minor" LP (Mono press)
Glueams - "Discograghy" LP
Harumi - "Harumi" 2xLP (Original Press)
Heartbreakers - "Live at Max's Kansas City" LP (Original US press)
Heifetz, Piatigorsky & Wallenstein Conducting RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra - "Brahms Concerto For Violin And Cello" LP
High On Fire - "Surrounded By Thieves" LP (180g, 1st press)
Iron Maiden - "Iron Maiden" LP
Iron Maiden - "Killers" LP
Iron Maiden - "Number Of The Beast" LP (Original Harvest Press)
Left For Dead - Left For Dead LP (Red vinyl)
LSD - "Lustmord, Snatch, Death'Ein Bodie = LSD" LP
Lucy & Silent Servant - "History Survivors" 12"
Mars - Mars 12" EP
Oval - "O" 2xLP (White vinyl)
Pantera - "Cowboys From Hell: Demos" LP
Radio Birdman - "Radios Appear" LP (Promo)
Syd Barrett - "Peel Sessions" LP
Television - "Adventure" LP (Red vinyl, 1978 UK press)
The Damned - "Final Damnation" LP (Signed!)
The Freeze - "Land Of The Lost" LP (Original press)
The Pop Group - "Y" LP
The Reactions - "Saturday's Gone Wild" LP (Red vinyl w/ press kit)
Triac / Asra / Defeatist - Split LP
Undertones - "The Undertones" LP (UK Press)
Undertones - "The Undertones" LP (US Press)
Vile Gash - "Nightmare in a Damaged Brain†LP (180g vinyl)
White Zombie - "Soul Crusher" LP (Original 1987 press)
Zyklome A - "Made In Belgium" LP (Original press)

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Today marks the 6th year anniversary of Wax Deli! %20 off EVERYTHING in the store for the next week! Sale ends 7/20 at midnight. The discount automatically applies at check out.
If you are in the US, FREE SHIPPING for orders $40 or more. Your shipping will be refunded to you after you complete checkout.
Thank you for the continued support!

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