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A bunch for sale or trade! (set sale)


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All prices are ppd I would love to ship a lot at once. I'm mostly just trying to make space for records I'll listen to. And also I'm down for trades as well. Thank you!

Abe Froman - S/T 10 ppd

Aerosols - LP + 7" 25 ppd

AFI - Very Proud Of Ya 10 ppd

Amebix - Arise 10 ppd

Austin Lucas - Somebody Loves You 10 ppd

Black Cobra - Chronomega 12 ppd

Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonier Than God (clear with blue haze) 15ppd

Blatz/Filth Split 10 ppd

Boys Life - LP 20 ppd

Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You 15 ppd

Chamberlain - Fates Got A Driver 12 ppd

Chixdiggit! - Born On the First of July 10 ppd

Chris Clavin - The Roads Dont Lead Home. The Roads lead everywhere 10 ppd

Drive Like Jehu -S/T 15 ppd

Fall of Efrafa - Inle 15 ppd

In The Red - Volume 2 10 ppd

Isis - Panopticon (black) 17 ppd

Jawbreaker - 24 hour revenge therapy 35 ppd

La Quiete/Louise Cyphre split 10" 12 ppd

Meth and Goats - S/t /200 11 ppd

Saves The Day - Through Being Cool (black) (GONE!!!)

Saves The Day - Sound The Alarm (white /300) 18 ppd

Sleep - Dopesmoker 20 ppd

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