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Baroness/Post Rock/isis/COM/SJ5/Wilco-Make Offer

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Hey Guys, heres whats left of my collection. If you order three or more albums I will ship for free and accept payment via PayPal. Let me know if you have any questions, everything is in NM shape unless otherwise stated. Thanks for looking!  Definitely make an offer the worst I can say is no right?



Aeges-the bridge-mylene sheath-hot pink /100-$8.00

Baroness-blue-double album blue vinyl 45 rpm-$35

Baroness-blue-double album blue vinyl 45 rpm-$35-sealed

Baroness-yellow and green-half yel/green-/1000 gatefold-$40

Baroness-yellow and green deluxe Book-yel/green-/500-$80

Baroness-yellow and green deluxe-book-yel/green-/500-sealed-$80

Baroness-first and second opaque purple vinyl (marbled)/1000-$20

Battles-gloss drop-2xlp-$30

Beady eye-7” box set sealed-$30

Beware of safety-dogs-pilsner-2xlp /300-$20

Beware of safety-dogs-pilsner-2xlp /300-$20

Beware of safety-it is curtains-black /250-$8

Beware of safety-scars-brown 2xlp 45rpm /300-$12



Bob dylan-bringing it all back home-sundazed mono-not kg version-$12

Boris-pink-2x lp-$80

Brand new-daisy-$15

The bravery-the sun and the moon picture disc-$35

Bright eyes-the peoples key-$20

Caspian-live at old south church-white-/200-$25

Caspian-four trees-Transparent Pilsner w/ Maroon and Black Splatter/100 all second press-$62

Caspian-four trees-clear/bronze swirl /100-$40

Caspian Tertia-Second press-gold /300-$20

Caspian-waking season-purple marble first press tour copy-300-$50

Caspian-Hymn for the greatest generation-milky brown /250-$35

This Charming Man-Brown-/667-$40 sealed

Chelsea wolfe-unknown rooms-$18

Church of misery-early works- 3x lp-$30

Church of misery-master of brutality-$40

Church of misery-vol. 1-$20

Church of misery-house of the unholy-?

Church of misery-second coming-red-$22


The decemberists-Long live the king-$7

The decemberists-live-3x lp-$16

Donovan frankenreiter-move by yourself-$8

Eddie vedder-ukulele songs-$90

The flaming lips-at war with the mystics -red-$35

The flaming lips-heady nugs box set-black-$70

The flaming lips-neon indian small seam split the flaming lips hope david bowie isn’t dying is etched into the dead wax-$18

Gates of slumber-blood and thunder-$20

Gates of slumber-the wretch-$20

Giants-old stories-Sea blue/mustard yellow /200-$18

Giants-old stories-gray/oxblood /300-$18

Giants-they the undeserving-cream/maroon /300-$15

Giants-they the undeserving-trans sky blue /100-$28

Giants-they the undeserving-opaque maroon /100-$35

Giants/beware of safety-split 7”-$8

Gifts from enola-loyal eyes betray the mind /250-$25

Gifts from enola-s/t-orange-/300-$13

Gifts from enola-a healthy fear-blue /300-$15

Gifts from enola-a healthy fear-Opaque baby blue band exclusive /100-$25

Glaciers-mirrored-black marble or brown marble-$15

Glaciers-and the sea won the battle-clear/blue-$15

God speed you black emporor-dont bend ascend-180g-$16

God is an astronaut-s/t-63/500-Hand #-$50

The head and the heart-s/t-$12

If these trees could talk-red forrest-clear/green swirl second press /200-$50

If these trees could talk-s/t-orange second press- /100-$40


If these trees could talk-s/t-orange/black(half orange half black) second press /300-$35

If these trees could talk-Above the earth-second press clear/green(trans forrest green) /150-$45

If these trees could talk-Above the earth below the sky-second press-opaque aqua blue /250-$35

If these trees could talk-st & above the earth below the sky-sheath 050-clear /150-$65

Inside llewyn davis-ost-$13


Isis-wavering radiant-white-$55

Isis-live 2-$15

Isis-live 4-brown-$40


Isis-red sea-black 180g-$13

Isis-celestial-one clear/yellow one clear/red-$40

Isis-holy tears-clear-$13

Isis-melvins split-black-$25

Isis-Oceanic remix 2-$8

Isis-Oceanic remix 3-$8

Isis-live 6-grey-$45



Jack white-blunderbuss-$18

Jim james-regions of light & sound of god-$15


The kills blood pressures-$14

The kills-satellite -10”-$6

The killers-battle born-red-$28

Lavinia-there is light between us-bronze/silver swirl-$10

Lee morgan-sidewinder-7243 4 95332 1 9 no cd-$11


Light bearer-act one lapsus- eyeofsound die cut special edition /200-$60

The mars volta-octahedron-white custom sleeve-$35

Minus the bear-omni-blue marble/green marble-$40

Minus the bear-gigantic-black s-017-$14

Minus the bear-infinity overhead-clear-$14


Mogwai-hardcore will never die-$15

Mogwai-earth division-$10

Mogwai-the hawk is howling-$30

Mogwai -government commissions-cover is vg+ just a little hazing due to it being white-$32

Mogwai-les revenants ep-$40

Mogwai-special moves-$25

Mogwai-les revenants-$18

Mogwai-Rave tapes box set-$85


Mono-for my parents-white-$32

Nine inch nails-the slip-$18





Pelican-march into the sea-clear /500-$8

Pelican-what we all come to need-clear/black/red/grey splatter-/550-$45

Pelican-pink mammoth-pink/black-$9



Pelican-city of echoes-silver-$30

Pelican-the fire in our throats-white-$45


Pelican-Forever becoming- 1 orange 1 blue-/500-$30


Postal Service-Give up box set -loser edition $65

Queens of the stone age-kyuss-blue mr-063-$30

Queens of the stone age-like clockwork deluxe heavyweight edition-$32

The rapture-mirror-$6.00 vg/vg+ vinyl-rough shape

Red sparowes-the fear is excruciating-black-$20


Rekerds rekerds-10'-$8

The Revival Tour-2011 collections-tfr012-18


Russian circles-station-brown/black splatter-$70

Russian circles-geneva-black-$18

Samuel jackson 5-box-black-$150

Samuel jackson 5-easily misunderstood-clear/orange-$100

Samuel jackson 5-s/t-blue-$28

Sonny rollins-saxophone colossus-jazz track 1006 lp-$10

The strokes-angles-$14

This will destroy you-s/t-$14

This will destroy you-young mountain-Marble grey-$20

Thurston moore-demolished thoughts-$13

Titus andronicus-local business-$12

Tomahawk-eponymous box set-$70


Tom waits-asylum years-$14 vg+

Tom waits-bad as me-$14

Tom waits-swordfish trombones-$18-2009 pressing

Tom waits-orphans box set-$350

Tom waits-mule variations-$50-2010 pressing

Tom waits-franks wild years-$26-Music on vinyl pressing


Uncle acid and the deadbeats-bloodlust-white/red-/500-$35

Unwed Sailor-The white ox-12

Unwed sailor-little wars-$10

Unwed sailor-the faithful anchor-$18

Unwed sailor-Circles-$16

Watchmen OST Various Artists-$100


The white stripes-de stijl-$15

The white stripes-icky thump-$20

The white stripes-under the great white northern lights-$16



Wilco-sky blue sky-$16

Wilco-the whole love box set-$150

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