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pm me

20 belows split zatopeks

closet fairies-art of the underground series

festipals-gold magic

get bent -dead it(clear)

hamiltons-dont mess up

john spencer blues explosion -jukebox

mall to death-the process...

mumbler-the winter of our discontent

peawees-bleeding for you

prozacs split the guts

rational anthem,straight as split

scream hello-art of the underground series

sick sick bird-art of the underground series

the apers split the 20 belows

the badamps two face

the beasties-art of the underground series

the bomb pops-every hings..fyp-extra credit

the copyrights crutches(black)

the maxies-going clubbin

the mugwumps-do time

the mugwumps-slit your tire

the popters-2 minutes

the rehabs-king of hearts

the urchin-first recording

va-living dead special 1-connie dungs ripides no picky, fanta

zatopeks-smile or move


the impulse intl-saturday suzie

the loblaws-wont stop

the automatics-makin out

boris the sprinkler-new wave

kung fu monkeys -hi fi at low tide

boris the sprinkler-drugs and masturbation

the automatics-all th kids just wanna dance

kung fu monkeys-shindig

the proms-bubble bath

moral crux -victime of hype

mutant pop-no band photo vol 1 -7$

the hissifits-all dolled up

sicko-three tea

the peabodys-the future will kill you (with bonus ep)-7$

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