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Pro-ject Primary motor/plinth noise?

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A couple of weeks ago I bought a Project Primary and everything was great for the first week but lately there has been a kind of high pitch hum that starts about 5 min into any record I play.  After a bit of switching things around I found that the hum was coming from the turntable and not the speakers,  and there was no noise when the belt was removed from the plinth, so it seems to me (in my very limited experience) that the noise is caused by some kind of friction going on when the plinth is spinning.

Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions on how to fix this?




Edit: I think I may have gotten plinth and platter mixed up. When the belt is fitted and the platter is spinning there is noise, if i take the belt off so the platter doesn't spin there is no noise. So I think the noise is caused where the platter fits into the plinth.

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I'm also having the exact same issue, but I'm afraid I have nothing much to offer to you apart from some info on things I've tried myself to isolate the cause.  I double checked the motor retaining screws had been removed (so the motor is suspended with rubber bands).  I even ordered the pro-ject oil for the spindle bearing / well. The noise has improved very slightly but it's still there (or I'm suffering a little from the placebo effect!)


It does seem the vibration is transferred down the belt though like you say- remove the belt no noise (I even ran the motor with the needle placed onto the base- noise only comes when the belt is in place- which suggests to me the vibration is transferring down the belt into rotating parts. 

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